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Floods of lies about Hurricane Ida

Tuesday blog

I have to admit that the TV images of water pouring into the New York subway from Hurricane Ida were pretty impressive and almost apocalyptic. And, of course, they led to the usual hyperventilating and howling from the Guardian and the BBC and others of their ilk:

But were the Hurricane Ida floods really so exceptional and ‘historic’?

Here’s a chart of the highest levels of rainfall in New York Central Park since 1869:

(left click on chart and then left click again to see very clearly)

No obvious signs of the recent rainfall being either ‘historic’ or linked in any way to supposed climate change caused by increasing atmospheric CO2 levels.

Here’s the level of rainfall in New York from Hurricane Ida:

But here’s the most recent record from 2014:

Readers with an understanding of advanced mathematical theory will probably realise that the 2014 record of 13.57 inches is slightly higher than Hurricane Ida’s 7 inches

And finally, while living corpse Joe Biden and most of the mainstream media claimed that never before has the U.S. experienced heatwaves in the West at the same time as flooding in the East, here’s a newspaper article from 1926 informing us of massive flooding in the East while there were terrible dust storms in the West:

Got that wrong too Joe. Time to be carried off to the old folks home?

Only my latest book – THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS – can be trusted to tell the truth about our climate.

Perhaps if Boris and his bunch of useless, waste-of-skin, self-serving, expenses-fiddling, arrogant, scientifically-ignorant MPs were to read my book then they wouldn’t be about to drag our long-suffering country back to the Stone Age in order to achieve the ludicrous ‘net zero’ to supposedly fight supposed climate change?

6 comments to Floods of lies about Hurricane Ida

  • A Thorpe

    The chart we really need is one showing how many people accept this lie and others about temperatures, fires, etc without question. The problem is that they are unlikely to see an alternative view, since MSM speaks with one voice and that view will be reinforced by social media. The propaganda has worked and the masses are controlled by groupthink. They cannot have any other view otherwise they will become an outcast from the group.

    It is impossible to have any rational debate with them and that is the only way to change minds. The education system does not teach how to analyse issues, it only tells them what to think. Their response is not debate but anger and insults if they encounter anything that challenges their beliefs. A number of people read and comment on this blog but we have similar views. It is the same with Tony Heller, one look at the likes and dislikes shows that it is mainly supporters who visit the site.

    We cannot change anything through the ballot box because all the politicians have bought into the nonsense of a climate crisis. The only option in civil disobedience but that is not possible because minds have to be changed first. We are running towards the cliff.

  • A Thorpe

    Here is an article on the lack of wind power yesterday in the UK and the economic cost. Wait until the blackouts start.

  • Stillreading

    Another excellent blog, backed up by graphs based on irrefutable scienctific findings as well as the journalistic reporting of 85 years ago. This goes too for your other blogs on the same topic. The fact that many of us never or only rarely respond doesn’t mean that we aren’t reading and inwardly digesting what you write, the bases for which can doubtless be accessed by anyone with the desire so to do. Unfortunately however the vast majority of the UK populatioon evidently prefers to worship at the shrine of Saint Greta. Thanks too to Thorpe for the link. All totally predicable of course. And just wait until we’ve all been forced into all-electric cars! And compelled to replace our faithful domestic gas boilers. The demand for electricity will be tremendous, power cuts a daily occurrence, and just what do people think we’ll be paying per unit for what comes out of the socket once it’s the only fuel available for all domestic uses as well as personal transport? The same as now? Don’t make me die laughing! The cost will go stratospheric and we’ll all be shivering in our homes, eating raw food, unable to use our cars to access shops, hospitals, schools, etc. etc………….

  • Bad Brian

    Dear David,


    An exellent book which very clearly cut through the MSM rubbish we read & see every day.


    I do not think that the cover is is the right choice for this book and I fear that it does not do the contents justice. As a result, I fear this might be hidering sales.

    There… I’ve said it.


    Why not reprint a short run of the book with a more sober, more suitable, cover and have it placed in a few bookshops and sent out to the TV studios and magazines which might give it a proper review ?

    People do judge books by their covers regardless of the quality of the writing. That is a fact as old as books themselves. perhaps a few of your regular readers could give you a little nod if you folks out there agree with me here.

    Bet regards. Bad Brian.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    It seems to me that the majority of the population have now explicitly accepted that in future they will be forced by Governments to live in a colder, less convenient, vastly more expensive, ever more heavily regulated, intermittently ‘Locked-Down’ society.
    With hardly any access to personal transport (apart from a bicycle), healthcare (with the NHS now being run exclusively for the benefit of its employees), public entertainment, political debate, or democratic choice.
    While unquestioningly receiving all their opinions from ‘Scientists’ and politicians – any deviation from which will get the dissident locked up, to public applause – and their incomes from the government.

    And most of the population seem to be perfectly untroubled by such a prospect.

    In Western Europe and the United States, we are now firmly into the ‘Post-Truth’ era. It remains to be seen who finally wins the existential struggle over the corpse of Western, Judeo-Christian society – the Cultural Marxists, or the Islamists. My feeling is that the Islamists will eventually prevail, but the war won’t be pretty.

  • A Thorpe

    News has just broken that some energy companies are suing governments for loss of profit due to climate policies. That will be more of our money taken if they win the case.

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