February 2023
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The Guardian – the enemy of free speech?

I don’t often read the Guardian – I find it too turgid, badly written, verbose and self-righteous. But an article on Saturday caught my attention – “Don’t give climate change heretics an easy ride”.

Firstly, the supposed journalist brands anybody who doesn’t agree with her as a “heretic”. Even the Mail and the Torygraph aren’t that biased and intolerant.

Secondly, the ‘journalist’ ignores many of the factors that could contribute to climate change – overpopulation, deforestation, solar activity and so on.

Thirdly, the ‘journalist’ demands a system of accreditation of experts so that only ‘approved’ climate scientists should be allowed to comment on climate change. Who would administer this accreditation? Guardian journalists with no relevant scientific qualifications? Moreover, this idiot seems to forget that the head of the completely discredited IPCC is a bureaucrat and railway engineer from one of the world’s most corrupt countries and who has made a lot of money from his IPCC sinecure. She also forgets that forty years ago most climate ‘scientists’ were united in predicting a new mini ice age with freezing temperatures that would devastate agriculture in Norther Europe and the US. Funny, none of the ‘experts’ mention that any more.

I usually find Guardian articles laughable in the way they dogmatically ignore even the most blindingly obvious facts when these don’t support their cherished beliefs. But I found this article gave an interesting insight into the mentality of Guardian journalists and readers and I found it worrying in the way it proposed to muzzle any person brave enough to disagree with the usual blinkered Guardian propaganda.

I had always assumed that the Guardian was the paper of choice for the liberal elites – overpaid BBC executives and underperforming, politically correct teachers. But if you compare Guardian readers’ comments with those on the Mail and Torygraph websites, you’ll be struck by the complete intolerance shown and the amount of invective spewed out by Guardian readers. In comparison to them, Mail and Torygraph readers seem eminently balanced and reasonable. So perhaps this ludicrous article about muzzling ‘global warming heretics’ fits in well with the inability of Guardian journalists and readers to allow free speech to anyone opposed to their narrow-minded, self-serving views.

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