March 2023
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“He’s not transgender – he has a dick, he has a penis and testicles!”

Wednesday/Thursday blog

The rise and rise and rise of China

Every day, China gets stronger. China is building up its military:

China is concreting over coral atolls in the South China Sea turning them into military bases:

China is pouring money into the offshore bank accounts of corrupt Third-world kleptocrats while pushing their countries into debt slavery with its Belt and Road Initiative to control the world’s economy:

And China continues its policy of “Unrestricted Warfare” against the West – to fight the West by every means possible – cyber warfare, intellectual property theft, propaganda, buying Western companies and biological warfare – while avoiding direct military confrontation:

Just this week, in the midst of a worldwide microchip shortage, the useless Tories allowed the Chinese Communist Party to buy one of the UK’s leading microchip manufacturers.

Meanwhile the West destroys itself

But here in the West, we’ve got much more important things to concern us.

Boris to save humanity?

The Number 1 issue for our rulers in the West isn’t the rise and rise and rise of the increasingly aggressive, corrupt and totalitarian new Chinese empire. For our great and wise leaders, the Number 1 issue is, of course, the supposed extinction of the human race due to supposed ‘climate change’.

The 2% to 3% of my readers who have managed to find £7.99 to buy a copy of my latest book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS, will know that the Earth has only warmed by a possible 0.6C to 0.8C in 140 years due to the Earth being in the middle of an interglacial which has everything to do with Milankovitch Cycles and nothing to do with human activities increasing the amount of CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere from just 3 molecules in every 10,000 to just 4 molecules in every 10,000 since about 1880.

In order to supposedly ‘fight climate change’, our bumbling accidental PM, Boris ‘Prince Nut Nut’ Johnson will grandstand at a massive climate conference in Glasgow in November at which he will make grandiose promises to reduce the UK’s CO2 emissions which will wreck UK companies, destroy hundreds of thousands of jobs and impose huge costs on UK households

The rise and rise and rise of ‘chicks with dicks’

Possibly the second biggest issue for us in the West is ensuring the human rights of men pretending to be women – ‘chicks with dicks’. Just in the last few days there was delight at the BBC and the Guardian when a wise High Court judge ruled that prisoners who were born male but identify as female, regardless of whether they have gone through any physical transformation or have obtained a gender recognition certificate, could demand to serve their sentences in women’s prisons.

This ruling even includes men who have been imprisoned for sexual offences against women.

Meanwhile, in the USA, a ‘chick with a dick’ won the Miss Nevada beauty queen contest and will now go on to compete to become Miss America.

Again, more delight at the UK’s Guardian supposed newspaper:

Also in the USA, there was a ludicrous situation at a spa in California when a ‘chick with a dick’ decided that he/she/it would use the women’s steam room allowing him/her/it the pleasure of being able to wave his/her/its dick around in the faces of women and young, pre-pubescent girls.

This resulted in a riot where lefty feminists demanding safe spaces for women had a massive punch up with lefty antifa fascists demanding ‘chicks with dicks’ could identify as whatever gender they chose:

How the Chinese must be laughing as the West destroys itself with its obsession with non-existent but supposedly catastrophic climate change and increasingly absurd woke culture wars:

Here’s a short video of a woman spa user complaining about a ‘chick with a dick’ using the women’s steam room. But there’s nothing the staff can do as laws in ultra-woke California protect the rights of any (IMHO) pervert or (IMHO) mentally-impaired freak to identify as any gender they choose:

4 comments to “He’s not transgender – he has a dick, he has a penis and testicles!”

  • Loppoman

    Yes, the western world is in trouble.
    It will wake up one day but it may be too late.
    Meanwhile, I think we’re heading for some kind of conflict.

  • A Thorpe

    China is on the rise because the west is not controlled by our elected politicians, it is controlled by the global elite who are only interested in profit. Manufacturing went to China because it was cheap, there were no troublesome unions to deal, human rights could be ignored and the CCP welcomed it all. Who will win, the CCP or the global elite? Considering the global elite are behind destroying the west with their backing of global warming, my money is on the CCP.

    Jabber Johnson is just one of the many lunatics in charge of western governments. How difficult can it be for them, and even Greta and Attenborough, to look through the many predictions of vanishing ice and islands disappearing under the sea, to work out that not one has been correct? When Al Gore received his Nobel Prize in 2007 he forecast no more ice in the Arctic by 2014.

    I read this morning that the Methodist Church has endorsed same-sex marriage. I have no objection to same-sex relationships but I do object to calling it marriage which I think devalues family life, but my strongest objection is to two men using surrogates to have children. How long before the Pope endorses this and then it will won’t be long before the church throws out human biology. I’m a life long atheist but I have recently come to the conclusion that religion and the belief in a higher authority has helped prevent the nonsense of today, but even the church has stopped believing in God.

    As Einstein said stupidity, fear and greed are the forces that control us, and of course these forces work together to prevent us doing anything about the issues raised in this blog.

  • Brenda Blessed

    The woman in the video standing up for her women’s rights looks oriental. The white man who insists that the offender is a transgender man, looks as if he wouldn’t notice if his dick went missing unless he was unable to urinate.

    Soon, while the Australians screw themselves up by putting almost everything into fighting the phantom virus and climate change, the Chinese will decide to help themselves to Australia for living space, just as Hitler decided to help himself to Russia for that reason, but without the power to pull it off, which the Chinese will have. If you are young, I wouldn’t emigrate there because it will be much like Tibet under Chinese rule.

    The BBC has been filling itself up with liberal decadents that have inverted, destructive, nihilistic instincts for decades. As for the Guardian, the BBC staff’s paper of choice, apparently it wouldn’t exist without financial support from Bill Gates.

    Wokeness is obviously going to be literally the very devil to defeat. If Nietzsche was right, everything will have to collapse on it before it is overcome by the strongest of the survivors. That state of affairs is looking more and more likely with every day that passes.

  • david brown

    Lots of youtube videos on how China is “investing ” in African countries. Maybe someone could put a guide together of all the African nations which have Chinese “investment” that is stuff built on credit by China. It would be the majority of African countries with natural assets such as strategic minerals. The African Union headquarters was built by China, and subject to its espionage.

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