December 2023
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Will lying, thieving Mandelsonian David Laws rejoin the crooks in government today?

There is nothing wrong with being a Mandelsonian, although it’s not something that appeals to me. But there is something very wrong with being a liar and a thief and avoiding prosecution because your chums at Westminster protect you.  As one Telegraph reader pointed out:

“Carol Irving, single mother of 4, unemployed. Failed to declare she was living with a partner. Over-claimed £40,000 in Housing Benefit = 6 months in jail”

“David Laws MP single, multimillionaire. Failed to declare he was living with a partner, over-claimed £40,000 in Parliamentary Allowances =invited to rejoin government after 18 months on back benches”

Yet liar and thief David Laws looks likely to rejoin the Cameron/Clegg bunch of liars and thieves in government today in David Cameron’s much anticipated and totally pointless reshuffle replacing one bunch of greedy, incompetent, self-serving liars and thieves with another bunch of greedy, incompetent, self-serving liars and thieves.

I think the reinstatement of liar and thief David Laws will tell us all we need to know about the worthless, lying, thieving, expenses-fiddling scum who infest Westminster and who are destroying our country while filling their own pockets with our money.

And, by the way Mr Cameron – we all despise you and the pointless joke chancellor, George ‘I haven’t a clue’ Osborne, and no amount of shuffling and reshuffling is going to save your useless government come the next election.

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