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More wind from our useless politicians than from nature?

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121 years and still waiting for wind

A good place to start today’s blog might be a New York Times article from 1911 which helpfully informed us that in the future wind power (wind plus a dynamo to transform the wind into electricity) and storage batteries would provide much of our energy needs – “the great social and economic trio of the future is the windmill, the dynamo and the storage battery from which will come warmth and energy”:

That was 121 years ago.

The New York Times also predicted that our schools’ curriculums would include teaching about how wind would provide our electricity. Well, at least the New York Times got that bit right.

Has Kwasi ‘Khazi’ Kwarteng got a clue?

This brings us to Kwasi ‘Khazi’ Kwarteng. In several recent interviews, including on Sunday’s Andrew Marr Show, our Business Secretary, Mr Kwarteng, was asked about how Boris and Carrie’s greeny government planned to solve the current energy crisis which threatens to shut down large parts of British business and bankrupt many farmers and poorer households.

As you’ll know, the energy crisis is partly caused by shortages of and therefore massive price rises in natural gas as panicking countries fight over limited supplies. The UK has been particularly badly affected because there has been a lack of wind to power all our wonderful bird-chomping wind turbines and so wind has dropped from supplying (I think) about 20% of our electricity to somewhere around 2%.

There were two possible answers to the question Marr asked Kwasi – a right answer and a wrong answer.

  • The right answer would be that the Government has realised that the UK needed to become energy-independent and would therefore encourage more oil and gas fields in the North Sea, fracking for gas in the North of England (in addition creating thousands of jobs and thus ‘levelling up’) and burning local coal in power stations rather than cutting down trees in the U.S. and shipping bits of tree across the Atlantic to be burned in British power stations. That would be an intelligent answer. But, of course, that would go against Fat Bunter’s desperate craving to satisfy his latest baby-making machine by posing as the man who saved the world from supposed global warming or climate change or climate emergency or climate crisis or climate breakdown or whatever it’s called this week
  • The wrong answer was the one we got from Business Secretary Khazi Kwarteng (and all our other politicians) – “We need to double down on renewables” Khazi told us. His ‘reasoning’ was that more renewables would protect us from uncontrollable gyrations in the international price of fossil fuels. Of course, Marr ‘forgot’ to ask Crazy Khazi what would be the point of more wind turbines if the wind didn’t blow as it hadn’t done for the last month or so. As for solar energy, in my book “THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS” I quote the CEO of RWE (one of Germany’s largest power companies) who said that producing solar power in Germany is “as sensible as growing pineapples in Alaska”.

Khazi Kwarteng’s logic is the logic of the madhouse.

Mad, madder, maddest?

All that sort of connects to my next point. A couple of days ago, I was looking through the images I had downloaded to possibly use in my book. I noticed something I stupidly hadn’t seen when writing my book. Beside each other in my files were two newspaper articles from 1989. In the first one, the New York Times (at the time a real newspaper but now a Greta-adoring, Guardian-lookalike, climate-catastrophist propaganda rag) informed us in January 1989 that “U.S. data since 1895 fail to show warming trend”:

(left-click on images and then left click again to see more clearly)

But just alongside the New York Times article another article in my files from June 1989, told a completely different story: “U.N. predicts disaster if global warming not checked”:

I wonder why the U.N. was predicting disaster in 1989 when there had been no indication of warming since 1895?

More madness from the climate catastrophist crazies?

Predicting doom and disaster

Moreover, if you left-click on the above article and then left-click again, you’ll see that as with all these warnings, we were told in June 1989 that “governments have only a 10-year window of opportunity to solve the greenhouse effect before it goes beyond human control”. That’s pretty much exactly the same warning we’re getting now (32 years later) as Boris’s great big Cop26 climate hot air bletherathon in Glasgow approaches.

You’ll also see the usual predictions of melting ice caps, Maldives disappearing beneath the waves and coastal regions being destroyed by a 3-foot rise in sea levels. Strangely, none of these 32-year-old predictions, that should have happened by June 1999, has yet happened. Yet the climate catastrophists keep on repeating them again and again and again:

5 comments to More wind from our useless politicians than from nature?

  • Bad Brian

    It is hard to believe that this Glasgow Bean feast COP 26 is going to have any meaningful impact on anything,

    There must, by now, be some MSM people willing to go against the madness of the crowds and demand a sensible approach to our energy requirements, who realise that people ( even in Glasgow) would far prefer t0 have an affordable supply of gas and electricity rather than have Prince charles, Greta, some third rate actress or Boris tell us we have to shut our lives down to save the planet.

    The oil and gas untapped in the North sea and the potential for fracking in the UK could easily solve all our energy problems but this opportunity is ignored as our politicians do not wish to upset people with pink hair and pink boats that block the traffic.

    It would be great if this oncoming “Climate Fest” was disrupted by hordes of angry, freezing Glaswegians screaming blue murder and threatening violence at an overpaid, overrepresented unqualified political elite that is hell bent on marching usaoff a cliff.

    Unfortunatley this will not happen as the very people who should be demonstrating are also too interested in virtue signalling or reading the science and have bought into the climate change nonsense as an easy way to hold a grudge against big business and “The Man” who are destroying the planet even though every factory has moved to China.

    The UK appears to be hell bent on collective suicide whether it is by uncontrolled immigration, climate change restrictions, failure of the police and judiciary to do their job, unwillingness to consider NHS reforms, our education sysyem from birth to university, allowing our businesses to be owned by foreigners, the BBC, overregulation in every aspect of our lives and a military that has no clear idea what its purpose is.

    When our newspapers hail as a major sucess story that 111 visas have been issued to allow permanent residence here for a girls Afghan football team and their families you know the game is up. Perhaps these girl footballers and their families can all be issued with an Afgan stray dog that we brought over here , snatched from under the noses of the Taliban and still being deinfested in their little cages.

  • A Thorpe

    If anything sets us apart from other animals it must be an ability for rational thinking but there is very little sign of that today. History shows us that mass insanity has never been far away, from burning of witches, to through to the Nazis and other socialist experiments that have killed millions of people.

    It seems that the more knowledge we acquire the worse the insanity becomes. At the centre of it all are the leaders/governments. They are the cause of all the problems inflicted on humanity through history. Will we see deaths on a scale never seen before as a result of this? The energy shortages and prices will result in closed businesses and food shortages and we have idiots in charge. America had a president in Trump who understood the importance of cheap energy and energy self sufficiency but everything he did has been reversed in months. I suspect Putin and Xi are the only leaders who know what is going on and they are taking advantage of it.

    The article from the NYT shows there was some sense 121 years ago. It recognised that batteries were essential to use wind power. Where are the batteries that should have been built as part of the wind energy programme? They don’t exist because they would be too expensive and inclined to catch fire, and our cheap coal energy has been shut down.

    The greenhouse theory itself resulted from a failure to understand the experiments with gases by John Tyndall and they are still quoted as evidence. The modern version with glass tubes, candles and thermal cameras is used to demonstrate the same idea, but they are trickery because thermal cameras cannot detect air temperature. Why is this simple concept beyond the understanding of apparently everybody? It is just one lie after another by experts supported by the media and the masses cannot see that the king is naked.

    So we charge further into the madness that is now overtaking us because of a belief that we are destroying the world and we can return to living with nature but still have all the consumer goods we desire. The more advanced we have become, the more dependent we are on everything working perfectly and that is now falling apart. The UK led the world into the industrial revolution and now it looks the world leader in bringing failure and misery.

    What makes it worse today is that we have the scientific knowledge but it has been corrupted by activists. It seems that all the expenditure on education is completely wasted. Only basic knowledge of physics is required to see through the nonsense. But even common sense has been lost because the empirical evidence does not support the global warming theory either.

    I was expecting a report on the advertising at the Tory conference. Did it even make the news? How many people will read todays blog and of those how many will see how they are being brainwashed into complying with the mass delusion? The human failing is that the majority will agree with a mass view because they don’t have to understand it, so they appear intelligent. It is the same with the leaders as with the masses. There is no conspiracy on the part of the elites and leaders, they are as stupid and deluded as the masses that support them.

    This totalitarian ideology can only exist when there is an enemy to blame for opposing the mass delusion, and we are the enemy. Those refusing the covid vaccine are the enemy that allow the completely unnecessary covid policies to be forced on the gullible. Fighting the enemy strengthens the belief in nonsense and as far as I can see the enemy must be eliminated. It is going to get much worse.

  • William Boreham

    I read this below a couple of days ago.

    “LONDON, Oct 6 (Reuters) – A British regulator rejected Royal Dutch Shell’s (RDSa.L) plans to develop the Jackdaw gasfield in the North Sea after considering its environmental statement, industry sources said on Wednesday.
    “We’re disappointed by the decision and are considering the implications,” a Shell spokesperson said.
    It was unclear on what grounds the Offshore Petroleum Regulator for Environment and Decommissioning (OPRED) refused to approve the environmental statement for the field’s development.
    The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, under whose umbrella OPRED operates, did not immediately reply to a request for comment.”

    So while Boris goes on holiday and our industry (what’s left of it) threatens to decamp from Britain due to energy costs, our pampered civil servants succumb to the green lobby and leave us at the mercy of the likes of Putin (and the Frogs) for our energy needs. Especially if the coming winter is severe, people are going to die of cold. As the price of energy goes sky high, the costs will fall disproportionately upon the poorest in Society. Income inequalities will be dramatically exposed as the most vulnerable in society face a stark choice: Heat or Eat. This country is likely to be on its knees begging energy from wherever it’s available, but the rest of Europe will be in as much trouble.

    It is so frustrating, we have ample supplies of gas and coal beneath our own soil, but due to the insane drive achieve zero carbon emissions, we are not allowed to develop them. We are governed by mad men, where’s our version of a Putin or Xi Linping to save our future?

  • Hardcastle

    Although not wishing harm upon our citizens I do actually hope for a cold winter and the subsequent blackouts and cold/cost related problems.This might,just might make more people question the unrealistic madness of our so called energy policy never mind the total fallacy of zero carbon.The young in particular will be deeply affected,they do not even wear sweaters for Christ’s sake and what will they do if their phones are not chargeable?
    The arguments so ably expressed above are so blindingly obvious to those with even a basic education pre 1980,never mind one of a higher level,that what is passes as political leadership today, is laughable.

  • Brenda Blessed

    If there are plenty of power cuts that last a long time, those people working from home (mainly civil servants who don’t do much at work anyhow) are going to want to go back to work when their Internet connections go down.

    There will be plenty of refrigerated groceries that are being stockpiled going off into the bargain. The government will also no doubt take the opportunity to make plenty of jobsworths redundant in order to decrease the wages bill substantially.

    The preppers are looking less like loonies with every day that passes.

    The liberal decadents, many of whom are confused about which gender they are of, never mind anything else, are modern-day Sirens that the majority are listening to and eagerly following up the garden path.

    Nietzsche made it plain in the late 19th century that what is coming is going to show up the men from the boys. The survivors will be those with the innate ability to thrive in a time of immense chaos in a tragic age brought about by the end-game decadence of what he called “the values that pass judgement”. In modern terms, political correctness, identity politics and wokery. Only the values that pass judgement will be prevalent.

    We are there right now.

    Almost everything that we are presented with now is a collection of lies of one kind or another. E.g., Critical Race Theory. Even saying that only a woman has a cervix or can get pregnant are not considered to be statements of truth to the woke, whose influence is being taken seriously by parts of the degenerating status quo.

    Just look at the Labour Party. Back in 1997, the Blair government ushered in 100 female MPs, mostly drawn from all-female short lists, called the Blair Babes. Now in 2021, female Labour MPs outnumber the males and the Shadow Cabinet is very obviously dominated by women who, frankly, are mostly not up to the job. Moreover, the actual Tory Cabinet is looking more and more like our TV programmes and adverts.

    This is clearly all social engineering on the road to hell, in my opinion.

    Here is the latest video from the Academy of Ideas:

    The Big Lie – How to Enslave the World –

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