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Which EU country has the most gun-crime murders?

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(I won’t mention my latest book – THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS – in today’s blog)

Once the EU’s most peaceful country?

If I were to ask you which EU country has long been seen as the most peaceful, most laid-back and most crime-free, a lot of you might suggest Sweden:

Having worked in Sweden for several years (and as someone who speaks Swedish), I would have agreed with you.

OK, Sweden was dull. Nothing ever happened there. And the Swedes were incomparably boring. But their country was beautiful and peaceful:

But that was then and this is now. And ‘then’ and ‘now’ are very very different.

Now the EU’s most dangerous country?

I was more than surprised to find this article in the lefty Guardian admitting that in terms of gun-crime murders, Sweden was the second most dangerous country in Europe:

Sweden is the only European country where fatal shootings have risen significantly since 2000, leaping from one of the lowest rates of gun violence on the continent to one of the highest in less than a decade, a report has found.

The report, by the Swedish national council for crime prevention (BRA), said the Scandinavian country had overtaken Italy and eastern European countries primarily because of the violent activities of organised criminal gangs.

“The rate in Sweden ranks very high in relation to other European countries, at approximately four deaths per million inhabitants per year. The average for Europe is approximately 1.6 deaths per million inhabitants,” it said.

Of 22 European countries analysed in the report, data from 2014-2017 put the country in second place, behind Croatia and ahead of Latvia. In 2018 it topped the ranking, although data from some countries was not complete that year.

Last year the country of 10.3 million people recorded more than 360 incidents involving guns, including 47 deaths and 117 people injured. “The increase in gun violence in Sweden is unique in comparison with most other countries in Europe,” Håkan Jarborg, a police chief in southern Sweden, told the TT news agency.

Between 2000 and 2003, Sweden was 18th out of the 22 countries for deadly shootings per capita. But after a long period of decline, deadly shootings began to increase in the mid-2000s and have continued to do so, the report found, whereas in most other countries in Europe lethal violence has declined.

Sweden has also become European leader in lots of other forms of violence and mayhem:

And, of course, rape:

Don’t mention Third-world immigration

So, have ordinary, boring Swedes recently become violent, murderous animals? Or has something else changed in once peaceful, dull Sweden?

Here’s a chart, again from the Guardian. It shows the rise of the number of multi-cultural enrichers who have decided to move to Sweden:

And here’s chart showing the rise in violent crime:

(the red line is Sweden, the blue line is the USA)

I wonder if there could be any link between the stupid Swedish libtards welcoming ever more Third-World enrichers and the frightening rise in violent crime and social disorder?

No. It’s not possible.

After all, we’re always being told that ‘diversity is our strength”

4 comments to Which EU country has the most gun-crime murders?

  • Bad Brian

    They have brought the whole thing down upon themselves.

    But while the Swedes try to portray themselves as a nice, laid back, peaceful people the reality can be very different.

    If you stand out from the crowd and critisise the government’s domestic policies, you might just see a different Sweden emerge.

    Criticism of their immigration policies can result in your history and address appearing in newspapers and live broadcasts of you being doorstepped by woke journalists who greet you with a question such as “Why are you such a racist?”

    The police have a list of people they are instructed NOT to help leaving you vulnerable to your new neighbours and the list grows daily.

    Any Police chief who speaks out is sacked.

    The government have consistently refused to publish crime statistics, descriptions of wanted criminals and done everything not to point the finger at the gimmiegrant population.

    Swedish culture is trashed and the population told it is irrelevant by the media and in their parliament by “wimmin”
    MPs who tell rape victims they were asking for it by wearing a skirt and that they should adapt to and respect their new population’s centuries old culture.

    These are the same Swedes who supplied Hitler’s Germany with raw materials and finished goods through WW2 and even at government level, had a policy of returning Jews who had fled there, back to German authorities.

    Unless the Swedes themselves actually rebel, the country is lost. It serves them right and at least in the UK we can take this as a warning.

    You know something is wrong when a local newspaper publishes a headline which reads, “Locals increasingly concerned about rise in grenade attacks”. No shit Sherlock !

  • William Boreham

  • A Thorpe

    I’m not convinced about Sweden. It had a eugenics programme with forced sterilisation of those thought to be inferior. It is said this is where Hitler got his ideas from. Let’s also not forget that Arrhenius was one of the first to promote the idea of global warming and he is the great-grandfather of Greta Thunberg.

  • Sweden, the land of the fearsome Vikings, is now run by female and male feminists.

    Unfortunately, I have a feeling that our government is following the Swedish model. Boris Johnson recently told world leaders he wants to build back from the Covid crisis in “a more gender-neutral and perhaps more feminine way” in his opening speech at the G7 summit.

    First comes a form of Christianity the priests of which despise the body and sex. This results in the religious and superstitious of both sexes choosing undersexed people as spouses. Over centuries males and females become less male and less female.

    Next comes sexual equality and feminism, creating the driven physiological decadents, who take over by shaming the more natural people into compliance and open the doors for the decadent “values that pass judgement” (Nietzsche’s term for political correctness), on every aspect of life, further crippling the culture.

    Then along come the lies and policies that finish the culture off – climate change, unnecessary wars designed to drive migration, strength in diversity, treating victims as criminals and criminals as victims, media censorship and propaganda, cancel culture, phantom pandemics and vaccines that have other aims in mind than being vaccinations (Covid-19 at the moment but there will no doubt be others), etc.

    The question is how and when will the pendulum start swinging in the opposite direction. Obviously when it reaches its godforsaken nadir. Speculating on how that nadir will arrive takes an intrepid soul.

    Wikipedia – Sweden – Culture –

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