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Sleepy Joe sleeps – in press conference with Israeli PM!

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Sleepy Joe sleeps

I was going to write a more serious blog today. Then I came across this – senile old Joe Biden falls asleep during a meeting with the Israeli PM. The Israeli PM bravely carries on speaking to the attendant press corps while pretending not to notice that Sleepy Joe is sleeping:

You won’t see this mentioned by any of the Trump-loathing, Biden-adoring mainstream media.

Sleepy Joe is supposedly the dynamic, forceful, visionary leader of the free world.

How Xi ‘Chinese plague’ Pingpong and Vlad ‘the impaler’ Putin must be laughing.

Dementia-ridden piece of crap?

And while the dementia-ridden piece of crap pushed into the White House by the Trump-hating media and big tech companies has bungled and stumbled and forgotten to change his incontinence pads, this was happening:


An ad from the Australian government

And to cheer us all up as China and Russia celebrate the collapse of Biden’s America and the world descends into chaos, here’s an ad from the Australian government which could actually be relevant to any of our Western governments:

10 comments to Sleepy Joe sleeps – in press conference with Israeli PM!

  • A Thorpe

    We vote for them using a voting system they want. It is time to get rid of the political parties and make voting a first past the post system with nobody elected unless they get over 50% of the registered electorate. No general election, 25% of them up for election every year. Never let them feel safe, Then they will be working for us.

  • William Boreham

    This is more relevant as far as Biden is concerned.
    Got emotional myself listening to the grief this mother is experiencing:

  • David Craig

    Thanks. I have rewritten the blog to include your video clip

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    One of the female US Marines who was killed at Kabul airport put a photo of herself holding an Afghan baby up on social media a day or two before, with the caption “I love my job!”.

    I remember at the time of the first Iraq war, a US Marine general saying “We’re Marines. We kill people and break things. We don’t do ‘Nation Building'”

    While one deeply regrets the brutal death of this poor young woman and sympathises with her family, it appears to me that this obvious sea-change in attitude of service personnel towards their jobs in the intervening years has not been entirely to everyones’ advantage.

  • Ern

    Agree whole-heartedly with all the above commenters.
    BUT … re : Honest Government Ad :

    A novel approach, good luck, but …. firstly, were it to excise the “Sheila’s” foul language, it might have a better chance of being well-received.

    Yes, Yes, I know it’s Australia (been there etc) , but, I actually do not want anyone entering my place (electronically) and foul-mouthing their way around.

    Upon a little reflection on the importance of competence, well, surely somebody in AustraliAn Government/TV can correctly spell the name of the adjective from their own country ? Check right at the start and intermittently all the way through, right until the coda, I lost count. Did no-one read it, nobody sign it off ?

    Maybe the writer used Basement Joe’s personal spellchecker ?


    (e&oe, just in case lol)

  • David Craig

    The Australien Government ad was a satire and the spelling of Australien was deliberate.

  • Stillreading

    My thoughts too, Ern, on the Aussie video. I thought (hoped?) that perhaps the mis-spelling of AustraliAn was deliberately ironic, rather than an indication of that Nation’s abysmal academic standards. Added to the distasteful language, I just couldn’t be bothered to see it through. Far more potent in the light of Biden’s surrender of Afghanistan to the Taliban (together with the plethora of other Islamic terrorist groups in that God-forsaken country) is the raging rant from the mother of one of the murdered American marines. Like William Boreham, I could scarcely keep from weeping as I listened to her. I share her rage and admire her greatly for not holding back in her opinion of Biden. His bodged mis-handling of the American withdrawal has rendered the loss of around 2,500 American and almost 500 UK military lives utterly pointless. And don’t let’s even think about all those who have been maimed mentally and physically by their time of service and whose lives will never again be as they once were. Then there’s the 85 BILLION dollars’ worth of military hardware which Biden has gifted to the Taliban. Yet according to our broadcast media, the majority of American citizens remain content with Sleepy Joe as their Commander in Chief. To get a true view of American opinion, go to Fox News on YouTube.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Latest brilliant ‘Conservative’ party wheeze, I read in the Evening Standard, is to form a brand new British Army regiment composed entirely of former Afghan soldiers who ran away rather than fight the Taliban, and who have just been imported here.

    Tory MPs Tom Tugendhat, Chairman of the Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee and Tobias Ellwood, the chairman of the Defence Select Committee, are both all for it. And I have read elsewhere that chief of the defence staff general Nick Carter, the very one who claims the Taliban are just misunderstood ‘country boys’, is also an enthusiast.

    I imagine a suitable name for the regiment will be ‘Queen’s Own Afghan Deserters’.

    Not much use for any future Middle Eastern adventures of course, due to their propensity for running away. But one can certainly envisage a variety of situations where having a fully trained and equipped Islamic regiment available for domestic use might come in quite handy for a future UK government. Or even for the present one.

    Any thoughts about who might be available to fill the post of ‘Regimental Chaplain’…….?

  • Brenda Blessed

    There are no female marines in the British Navy yet, but there will be soon and qualifying standards will be dropped to make that possible.

    Have a look at some female US marines in the following article. The males mostly look like GQ fashion models and the females are the short even cuter-looking ones.

  • Ern

    Re : The Australien Government ad was a satire and the spelling of Australien was deliberate.

    OK, Thank you David. Initially, I thought it was from a French person, genuine.

    Satire has long been my favourite, but here, it’s a case of deadly overkill : steam hammer + tin tack.

    Subtlety is usually classier, but I’d better stop right there.

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