June 2024

‘Scientists’ and ‘experts’ want total control over us

(Tuesday blog)

First we had lockdown 1 based on utterly discredited exaggerated projections of 500,000 deaths from Professor Penis, the Bonking Boffin from the utterly discredited Imperial College. Then came another (possibly unnecessary) lockdown based on fraudulently fiddled figures from supposed ‘scientists’ and ‘experts’ relishing having some power for the first time in their pathetic lives.

However, now there seems to be a ray of light – an effective vaccine against Xi’s Kung Flu which China deliberately allowed to spread around the world to cripple Western economies. So, people are beginning to think that by mid-2021 life will gradually return to normal for all those who have a government-mandated certificate proving they have been vaccinated against the Wu-Flu.

Anyone who believes that is sadly deluded. The ‘scientists’ and ‘experts’ and bureaucrats and politicians have now seen how easy it is to manipulate the ignorant lumpenproletariat using fake data and imagined threats to our lives. But as George Orwell so prophetically warned:

Return of the great climate scam?

The ‘scientists’ and ‘experts’ and bureaucrats and politicians now have a taste for their almost unlimited power over us. They’ve seen how easily they can use fake data, imagined threats and a compliant media to control us. They’re not going to give that up. So, as soon as the Chinese plague pandemic is over, we can expect the ‘scientists’ and ‘experts’ and bureaucrats and politicians to come up with their next scam to crush us into obedient submission. And that scam, of course, will be bringing back the supposed threat of Global Warming or Climate Change or Climate Crisis or Climate Extinction or whatever it’s called this week.

In fact, the ‘scientists’ and ‘experts’ and bureaucrats and politicians are already gearing up to scare us witless.

A group calling itself the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change (UKHACC) has urged the UK government to impose a climate tax on food producers by 2025 – unless private industry takes voluntary measures to limit their carbon emissions.

In the report published on Nov. 4, titled “All-Consuming: Building A Healthier Food System For People And Planet,” UKHACC outlines that the supposed ‘Climate Crisis’ cannot be resolved without reducing food that causes high emissions, such as red meat and dairy products. “In particular, red meat consumption will need to be cut by half if the food system is to stay within sustainable environmental limits,” UKHACC wrote in the report:

Adding that, “changing our diets in this way will not only help to mitigate climate change but will also improve our health: there is also clear evidence that is replacing animal protein with plant-based protein results in lower rates of stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and overall death rates.”

UKHACC claims to represent doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals from ten Royal Colleges of medicine and nursing, the British Medical Association and The Lancet. The report makes several recommendations besides levies on food, such as ending buy-one-get-one-free offers for supermarket products that are deemed by the ‘scientists’ and ‘experts’ – people like the Bonking Boffin and two well-known figure-fiddlers who I can’t name for legal reasons – ‘harmful to the environment’:

UKHACC said a future tax on meat and dairy products could easily work. They point to changing consumer behaviors that have been observed around a “Sugar Tax” to limit the consumption of junk foods.

Figures have it that food production is responsible for at least a quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. What appears to become is that, in the name of climate change, a war on the food system will be waged and the foods we eat that are deemed too dangerous for the climate will either be taxed or banned completely.

We can’t reach our goals without addressing our food system,” said Kristin Bash, who led the Faculty of Public Health’s food group and was a co-author of the UKHACC report, who was quoted of course by the useless recidivist lefty liars at The Guardian.

Bash also repeated the warning of imminent catastrophe that we’ve been fed for over twenty years, “the climate crisis isn’t something we should see as far in the future. It’s time to take these issues seriously now. 

The new world order?

The coronavirus appears to be ushering in a new world order – a world where ”scientists’ and ‘experts’ and bureaucrats and politicians rule every aspect of our lives – what cars we drive, how we heat our homes, what we have in our supermarket trolleys, what we’re allowed to eat and even what we can say in public and in our own homes. Perhaps we’ll soon have rationing of food, fuel and supposed non-essential goods in order to supposedly ‘save the planet’?

As Orwell predicted in his book “1984”, technology will be used to ensure our obedience. As for our useless politicised police, they have always complained they don’t have the resources to deal with ‘inconveniences’ like burglaries and muggings but manage to send 10 to 15 dim-witted plods to any gym or pub suspected of ‘breaking the rules’:

But we can be sure that they’ll continue to ignore real crime while magically managing to find the resources to ruthlessly enforce the new rules imposed on us by the ‘scientists’ and ‘experts’ and bureaucrats and politicians.

5 comments to ‘Scientists’ and ‘experts’ want total control over us

  • A Thorpe

    It is hardly surprising that UKHACC is formed from most of the established health organisations. The socialist NHS is now turning from health care to political control and the first demonstration of this is forced testing in Liverpool, controlled by the army. Boris meekly falls into line. Next will be a forced vaccination that has not gone through the normal extensive approval procedures, which generally take years.

    Who was recently promoting a completely vegetarian diet in his latest Netflix documentary? None other than our national treasure, the now completely insane David Attenborough. He believes the world can be saved if we return to living with nature, stop eating meat, stop using fossil fuels and very soon the entire world will eliminate poverty.

    To add to our problems, Biden has promoted Satan himself, Michael Mann, to advise him on climate change. Soon climate denial will be a criminal offence and we will be shipped off to new Gulags, spending our days turning wheels to generate electricity.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    This today –

    ”A report published by the British Academy and the Royal Society found that, due to circulating misinformation and behavioral factors, around 36 percent of people in the UK are now uncertain about being vaccinated or are very unlikely to get vaccinated against coronavirus.”

    ”The research called on governments to create a “serious, well-funded, and community-based public-engagement strategy” to counter misinformation and hold media companies accountable for spreading harmful information, and to fill in “real knowledge voids” by educating the public on how to spot falsehoods.”

    ”Professor Melinda Mills, the lead author of the report, suggests first providing the vaccine to priority groups, such as healthcare workers, teachers, and retail workers, and then vulnerable groups in crowded situations, including homeless people and individuals in prison.”

    Ms Mills is a Professor of Sociology, incidentally.

    Well, if the government chooses to use these people as guinea pigs for their vaccine fair enough; the rest of us can sit back and enjoy the show.

    Meanwhile, Whitty and Valance last week finally admitted, in front of MP’s, that they have no input with the Government as far as assessing the economic consequences of Lockdown is concerned. The same should be admitted by the ‘Climate Change’ scientists. Who also rely on the public purse, and thus thriving economies, for their paycheques.

    Here in the Western world, we seem to have somehow arrived back in the 18th century, a time when the professional and social prestige of any scientist/mathematician was based on his utter devotion to theoretical science and maths, and when mere practical science (and practical medical treatment) derived from observation and experience was despised and regarded as quackery. The job of the scientist in the 18th century was regarded as being to correct the vulgar mistakes of those whose practical experience led them to, theoretically, fall into error. Such as practical engineers, shipwrights, surgeons etc who only had hundreds of years of day-to-day experience behind them.

    Here you have the driving force behind the ‘Climate Change’ scam, based solely on computer modelling rather than on actual experience on the ground, explained in a nutshell.

  • Brenda Blessed

    On the individual level, everyone must cultivate honour truth and courage and these people must organise themselves into a powerful counter group that will always be far more powerful than the groups led by lying, cheating, falsifying, deceiving, malignantly-narcissistic psychopaths, who embody hell and bring it about on earth wherever they are allowed to, usually by decadent societies, such as exist now in the West.

    Malignant Narcissism: Excerpts From M. Scott Peck’s “People Of The Lie” (1983) –

    As Jordan Peterson says in the following video, there are always far more people who are sensible than there are the mentally-weak control-freak hell-raisers. But he doesn’t suggest that the like-minded sensible people should organise themselves into a powerful counter movement.

    Jordan Peterson – What can you do about Censorship and Tyranny? (2017) –

  • Hardcastle

    An awful lot of people will just roll over and take the vaccine,”so they can get back to normal”,except they are clueless about what the “new normal” entails.There is an awful lot of control and pain down the line and it is nothing like life was not so long ago.Cashless banking,currency restrictions,travel restrictions.Inflation,already happening if you look,noticed the prices of holidays advertised in 2021 and 2022?.Universal income,with strings attached naturally.It is all out there,they have been boasting about it for some time,they are that confident.No coincidence that this wonder vaccine appears days after the US election.Brexit next on their agenda,they could not let it happen could they? This is not a conspiracy,it is a plan that has been unfolding for years and people still believe everything they are told by politicians and the controlled media.The so called “green agenda” is all part of the marxists,communist takeover.They are almost there now they have “fixed” Trump.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Well, the company that’s rolling out its vaccine here first, Pfizer, not only has an extremely dodgy record as regards vaccine safety.

    It also has a record of bribing government ministers in at least eight different countries, according to the US securities and Exchange Commission.

    The United States a Banana Republic? We’re well on the way to becoming the world’s first Banana Monarchy.

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