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“California dreaming …. on such a winter’s day”

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(Hopefully readers of a certain age will recognise the title of today’s blog from a 1966 Mamas and Papas song – California Dreaming)

The Good News and the Bad News

The good news is that our wonderful government is turning Britain into a version of California. But that’s also the bad news.

In Chapter 13 “The West’s Economic Suicide” of my latest book – THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS – I quote a Forbes Magazine article about energy-rich California’s energy crisis:

California now imports most of its crude oil from overseas (since the extraction of its ample local oil resources are practically banned) and it imports nearly a third of its electricity from neighbouring states (since nuclear and natural gas-fuelled power plants are progressively shutdown by legislation). Between 2011 and 2017, California’s electricity prices rose five times faster than they did nationally and now Californians pay 60 percent more, on average, than the rest of the nation, for residential, commercial and industrial electricity.’

The UK’s absurd and pointless Greeny policies of wrecking our energy supply to supposedly ‘save the planet’ has caused gas prices to more than triple (up 324%) in just a year forcing industries (steel and fertiliser) to shut down, resulting in a shortage of the supposed ‘climate killer’ gas CO2 and threatening us with a winter of soaring energy prices, food shortages and power cuts. This is in spite of the UK sitting on centuries-worth of abundant gas (from fracking) and coal (from mining) and having world-beating nuclear power technology that can easily and quickly be adapted from our nuclear-powered submarines to build small local nuclear power stations.

Commenting on California’s disastrous woke, supposedly environmentally-friendly failure to use its own energy, a spokesperson from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said:

California’s record of rolling blackouts – unprecedented in size and scope – coupled with recent requests to neighbouring states for power begs the question of how you expect to run an electric car fleet, that will come with significant increases in electricity demand, when you can’t even keep the lights on today.

Sounds familiar? Truly our Government seems to be turning Britain into a version of California but without the blue skies and sunshine and beaches and cute California bikini-clad blondes:

And demolishing a country’s energy supplies has consequences. As I write in my book:

Partly due to increasing energy prices along with other high-tax, anti-business, ultra-woke policies, between June 2019 and June 2020, around 135,000 people left the once ‘Golden State’. Moreover, Oracle, Palantir and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise were among the estimated 13,000 companies that have moved out of California since 2014 and relocated to more business-friendly states like Texas.

Just to illustrate the problem, here’s a photo of Los Angeles today:

Not many bikini-clad blondes here.

I could hardly have been be clearer in my warning in THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS when I did a whole chapter on The West’s Economic Suicide.

The only thing I got wrong was that I didn’t expect the implosion to happen so quickly. Though it’s wonderful that Britain is turning into a cold, wet version of energy-rich but energy-starved, collapsing California just a few weeks before Boris’s big virtue-signalling, climate-alarmist, pointless, posturing Crap26 climate conference in miserable, sunshine-challenged Glasgow.

It would be rather amusing if Boris and Princess Nut Nut had to hold their hugely important, ego-boosting planet-saving conference by candle-light in an unheated conference centre in Sturgeon’s drugs-ridden, slum-city, dismal Glasgow.

To cheer us all up as our incompetent rulers, enthusiastically egged on by all our mainstream media (especially the BBC, C4 News, Sky News and the Times), take a climate catastrophist wrecking ball to our country and our lives, here are the Mamas and Papas with California Dreaming:

11 comments to “California dreaming …. on such a winter’s day”

  • A Thorpe

    The consequences of the green policies are obvious to any rational mind, and where California leads the rest of the western world will inevitably follow because of the mass psychosis that has taken over. The greens are also socialists and the photograph shows what happens in every socialist country. The Californian celebrities promoting this nonsense can afford the increasing costs, but socialists don’t care about the poorest. Obama boasted about his policies causing energy prices to skyrocket and Biden is ensuring that it happens after Trump brought costs down.

    Here we have a shortage of CO2 to complete the farce of these policies. Rising costs and shortages might be the wake up call but I doubt it. Small energy companies are asking for bailouts. I assume they have contracts to supply cheap gas and now they cannot afford to buy it. A bailout will mean taxpayers picking out the costs and the government avoiding dealing with the problems. Boris cannot admit a failure with his reputation riding on COP26.

  • Bill Airway

    Many thanks for that great clip of one of my favourite bands and songs.

    I read this clip today…..the UK stores/holds less gas than twelve other european countries…

    AGSI+ (

    And it appears that ‘real’ inflation in the UK is approaching 7% now with much higher to come.

    Get ready for a long / cold / winter.

  • William Boreham

    Good article by Douglas Carswell in the Telegraph yesterday:

    “The woke Left have destroyed California
    The state is a warning of what happens with there is no credible challenge to an unrestrained ‘progressive’ agenda.”

    Is it viewable to subscription only?

  • Stillreading

    Yep! Utter mistery to come in the UK for many people, pensioners perhaps, given they have no earning power, amongst the worst hit. The miserly proposed increase in State pension will be gobbled up by the predicted hike in Council Tax. Basic food prices are rising day on day and now we’re looking at a catastrophic rise in domestic fuel prices, much of the rise due to the Government’s ridiculous capitulation to the “green” lobby. Incidentally, do any of these idiotic greenies contribute to a reduction in power consumption by chucking away their phones or withdrawing from the diabolical “social media”? No! I thought not!. As for California, despite their brown-outs, escalating crime on their streets, the fact that those who can afford to do so are quitting the State, they’ve nevertheless, following his re-call, just re-elected Newsom as Governor. Turkeys voting for Christmas doesn’t even begin to sum it up. s has been said many times, collectively we get the governments we deserve. It’s just very hard on those who wish for less destructive alternatives.

  • A Thorpe

    There is an excellent piece here by Melanie Phillips about the energy crisis:

    It is about present failures but perhaps it should be about the failure of energy policies since the war. We had the glorious opening by the Queen of Calder Hall Nuclear Power Station in 1956 when we were told that the energy it produced was almost too cheap to monitor. As I understand it, when the Queen pressed the button and the meter started turning it wasn’t energy from the power station because wasn’t working, it was energy from the national grid.

    Our nuclear power station programme has been a disaster since with unreliable and expensive reactor designs that nobody wanted to buy, now all abandoned in favour of a PWR design. After the first PWR at Sizewell the prices have rocketed and the rest of the world is having trouble building them to time and cost. Very little progress seems to be happening with the promised small reactor designs.

    Europe has made itself dependent on Russian gas and Putin is taking advantage. Our politicians were blind to what they were getting into. When the UK electricity industry was privatised Thatcher allowed the burning of gas and so there was a huge gas power station building programme. Prior to this gas had been limited to home use. Perhaps this was on of the biggest errors made.

    Before this the electricity supply industry was being used to subsidise the boiler and turbine manufacturers when they had no orders, and to subsidise the coal mines. Now electricity consumers are subsidising renewable energy construction companies and we are paying through the nose for the electricity, both in payments to wind turbine owners when they are paid not to generate, and to high cost payments when coal is needed when there is no wind. There now seems to be more government control of the privatised electricity industry through energy policy and taxes then they had in the nationalised industry days. National Grid and the energy companies seem to have embraced all the climate nonsense, so they agree with the government. Boris, as Melanie Phillips points out, is in a hole and digging as fast as he can.

  • Brenda Blessed

    The penny must be dropping more and more that the so-called War of Terror is really the War of Terror and that it is being practised on us by our own liberal establishment.

    Both of them huge lies, the “pandemic” and “climate change” are being used to terrify us to the point where many of us are no longer willing to have children.

    There are several other destabilising agendas, such as open borders, feminisation, hate crimes, impoverishment, adverts starring people who are migrants, etc.

    I have a dreadful feeling that the Covid vaccinations and the booster shots hold the key to the way out of this for our nihilistic liberal decadent friends. Are literally its kill-switch.

    A so-called pandemic all of the data of which rests on two invalid tests – the PCR and lateral flow tests – that apparently use some of the genetic code supposedly taken from the antibodies produced by the human immune system in response to an infection of the virus. When asked if it has isolated samples of the virus, even though there can’t be any shortage of it, the US CDC says that it cannot provide any proof that the virus exists. As far as I know, no other laboratory has been able to provide isolated samples of the virus.

    Moreover, surely 90% of us should be testing positive now since, apparently, that percentage of us have these antibodies in us due to the vaccinations, which make the same immune system produce its defensive antibodies.

    The human immune system is so good at dealing with the virus on its own that only a very small 0.04% of people who, very conveniently, are already dying from other health issues, have a problem with an infection. It provides continuous protection at that extremely high level against any coronavirus and its variants, which includes the common cold.

    But that is not good enough for these people. Aided and abetted by action against climate change, they are bringing the world’s economy down in order to get all of the world’s population of 7.9 billion people vaccinated and revaccinated continuously with booster shots every 8 months or several times a year after the first two shots.

    To me, this is clearly the 2 + 2 = 5 that Orwell uses in his novel 1984.

    As George Orwell so skilfully expressed, once you can persuade people, through fear, to believe things that are patently not true, you have won.

    As Winston says in that novel: “In the end the Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it.”

    This whole thing is an illusion of immense proportions that has and will continue to have terrible consequences. Therefore, to free ourselves from it, all we have to do to is is wake up and banish it from our minds.

    Unfortunately, it looks as if only the strongest of minds will be able to do that. They must be willing, as in any other kind of war, to sacrifice themselves in this War of Terror.

    I am reminded of that every time I think of the fighter and bomber pilots walking to their aircraft during the Battle of Britain, many of who would never be coming back.

  • And here is what kicked off the illusion of immense proportions and consequences:

    This footage AIRED ONCE after 9/11 and NEVER on TV again. –

    If a large passenger airliner had crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11, there would have been many large pieces all over the place, so it must have been hit by a missile or blown up from inside the building.

    You have to turn the sound on to hear the report.

  • bad Brian

    ” drugs -ridden, slum-city, dismal Glasgow!”

    Once again David you are looking at things through rose coloured spectacles !

    Anyone who has been to Glasgow recently can tell you it is much worse than that and many other Scottish cities are catching up fast !

    That aside, I have read in several newspapers about massive increases of energy costs just in the last few weeks. Articles by the same journalists who a few weeks before looked forward to the “Green Revolution” as explained by some crusty, menopausal, bloke wearing a dead German’s overcoat while being interviewed by the BBC.

    I got a letter in from EDF, my hopeless energy supplier, explaining to me that I will be paying almost £500.00 a year more for gas and electricity ! That’s a 25% increase in one lump. I don’t know why but it still came as a bit of a shock to me .

    Why has it taken MSM so long to catch on ?

    This very afternoon while cruising aimlessly for chicks in my gas guzzler, I listened to Boris on the radio as he spouted the most ridiculous nonsense about climate change, wind power and solar energy and how GB is leading the world. I think he has dumped Princess Nut Nut and is secretly giving his mojo to Greta Thumbum on the side.

    You really should experiment with a short run of your “Climate”book with a more sober cover.It deserves a large readershp and a few experiments I made showing the book to a few friends kinda confirmed that some people are put off by the cartoon on the front cover.

  • Marc Ager

    “Politicians are not born; they are excreted.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero, the Roman statesman, lawyer, scholar, philosopher and academic sceptic.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Quarantine Strike Force workers sought in the State of Washington –

    Here is an anonymous comment about this on another blog…

    We just came back to Washington … we were in Idaho for a week. It was PURE HEAVEN in Idaho.

    I would say about 1% of the people were wearing masks anywhere there… the restaurants and social gathering places like pubs and bars are open, there were parades..and people enjoying themselves shamelessly EVERYWHERE.

    Meanwhile the local news was non-stop, end to end FEAR-MONGERING ABOUT COVID.

    We figured out WHY Idaho (which I have always loved) could not be locked down or masked. THE PEOPLE THERE ACTUALLY TALK TO EACH OTHER, and they have strong minds.

    We had more interesting conversations in 5 days in Idaho than we have had in over 12 years of living in Washington state.

    When the local news gets someone on TV talking about how a family member “died because they were not vaccinated”- the locals talk about it, and word gets around that the news is lying.

    Having to come back to Washington state was a devastating let down. We have been wanting to leave for years because of the culture.

    The natural beauty of the Cascades and the lure of the oceans and forests is not enough to overcome the toxicity of the politics and culture here, or the retardation of its governor…

  • David Craig

    I understand that Idaho has one of the worst rates of Covid infections and hospitalisations in the US. I may be wrong, But I watch Dr John Campbell videos and the situation in Idaho is something that he has been flagging for some time.

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