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Hooray for Boris! Let’s give gazillions more to corrupt, multi-billionaire Third-World kleptocrats!

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Making Flop26 another disaster for us stupid taxpayers?

As you’ll all know, our wonderful prime minister, Boris the Brave, is busy battling away at the UN in New York trying to save us all from supposed climate breakdown. (Yes, last week it was called “Climate Crisis”, but now we apparently must use the term “Climate Breakdown” to show how serious the situation has become).

A key element of Bunter’s crusade is ensuring a $100bn-a-year fund to be paid by industrialised countries to developing countries to help them supposedly fight supposed climate breakdown. And the British mainstream media is already gushing with praise for Braveheart Boris by claiming that he was influential in convincing walking cadaver, President Joe Biden, to increase the amount US taxpayers would have to stump up from $5.6bn a year to $11.4bn a year. Meanwhile we in Britain will be paying $3bn a year into this $100bn-a-year bonanza for the world’s most cess-pit countries. It’s amazing how generous politicians are with our money.

There’s no room here to explain why the whole idea of this $100bn-a-year fund is an act of intergalactic stupidity. But I’ll just touch on two main problems

Problem 1 – What climate breakdown?

As I explain in quite some detail in my most recent book – THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS – there is no climate crisis. There is no climate breakdown. So there’s absolutely no need for splaffing $100bn of Western taxpayers’ money a year on something that isn’t happening.

FFS, how can anyone believe that an increase in a trace gas (CO2) from 3 parts per 10,000 of our atmosphere to 4 parts per 10,000 over 150 years is going to drastically change the Earth’s climate and wipe out most of mankind? The whole concept is ludicrous.

Anyway, if you’re dumb enough to believe in the Greenhouse Gas theory, then why aren’t you worried about water vapour. Water vapour makes up over 90% of the Earth’s greenhouse gases. Even the ludicrously-politicised IPCC (Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change) highlights the importance of water vapour: “Water vapour is the most abundant and important greenhouse gas in the atmosphere”. But you’ll never hear the climate catastrophists mention that as it demolishes their claims of CO2 being the main driver of our climate.

The catastrophists also tend not to mention the Sun and the effect of variations in the Earth’s orbit and in solar activity on the Earth’s climate:

I could go on and on and on and on – but I’ve already covered the truth about the Climate Breakdown delusion/psychosis in my book.

Problem 2 – Corruption, corruption, corruption ……….

Here’s a brief quote from my 2015 book – THE GREAT CHARITY SCANDAL

In Europe, after the Second World War the US-sponsored Marshall Plan is generally credited for helping war-ravaged European countries to rebuild and become prosperous. So some people have demanded a ‘Marshall Plan for Africa’. There’s only one problem with this demand. Africa has already had its Marshall Plan – several times over. In the last fifty years Africa has been given the equivalent of around ten Marshall Plans. In today’s money, the five-year European Marshall Plan saw about $100 billion – $20 billion a year – being used to rebuild Europe after WWII. In the last fifty years, Africa has received over $1 trillion in aid. So, Africa received about the same every year – $20 billion a year – for fifty years that Europe received each year for just five years. Yet there’s little evidence that those countries getting the most aid have benefited from this aid and a quarter of Sub-Saharan countries, including some of the world’s greatest recipients of foreign aid, are now poorer than they were in 1960.

Where has all this money gone? Where are all the new hospitals and schools and roads and universities and power stations and all the other modern facilities we in the West have paid for again and again and again? The table below might give more than a hint as to were all our money has gone:

The organisation Transparency International has estimated that every year African rulers loot three times as much as their countries receive in foreign aid and foreign investment.

So, what do you think will happen to the $100bn a year that we in the developed countries are forced to hand over to the world’s most corrupt and venal scum to supposedly save their countries from supposed Climate Breakdown?

Just another day in glorious Africa?

And if Boris and Joe get their $100bn-a-year cash extravaganza, here to cheer us all up is just one illustration of what will really happen to all our cash that we will be forced ship off to supposedly save the world’s poorest countries from the supposedly disastrous effects of supposed climate breakdown.


6 comments to Hooray for Boris! Let’s give gazillions more to corrupt, multi-billionaire Third-World kleptocrats!

  • Bad Brian

    Mothing new here, nothing to see.

    It’s about time we started respecting other people’s culture’s and stopped being so judgmental.

    Regarding sending them billions to combat climate change, it’s about time too, I say.

    If any of this article was true , I am sure the BBC and other MSM would have told us.

    Can’t stay, as I need to man a stall at a bring and buy sale held in the middle of the M25 to raise money against the deprived. I am so glad I voted Tory.

  • A Thorpe

    There is nothing new about any of this, including the fact that there seems to be no way that the few who are not suffering from the delusions of the many can reverse this nonsense. It needs rational thinking and a debate which is not happening.

    Rome and Venice destroyed themselves partly by taking away the incentive to create wealth and spending what had been created. As you point out, our government is taking our money and giving it to other countries. The Romans were not that stupid.

    How is it possible with the education today for the simple issue of water vapour not to be understood and this scientific fraud brought to an end? How can people ignore evidence from the recent past about weather events that show the weather is not getting worse? Portillo is walking around Devon and Cornwall and was at St Michael’s Mount pointing out that the causeway used at low tide was built in 1425. It is still in use and not under rising sea levels. Unfortunately he failed to point this out.

    I’m reading a book called “The rape of the mind” by Meerloo and it seems to apply. He says “Why do people want to control the minds of others, and why do the others confess and yield? It is because there is no essential difference between the victim and the inquisitor. They are alike. Neither, under these circumstances, has any control over his deeply hidden criminal and hostile thoughts and feelings.” Isn’t this what happened with witchcraft? It needed both a witch finder and people who believed in witches? The fraudulent climate scientists would not exist without people who believe them. Once the delusion starts it spreads and today it is worse than at any time in the past because of modern communication.

    Meerloo goes on to say “What is perhaps most shocking about these influences is that many of them have developed not out of man’s destructiveness, but out of his hope to improve his world and make life richer and deeper. The very institutions man has created to help himself, the very tools he has invented to enhance his life, the very progress he has made towards mastery of himself and his environment- all can become weapons of destruction.”

    I have no idea why burning witches came to an end. Perhaps it finally dawned on them that no women had saved themselves and the bad weather they were thought to be creating didn’t disappear. Unlike today they did not have an advanced economy which we all depend on. We have more to lose if we don’t come to our senses. The problems are becoming apparent and what do we get from Boris – we must do more because the little we have done is not working.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Africa is the most minerally-rich continent It is also the poorest continent economically. The population of Sub-Saharan Africa in 2020 was around 1.13 billion. By 2050 that population is expected to more than double. Nigeria alone, which is a relatively small part of Africa, will have a population larger than what the USA’s population is now. The world has been pouring aid into Sub-Saharan Africa for 50 years and China has invested in huge infrastructure projects.

    Unfortunately, the only activity that Africans are particularly good at is making babies, most of whom wind up being unemployed and receiving aid or try to immigrate/migrate out of Africa. The African diaspora.

    In short, black Africans are the least successful race on earth. But looking at the ever-growing preponderance of them in the programmes and commercials on our TV and Internet, you might easily be misled into believing the very opposite of that.

    Almost all of the ever-increasing mixed-race couples shown in the commercials are not Indian/white or Japanese/white, Chinese/white, etc., the races that have plenty in common – very long histories of advanced cultural activities. They are black/white.

    In my opinion, our ruling liberal decadents are doing their utmost to make us feel as unsure of ourselves as a nation as possible by replacing us in our own TV programmes and commercials and leaving our border open to immigrants and migrants.

    Exactly the same state of affairs is happening in the USA.

    Chinese men have built railways all over Africa. You can visit the towns that those railways serve and you will not find any mixed-race Chinese/African people. The Chinese obviously strive to keep to their own kind in the same way as sub-species of wild animals do.

    Population, total – Sub-Saharan Africa –

    Look at the graphs for the individual countries on that site.

    Big trouble is coming our and their ways unless we take measures to make those population growths level off. I have a feeling that the “pandemic” will make little or no difference to that state of affairs, given that the average age of African countries is in the teens.

  • Loppoman

    Yes, I have said previously here that the only danger to the planet is overpopulation.
    In certain parts of this world, people are breeding like rabbits. The graphs from Brenda prove this.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    I read that last week the UN asked for $600 million in aid for the Taliban’s new Afghanistan. Of which Boris Johnson has already pledged £248 million ($344 million) of UK taxpayers’ money – more than half of the total demanded by the UN.

    A bit of research today tells me that, despite decades of bloody warfare and social chaos, the population of poverty-stricken Afghanistan actually tripled between 1990 and 2019, from 12.41 million to 38.04 million.

    Wars or no wars, the population explosion remains by far the biggest but least-publicised crisis with which the world has to deal. But ‘Extinction Rebellion’ Doomsday cultists would rather ignore this, and instead enjoy themselves by infuriating ordinary working people on the M25, with the assistance of Rainbow policepersons diligently protecting these narcissists from angry truck drivers.

    I can only assume that Johnson, Biden and their cronies now believe that Africa is the model for the way the entire world ought to be run in future, with themselves and their families pocketing nearly all taxpayers’ money for their own personal use. If they’re short of ideas for how to spend it, I’m sure their favourite ‘philanthropist’ and ‘pandemic expert’ Bill Gates will show them some tips he picked up from his late bestest friend Jeffrey Epstein.

    Over three years ago I binned my television and turned in my TV licence, sick of paying for all the government propaganda being constantly beamed at me in both the programmes and the adverts. Research tells me that just 7% of the population of England and Wales are in mixed-race relationships. yet a visitor from outer space would immediately assume that 90% of us are shacking up with BAME’s if they gleaned their information from the MSM.

    Since 86% of the population of England and Wales is still of white ethnicity, it’s obvious why Johnson and Patel are desperately importing thousands of BAME’s every single day – they’d hate us to be disappointed that the expectations raised by their racial advertising campaigns can’t yet be fulfilled, since there aren’t anything like sufficient BAME’s to go round.

  • Very nicely put, Brenda and Jeffrey.

    I was interested in the population of Gambia, because that is mostly where British grannies go for their toy boys who they have to marry so that they can bring them into the UK. After which, if the marriage lasts for a certain period, their children are given entry visas. Needless to say, their children live with their fathers, not their mothers, and wind up staying here for the rest of their lives. It’s called chain migration.

    I have read about this and come across actual examples.

    For some reason, old British men are not attracted enough to Gambian women to want to take that route into a relationship. Their main choices are Thais and Filipinos. Plenty of British men move to Thailand for that reason. Needless to say, British women don’t usually feel inclined to move to Gambia.

    Gambia is a very small overpopulated stretch of land in West Africa that, according to its graph, also has an sharply-increasing population that was 2,416,664 in 2020. So small a country that you have to zoom in on it on a web map. Apparently, its current president, Adama Barrow, used to work for Argos as a security guard when he lived here studying to become an estate agent.

    There is no shortage of people trying to leave Gambia for the West. They come as boat people to the EU and then on to the UK or they find themselves a granny, who is almost always a divorcée.

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