November 2023
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Australia quickly learns what a Joe ‘China’ Biden presidency means

(Monday blog)

China stomps on Australia

Well, that didn’t take long. As soon as the corrupt, lying, disease-spreading Chinese were confident that their stooge, Joe ‘China’ Biden, would soon be in the White House, they launched an all-out trade war against Australia.

Australia has infuriated the corrupt, lying, disease-spreading Chinese by demanding an international investigation into the origins of Xi Pingpong’s plague and why Xi and his Chinese Communist Parry chums allowed the plague to spread around the world through international flights while stopping all flights within China.

Australia’s demand rather upset the corrupt, lying, disease-spreading Chinese. And they did take some action against Australia by banning some beef imports:

and putting prohibitive import duties of 80% on Australian barley:

But while Trump was president, the corrupt, lying, disease-spreading Chinese had to be careful not to go too far in trying intimidate Australia in case Trump took action against Chinese imports to the USA. But now that China’s stooge, Joe ‘Beijing’ Biden is heading for the White House, the corrupt, lying, disease-spreading Chinese know they can act against Australia with impunity. After all, the corrupt, lying, disease-spreading Chinese gave over $1bn to the Biden family through Joe Biden’s drug-addict son Hunter. And now it’s payback time – the corrupt, lying, disease-spreading Chinese want something for their money.

Starting Friday Australian media reported the following commodities will be subject to ‘increased inspections’ upon reaching port in China:

  • copper ore
  • barley
  • sugar
  • timber
  • lobster
  • coal
  • wine

For example over a week ago Australian media documented at least one instance of tons of premium shellfish apparently left on a Chinese airport tarmac to spoil.

And in another more recent example a Beijing-based wine importer and distributor told Reuters his customs agent in Shanghai was called to a meeting last week and warned that Australian wine would no longer be processed by customs after Nov. 6.

The Chinese market is important to Australia. Over $100bn – about a third of all Australia’s exports – go to China:

Moreover, Beijing recently began discouraging tourists and students from visiting Australia, also as China detained some high profile Australian media figures working in the country.

Prior to the pandemic, Chinese travelers made up by far the largest source of tourism for Australia, according to one industry report accounting for $12.4 billion of the $45.4 billion tourism brought into to the country each year.

China’s message to the world is clear – upset us and we’ll ruin you!

Appeasement always leads to war

But Chinese trade-war aggression against Australia is nothing compared to what’s coming. We should have learnt from history that when you try to work with (I believe the fashionable expression is “engage with”) evil or hate-filled dictatorships, they just see weakness. They then feel they can do what they want without fear of any reprisals. So we can expect more Chinese expansionist aggression against Hong Kong, India and Taiwan and more Chinese military bases to be built in the South China Sea:

Moreover, once Joe ‘Beijing’ Biden and Harris start grovelling to (sorry, I meant “engage with“) Iran and the Palestinians, they will feel emboldened to act against Israel. And Israel will feel it necessary to defend itself by getting in its retaliation first.

Biden will be the new Chamberlain – and we’ll learn (yet again and again and again) that appeasement of dictatorships and evil may seem to buy peace for a while as they weapon up, but will eventually always lead to war.

2 comments to Australia quickly learns what a Joe ‘China’ Biden presidency means

  • A Thorpe

    It seems that the human asylum is either controlled by dictators or by the inmates. Trade wars are just as damaging as military action. Australia is damaging its own economy by following the west’s obsession with zero carbon energy policies to save the planet. China is sensibly ignoring the western nonsense. Australia has an abundance of coal which is being kept in the ground instead of using clean technology to burn it and provide cheap, reliable energy.

    Trump started his own trade war with China to bring back jobs to the USA, which he was elected to do. However, it has been at a huge financial cost. He allowed fracking which made America energy self sufficient, which is a considerable advantage to any country. Biden will reverse both of these policies.

    California suffers from power cuts because of its adoption of renewable energy, some Australian states have the same problem, and recently National Grid has issued several warning in the UK. Boris is determined to take us down the same road to economic destruction with his energy and Covid policies.

    Biden is a Chinese lapdog and a cartoon I saw recently had him taking the knee, wearing a mask and a collar a lead, with Pingpong standing proudly next to him holding the lead.

    The west is tearing itself apart because of the historical slave trade, but it is modern political slavery that we should be concerned about.

  • Let’s just call Joe Biden Lance Armstrong from now on, shall we?. He won’t notice the difference.

    The great have gone and the very small and crooked have come. But I have a feeling that the pendulum will start swinging the other way sometime soon.

    Incidentally, I have shipped some Viagra to Joe so that he keeps his lovely wife happy. I addressed it to Big Joe, The Shite House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington NW, USA. I even put my return address on the envelope to save them time if they want to put in an extradition order for my arrest with the British. I have always wanted to be famous.

    I see that affirmative-actioned, Kamala Harris, wasted no time telling girls that they too can reach the top in politics just as she herself and Hillary Clinton and Big Michael did.

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