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A policeperson even more useless than Cressida ‘Dickless’ Dick? Yes. Really.

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Britain’s Keystone Cops?

I imagine you’ve all seen our useless police’s latest gimmick – police cars painted with the LGBTQ++++ rainbow:

I believe these cars are the ‘brainchild’ of a certain high-ranking policeperson  – Deputy Chief Constable Julie Cooke of the Cheshire Police.  Deputy Chief Constable Julie apparently thinks that these cars will be a powerful weapon against supposed hate crimes like when someone uses the wrong pronoun or when a gender-fluid person is hideously upset by being misgendered.

Deputy Chief Constable Julie said: ‘Cars are there in the communities on normal policing patrol just to show the community that we want you to come forward’ and ‘It is there to try and give confidence to our LGBT+ community, but also to other under-represented groups.

As many others commentators have noted, there are no police cars specially painted for black on black knife crime, nor for pensioners being violently mugged, nor for people coming home to find their homes burgled and trashed, nor for families who lose loved ones blown to pieces, stabbed or macheted to death by our friends from our favourite religion.

Nope, the ‘crimes’ that really seem to occupy the attention of Deputy Chief Constable Julie Cooke aren’t what most of us would even consider as crimes at all.

The ‘three pillars of society’?

A few days ago, a reader commented:

When I was growing up, the three pillars of civilisation in the UK were the church, the police, and the armed forces.

Today, none of those institutions are remotely capable of performing the tasks for which they were originally set up. Indeed, none of them display the slightest interest in actually performing those tasks.

Instead, they are all united as one in the single-minded task of promoting the true religion of ‘Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion’, and endlessly promoting public hysteria about the alleged biggest issue of all time, ‘Climate Change’.

Nothing in any of their current actions, utterances, or policies has anything to do with totally irrelevant and outdated ideas such as saving souls, upholding decency, fighting crime, or defending the nation.

Our church is worse than a joke and we might as well turn all our churches into mosques. Our military will no doubt soon be wearing rainbow-coloured uniforms and may even (like our police) start painting their tanks, planes and ships in rainbow colours to show their solidarity with the gender-confused members of our society.

Moreover, there are cruel rumours that the head of our armed forces was ‘admired’ by his men for never going anywhere near the front line where his troops were being maimed and killed. I guess that’s a bit like the police’s Commander Coward who reportedly sat safely in his locked car with his driver outside Parliament while in front of him one of his officers was being knifed to death by a vibrant, multi-cultural enricher.

As for our police – if Met boss Cressida Dick and Deputy Chief Constable Julie Cooke are our future, then we’d be better off scrapping our police altogether and starting again.

Promoting the unpromotable?

The mere fact that a (IMHO) total waste of skin like Deputy Chief Constable Julie Cooke ever got promoted into a top position tells us everything we need to know about how utterly crap today’s thought-crime-obsessed police are.

Here’s the (IMHO) politically-correct, gender-sensitive, diversity-obsessed Deputy Chief Constable Julie Cooke speaking on “International Pronouns Day” (I kid you not!) in 2019 explaining the importance of her police doing everything they can to protect the supposedly horrifically persecuted LGBTQI++++ community while police bosses like her constantly bitch and moan that they don’t have the resources to crack down on what most of us would class as ‘real criminals’.

God help us:


6 comments to A policeperson even more useless than Cressida ‘Dickless’ Dick? Yes. Really.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    The Royal Navy’s current First Sea Lord, Admiral Tony Radakin, is a lawyer by trade. The successor to such hardened seadogs as Mountbatten, Jackie Fisher and Lord St Vincent, the valiant Admiral has now decided the best way that he can defend the seas around our island is to eliminate all ‘sexist’ Royal Naval terms, and replace them with appropriately Woke ‘gender-neutral’ substitutes. I’m quite sure this tactical master-stroke (am I still allowed to say ‘master-stroke’?) will strike terror into the hearts of Russian and Chinese sailors (once they’ve stopped laughing, that is).

    The RAF’s current Chief of Staff, Sir Mike Wigston, is fully onboard with ‘Extinction Rebellion’, and tweeted thus on March 16th this year – ‘’Climate change threatens our way of life and @RoyalAirForce is responding by changing what we do & how we do it. I want to be the first net-zero air force by 2040 #GreenFuelGreenSkies is critical to that’’. How reassuring to know that the successor to Air Marshals Trenchard and Dowding has his priorities in such ‘correct’ order. And I look forward with anticipation to seeing Sir Mike’s new solar-powered electric fighters and bombers.

    Another of our current military heroes, Lt Gen Richard Nugee, gallant head of the military’s ‘Climate Change and Sustainability Review’ (huh?) reveals ‘’The character of warfare is changing fast; so is the climate. Both issues are changing the way our military fight, live and train in unfamiliar ways. Linking these issues together, they both demand that we adapt to the new circumstances that we face and take transformative action now. Now firmly a Defence problem, climate change is a significant challenge.’’ General Nugee, I read, has named his pet dog ‘Greta’.

    It’s not exactly a total surprise then, given ‘Leadership’ like this, that our armed forces were just a touch less successful than they might have been in Helmand Province. And that we see the scenes that we currently do at Kabul airport.

  • Bad Brian

    I think what Mike Wigston and Ruchard Nugee ( Just call me General) need is a bloody good slap.

    I would happily challenge them to five rounds in the boxing ring, with the proviso that I get to have a pop at them all at the same time. I would soon show them where to stick theit pronouns and radicalised nval terminology. The Raf nutter is a fruit loop who should be confined to the air raid shelter.

    As for First sea lord “fairy” Radakin, I wouldn’t waste my breath. This is the man who banned calling a ship “She” and instead substitutes, “the big gray boatty thing that’s all pointy at the front”.

    When it comes to Julie ( watch my nails) Cooke she is even strutting about is a lesbianised gay police uniform wich is non regulation and giving a green light to burglars, modern day apprentices and knife attackers and footpads of every description. However, these LBGQTFU2 painted police cars have been welcomed by the public because they are so cheery and inclusive,and this must be true because she says so.

  • A Thorpe

    Donald Trump sums it up in a few words – “everything woke turns to sh*t”.

    A mass psychosis has taken over. It is more noticeable at the top as Jeffrey points out. It is impossible to have a rational discussion with most people. It is like an unshakable religious faith. There is nothing unusual about it; history shows delusions have never been far away from human civilisation. I think WWII focused minds and gave a sense of purpose. The age of electronics that followed brought new optimism, but now the obsession with technology, social media, and in the West, an easy life has brought the delusions back. It is hardly surprising when for many a mobile phone is the basis of their life, telling them what to think every minute of the day.

    Wigston and Nugee are incapable of looking at evidence which is vital in their jobs, and Jeffrey tells us what the result is. The same applies to our utterly useless government and parliament.

  • Hardcastle

    It reads like Peter Simple from the 1960’s except that was humour utterly this is scarcely believable fact.These people would be totally incapable of leading any military campaign of any significance,even if the hardware and manpower were available.These people must be held in contempt by those at the sharp end.However as we are too well aware,promotion of any kind will be dependent on adherence to such unbelievable nonsense.My father was in the RN most of his life,he was a boy sailor on HMS Bellerephon during the Battle of Jutland,served until retired in 1938,then recalled for Second WW and served throughout.How this nation and its leaders have declined in such a short time,my father who died aged 93 in 1992 would not recognise this country.I am finding it in reasinngly difficult to maintain any allegiance to this country,although I believe the majority of ordinary people of British descent are still capable of turning this around given the leadership.Or am I being hopelessly optimistic?

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Unfortunately, Hardcastle, there is no ‘leadership’ any more. The class which once provided the military, social, and spiritual direction for our once-great nation has abandoned us.

    It is more than possible that the blood/gene lines that once provided the kind of people with the backbone to make tough decisions and then back them up in person were eliminated by the casualties of two World wars.

    This nation (and the West in general) faces a future in which the far Left, and political Islam, fight an increasingly bloody war for supremacy. And where the big international financial institutions eventually discover that they’ve been riding a tiger, and that it’s too late to get off.

  • Cheer up, people. Life has to challenge itself constantly or it dies. We are now going into the biggest challenge that human life has ever had to face.

    Do the reverse of everything the decadents – the People of the Lie – are doing or getting up to and the results would bring about a stunningly competent culture with a future that would be as long as it stays that way.

    Nietzsche came to a conclusion that has all of history behind it and probably all of the future in front of it. Einstein said that the division of spacetime into past, present and future is a persistent illusion because the equations that he developed – that have passed every test thus far – allow for time travel.

    Nietzsche summed up his conclusion in two words – Amor fati – love of one’s fate. There is no free will just different strengths of will, just as there are different strengths of any other natural phenomena.

    The people who have used equality to sneak into gaining control of almost everything in the West are weak-minded and weak-willed. They have instinctively divided everything and made as much as possible nonsensical in order to weaken and take control. That is why they won’t ever take control of a strong culture, such as is still found in Russia, China, Japan, Afghanistan, etc.

    Nietzsche wrote: “I assess the power of a will by how much resistance, pain, torture it endures and knows how to turn to its advantage.”

    Amor Fati: The Formula for Human Greatness –

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