February 2024
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Ludicrous, lying, incompetent Osborne launches his ‘fightback’ – but hasn’t a clue what to do

As our MPs return from their 2-month summer holidays, our pathetic excuse for a government is trying to relaunch itself. Liar Cameron says he’s going to ‘cut through the dither’. But he is ditherer in chief – a shallow, lying, self-serving PR spiv who hasn’t the courage to sack his chum, our work-experience, part-time Chancellor George Osborne. As for the clueless Osborne, he was on the Andrew Marr show at the weekend trying to explain away his complete lack of ideas about how to revive the declining UK economy.

Dim Osboprne claimed that if there were some simple actions he could take, then he would have already taken them. Problem is there are simple things he could do – but he doesn’t do them as he, and the sycophants he surrounds himself with,  have no imagination, no courage and no interest in anything but lining their own pockets with our money.

Here, in no particular order, are what useless Osborne should do:

1. Scrap Corporation Tax – my MoneyWeek article explains how this would help the economy

2. Put all central government departments and all public-sector managers, quango employees and administrative staff on a 4-day week, After all, who would notice if the overbureaucratic Department of Health or the laughable Equalities and Human Rights Commission only worked Monday to Thursday? Use half the £100m a week saved to reduce the deficit and the other half to launch a housebuilding programme that would create about 50,000 jobs

3. Declare all water, gas and electricity services and airports ‘strategic national assets’ that can only be owned by UK-based companies paying tax in the UK. Give their offshore-tax-haven-based foreign owners four years to sell them

4. Bring in a US-style False Claims Act whereby anyone who is aware that a private company supplying the public sector is fleecing us taxpayers can take legal action on our behalf and as a reward be paid 10% of all money recovered

5. Set a maximum public-sector pension of the average wage – about £25,500 a year. Any public-sector employee wanting more should have to save in the same overcharging, underperforming pension funds that the rest of us have to use

6. Set a minimum age for receiving council housing and housing benefit of twenty five. Anyone younger than this who decides to have a swarm of children should be forced to live with their parents


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