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Do we want our military to be wokies or warriors?

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Lions led by limp-wristed tossers?

It is little wonder that the USA/UK and Western forces lost the Iraq, Afghanistan, Libyan wars. Troops on the ground and air forces risked their lives, but the senior officers, civil servants and politicians were incompetent. They mixed up ‘fighting the enemy’ with ‘aid and humanitarian mission’, and then let loose the lawyers to prosecute members of the armed forces for supposed ‘war crimes’ when they did actually fight for their country. In fact, if I remember correctly, from at least July 2012 and probably before, our armed forces weren’t even allowed to shoot at their enemies unless they were fired on first:–Helmand-casualties-soar.html

This ludicrous policy reportedly led to a rapid rise in British casualties.

And now it seems that the UK and possibly US embassies left papers lying around giving the names, addresses and phone numbers of all the Afghans who worked with NATO forces. The idiotic release of Afghan workers’ data to the Taliban plus leaving over $85 BILLION worth of equipment to the Taliban shows just how incompetent the civil services/political class/high ranking military have been.

Next time the armed forces must not get involved in any humanitarian duties, but focus on using any method possible to kill the enemy at every opportunity, so they are finished as a fighting/political threat ever again. I’m not a military expert like our much decorated generals and admirals and RAF top brass with all their gongs and knighthoods, comfortable seats in the Lords and lucrative post-retirement consultancy jobs, but it seems obvious to me that you cannot fight a war by being woke. What you need are warriors.

Can our military bosses really be this useless?

Now I’m going to be lazy and cut and paste a comment from a reader from a previous blog. I don’t know if any of the following is true. But if it is, it shows the total emasculation of our armed forces by the plague of woke:

The Royal Navy’s current First Sea Lord, Admiral Tony Radakin, is a lawyer by trade. The successor to such hardened seadogs as Mountbatten, Jackie Fisher and Lord St Vincent, the valiant Admiral has now decided the best way that he can defend the seas around our island is to eliminate all ‘sexist’ Royal Naval terms, and replace them with appropriately Woke ‘gender-neutral’ substitutes. I’m quite sure this tactical master-stroke (am I still allowed to say ‘master-stroke’?) will strike terror into the hearts of Russian and Chinese sailors (once they’ve stopped laughing, that is).

The RAF’s current Chief of Staff, Sir Mike Wigston, is fully onboard with ‘Extinction Rebellion’, and tweeted thus on March 16th this year – ‘’Climate change threatens our way of life and @RoyalAirForce is responding by changing what we do & how we do it. I want to be the first net-zero air force by 2040 #GreenFuelGreenSkies is critical to that’’. How reassuring to know that the successor to Air Marshals Trenchard and Dowding has his priorities in such ‘correct’ order. And I look forward with anticipation to seeing Sir Mike’s new solar-powered electric fighters and bombers.

Another of our current military heroes, Lt Gen Richard Nugee, gallant head of the military’s ‘Climate Change and Sustainability Review’ (huh?) reveals ‘’The character of warfare is changing fast; so is the climate. Both issues are changing the way our military fight, live and train in unfamiliar ways. Linking these issues together, they both demand that we adapt to the new circumstances that we face and take transformative action now. Now firmly a Defence problem, climate change is a significant challenge.’’ General Nugee, I read, has named his pet dog ‘Greta’.

It’s not exactly a total surprise then, given ‘leadership’ like this, that our armed forces were just a touch less successful than they might have been in Helmand Province. And that we see the scenes that we currently do at Kabul airport.

Western military welcomes the ultra-woke

And finally, for your delectation here is a shortish (5 minutes) YouTube video comparing military recruitment ads from China, Russia and the USA. Watching the ads, you can decide who is likely to win the next major war:

6 comments to Do we want our military to be wokies or warriors?

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    If anybody wants to find out what campaigning in Central Asia is really like, and about the calibre of men required for that purpose, I can recommend ‘The Great Game’, by Peter Hopkirk.

    I read in Wiki that this very book was being translated into his native language, Pashto, by ex-Afghan President and former Soviet stooge Mohammad Najibullah as he waited to be killed by the Taliban. Which I suppose is as good a testimonial as any.

    The abject failure of NATO’s ‘Nation-Building’ efforts in Afghanistan was entirely predictable by anyone who had bothered to study history. But it seems that contemporary Western politicians and military leaders have convinced themselves that they’re going to make history rather than bother reading it. Which in a sense they have, though in a way that seems to have come as an unpleasant surprise to them.

    And it’s worth pointing out, despite its curious absence from the headlines nowadays, that Obama’s enemy of choice Syrian President Bashar Assad still remains firmly in charge in Damascus. Courtesy of the extremely effective and definitely non-Woke armed forces of the Russian Federation, whose recruiting ad we see above, and whose foreign policies are not based on any Liberal delusions whatsoever.

  • A Thorpe

    The West does not have any outstanding leaders to give any sense of purpose or direction to our lives. The political parties and institutions now control everything and our elected representatives serve them and not us. China may have a leader with a purpose but we wouldn’t want to live under that regime. We are concerned about freedom, but where in the world are we really free from political control? Years ago we were controlled by force and some still are, but the west has allowed control by democracy, which is possibly more dangerous because we have no leaders.

    I saw a comment elsewhere this morning saying it is no wonder that the US government is useless in Afghanistan because they have also lost control of their own cities. It is just the same here and Extinction Rebellion has taken over the streets of London.

    It is hardly surprising that Churchill tops the list of great leaders. He was far from perfect and made mistakes but he had a vision and he never gave in to other politicians who did not agree. He had faced death, seemed fearless and had to be kept away from the trenches. He understood that war was all about the number of the men on the ground. He got Stalin on our side for that reason to much criticism and he worked hard to get the USA involved in the war. But he wasn’t good with domestic policies and that seems to apply to almost every politicians.

    I have just started reading a book by Michael David White, America the beautiful bankrupt. It has a lot on climate change but little detail but it starts by comparing personal and government debt and it is obvious that the USA will never pay its debt, and it is the same here. Perhaps this should be our real concern and politicians hide their mistakes by making us fearful of climate change and pandemics.

  • William Boreham

    The Yanks spend as much on their military as the next 9 highest spending countries combined and yet still couldn’t beat a rag-tag, primitive army like the Taliban after 20 years of fighting. Maybe not so rag-tag after all now as the Yanks have unbelievably left the Taliban a present of $85 billion’s worth of military equipment including: 75,000 vehicles -20 planes and helicopters -600,000 small arms and light weapons -Night-vision goggles -Body armour-Medical supplies. Incidentally, much of our ‘defence’ spending seems to be aimed at some non-existent threat from Russia, while we are being successfully invaded everyday of the week. Sitting on a bench in St Petersburg a few years back, watching the pretty girls walking by, I reflected I felt far more akin to these people than I do to some of the alien creatures that infest many of our towns and cities these days.  And yet we are breaking our necks to add to their numbers by ‘rescuing’ Muslims fleeing from a Muslim country. But when those rescued reach their safe havens, European Christian countries, they will still worship a religion that commands them to turn their sanctuary country into yet another Islamic cess-pit like the one they escaped from!

    Meanwhile, our SAS are still the best:

  • Bad Bian

    I still like the British Army recruitment advert from a little while back when the soldies out on patrol on a misty
    moor somewhere , are interrupted by base calling them on the raio. Unfortunatly Mohamed the Muslim British soldier is having a prayer meeting and so the seargent tells the base to “leave it out for now ” and everyone stands nice and quiet while Mohamed talks to Allah, and the women lesbian soldiers take a break from looking for a sperm doner to shove their hands down the front of their trousers to adjust their pants because they have all got moist witnessing all the love and respect that is swilling about the place like a pig in shit.

    Meanwhile, when the Muslim soldier gets up from his army issue prayer mat, we get a quick glimpse of the inside of his rucksack only to find that it contains 160 stray dogs, forty fluffy kittens and 69 Afghans and their families that help Mohamed look after them. Crikey ! I thought, there’s a lot of love in that rucksack and the fact that there was not a Jew in sight was the icing on the cake.

    They then move off to build an orphanage with spcial “Face Painting” facilities for children who have had their arms and legs blown off by “Friendly Fire”.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    One thing I don’t quite understand . We’re informed by our ‘Leaders’ that we sacrificed hundreds of lives and spent billions of pounds for twenty years specifically in order to help Afghans.
    But now that all that help has been in effect rejected by the Afghans, we’re now told by our leaders that we’re supposed to give tens of thousands of Afghans asylum because THEY helped US. The logic of that rather escapes me. Who exactly was helping who here?

    Anyway, it won’t be long before the Taliban has a page in the Guardian. Topics will include how FGM empowers women; Stoning Sundays – a great day out!; Ethical Slavery the Islamic way; and Infidels – how to end them humanely.

    The word “humane” would, of course, be rendered meaningless in the subsequent narrative. Just as the Left have rendered so many other words in the language meaningless. Science, racist, crime, hate, phobia, bigot, refugee, and tolerance are words that immediately spring to mind.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Take your pick of these videos about sexual abuse and rape in the US and UK militaries.

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