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It’s not ‘Conspiracy’, it’s just ‘Contempt’

(Friday/weekend blog)

As the mainstream media delight in Trump losing to Biden, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised at the US election result. For more than four years virtually all the mainstream media has attacked, belittled and ridiculed Trump. For four years the mainstream media has tried to overturn the 2016 election result by promoting the ‘Russian collusion’ fraud with absolutely no evidence. For four years all the large social media companies have promoted the views of anyone spewing out their hatred of Trump while censoring anyone who dared support Trump.

Given such a barrage of anger, mockery and lies from the Establishment – the Swamp – it’s amazing that Trump has achieved as much as he did and has won about 49% of the votes in this election. And now that Trump is challenging some of the vote-counting, he is being ridiculed and accused of having “no evidence” of voting fraud by the very same mainstream media who spent four years accusing Trump of being a Russian stooge in order to overturn the 2016 election results despite the mainstream media having no evidence at all.

It’s no conspiracy – it’s just contempt

Many people claim there’s a ‘conspiracy’ by the supposedly ‘liberal’ globalists to impose some ‘new world order’ on us by using issues like supposed ‘climate change’ and the Chinese plague to terrify us into obedience. In this blog, I’d like to suggest an alternative explanation of what’s happening – that what we’re witnessing is not a ‘conspiracy’ it’s just ‘contempt’.

The Anywheres and the Somewheres

In a 2017 book THE ROAD TO SOMEWHERE written by someone with (if I remember correctly) lots of academic qualifications in some -ology or other, the author suggests that we have split into two tribes – the Anywheres and the Somewheres.

The Anywheres (roughly 20% to 25% of the population) and the Somewheres (about half), with the rest in between.

The Anywheres are those who see the world from anywhere are. They probably did well at school and moved to a residential university, and then into a professional career. They define themselves in terms of what they have achieved for themselves rather than from the communities they came from. They are usually liberal, progressive, globalist and trust such transnational institutions as the EU, the World Health Organisation, the United Nations etc even preferring them to their national governments.

The Anywheres are the ones who dominate our culture, media, politics, educational institutes and society.

The Somewheres are those more rooted in geographical identity – like the housewife that Gordon Brown famously called “that bigoted woman”. The Somewheres may find the rapid changes of the modern world unsettling. They are likely to be older and less well-educated. They have lost out economically with the decline of well-paid jobs for people with technical qualifications or without qualifications and culturally, too, with the disappearance of a distinct working-class culture, the swamping and destruction of their communities due to mass immigration and the marginalisation of their views in the public conversation.

The Anywheres will often see mass immigration as a benefit for providing cheap labour for the healthcare and service industries. In fact, the Anywheres may see mass immigration as a convenient means of punishing the supposedly backward, bigoted Somewhere communities. The Anywheres usually won’t have to compete for jobs with migrants, won’t see their earnings put under downward pressure by migrants and will live in areas with few if any migrants.

The Anywheres are often ashamed of their country’s history. The Somewheres are often patriotic and proud of their country.

Contempt and revulsion?

The Anywheres feel contempt for the Somewheres. They are repulsed by them and view them as uneducated, ignorant, bigoted, racist and backward. Hence Hillary Clinton referring to the Somewheres as “deplorables” who were “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic”.

The Anywheres despise the Somewheres. The Anywheres feel they are intellectually, morally and economically superior to the ignorant, backwards Somewheres.

The Anywheres’ rejection of democratic results

The Anywheres control all the levers of power – the media, education, politics and government. The Anywheres seem to believe that they have no need to accept democratic results like Brexit or the 2016 Trump election victory or the anti-immigration policies of Orban in Hungary or Salvini in Italy.

The Anywheres see these as mistakes made by the ignorant Somewheres. And therefore the minority Anywheres feel they have a moral right to overturn these supposed ‘mistakes’ made by the Somewheres majority. The Anywheres will use any means at their disposal – the courts, the media, censorship, threats of loss of livelihood and so on – to correct what they see as ‘mistakes’.

So I suggest that what we’re seeing in Western democracies is not some New World Order conspiracy. It’s actually just democracy being trashed by an arrogant ruling minority elite of Anywheres who believe that their world view is the only acceptable one and therefore they have a moral right to censor, control and obstruct any opinions, ideas and policies favoured by the supposedly ignorant, bigoted, racist Somewheres.

Here’s a very brief video in which the author of THE ROAD TO SOMEWHERE explains his concept of Anywheres and Somewheres:


10 comments to It’s not ‘Conspiracy’, it’s just ‘Contempt’

  • Hardcastle

    It is certainly contempt,because they have such control over the levers of power they can quite openly cheat in elections in the full knowledge that no irregularities will be found and if they are ,no significant action will be taken.Postal voting is the biggest invitation to voting fraud in existence and it will be rapidly enhanced by some form of electronic voting which is even more open to fraud.It has been here in the UK for some time but the bought Electoral Commission has done nothing,surprise surprise.Personal voting,with ID with ink,in a booth is the most democratic form of voting and even that is not foolproof.Honesty and integrity is a rather old fashioned concept in this world of bent money and greed.I am a bit of anywhere but it does not prevent me being a staunch patriot and a somewhere also.Unfortunately they are deliberately destroying the somewhere so it is increasingly difficult to identify it anymore,particularly in our urban areas.Will it be resistance and civil strife or will the masses go quietly to their slavery? Most are already there,they just do not realise it yet.

  • twi5ted

    This is just another way of dividing the group:

    Cavalier / roundhead
    Anglo saxon / celt
    Catholic / Protestant
    Democrat / communist

    Problem with the liberals is their ideas are based on rubbish and go against reality. They are based on lies and take climate change as an example – endlessly debunked but still they cling to it.

    Hence resorting to cheating as the only way they can impose their ideas is via a totalitarian state. Reminds me of another popular religion that likes to make its believers think they are better than others.

  • A Thorpe

    People cannot be put into categories because it quickly breaks down. I would be an Anywhere by the first part of the definition but the rest of it does not describe me, and I do not fit the definition of a Somewhere. My father was a Yorkshire miner, like his father, and he was determined that I would never work in the mines. Neither of my parents had a good education but they saw the better life that a grammar school education was giving to some of their contemporaries. University wasn’t even considered as an option but I did eventually go. The point of this is that the working classes, especially in unattractive jobs, have always wanted better for their children and this became possible, certainly after the war. This has always been true. People have always moved from country to town because they believe there are more opportunities and it is still happening. Automation has further reduced the number of working class jobs. Our knowledge can work against us and I believe this is happening more and more as our knowledge expands and gets more complex. Education has not kept up with understanding our advances and has gone in the wrong direction.

    In my view this attitude results in the view that working class jobs are inferior and do not justify high salaries and also that higher education makes people superior and worth more. The reality is that the opposite is true. Lockdown has shown us which jobs are essential and it is undesirable refuse collection, and if we go back 100 years it would have been coal mining which was our main energy supply. Now we have the ridiculous situation where nonessential workers are being paid to do nothing. Automation has also produced a throwaway consumer society and all the self employed people doing repair work have gone. The educated would not want these jobs and the working classes have effectively contributed to their jobs disappearing by not fighting for them.

    It is socialism, which the working classes supported through the Labour Party, that has resulted in the working class or manufacturing jobs disappearing, because the Labour Party more than others has encouraged state dependency. The unions which were supposed to improve the lot of the working classes perhaps rightly demanded and got improved wages and working conditions but they made manufacturing uncompetitive because they did nit understand we manufacture for trade. The vehicle which has enabled socialism to spread is democracy coupled with political parties.

    It isn’t Anywheres and Somewheres, it is the political classes versus the rest of us. They all claim they want to serve us, but they are serving themselves. Contempt is the right word. The suffragettes got it wrong. It wasn’t the vote they wanted because it does not give us control over politicians, it is freedom from the state that we all want. I have seen it said that the state should be so small that it should not matter who we vote for. We also need competitive trade but our governments have done everything possible to ensure that they control trade and hence have more control over us. They collaborate with business to ensure competition is limited. Business does not like competition so we have the farce of regulations to protect us, but they destroy small businesses and the competition we need. It also allows governments to determine who gets the high salaries. With competitive trade and small government we would determine the value of goods and services and we would soon work out that working class jobs were more important than bankers and politicians. That would be true equality, determined by us, not forced inequality and oppression, which governments use to keep us voting for the better life they promise but never deliver. They cannot do that because they would be out of a job. It is apparent now that state dependency is destroying our ability to think rationally and reject the nonsense that is imposed on us. As we occasionally see on TV some of the elderly, less well educated are the only ones with any common sense.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    I would very much dispute that the ‘Somewheres’ are less well-educated. It requires a knowledge of the national, social and literary history of where you are in order to feel attachment to somewhere. Otherwise what is there to feel attached to?

    The extremely limited vocabularies of the majority of the young, compared to when I was a youngster, proves how ill-educated they are now. Well indoctrinated, but little actually educated. Most of them nowadays appear to have never read a book in their lives.

    But as for Donald Trump, I have been saying for the last year that he would never be permitted to win again. The Left underestimated both him and the voters last time – they were certainly not going to make the same mistake again. Even if he had, by some oversight on the part of the Democrat postal vote team, managed to get a majority, Pelosi had already indicated that she intended to get Trump declared mentally unfit for office and have him removed.

    In the view of the Liberal elite, mere democracy is no longer fit for purpose as far as getting the kind of society they insist on is concerned. That’s why the new Scottish and English ‘Hate Crime’ laws are to be extended to include the insides of our own homes. We are not to be allowed any opinions except the ones we are fed by the LibLabCon Uniparty government and the media.

  • As I see it, there are only the noble and the ignoble and the people between those two poles – the scum of the earth and the salt of the earth.

    The Anywheres in power are now mostly the ignoble, career politicians who lie, steal, cheat, deceive and are prepared to destroy their own culture in order to gain and keep that power.

    The great deceptions that we are seeing now in the USA and Europe, including the UK, are taking place because the ignoble are losing power as their projects aimed at creating a one-world government are looking disintegration in the face.

    Look at all of the Covid hotspots on They are all in Europe and the USA. The two areas of the world most threatened by anti-establishment populism.

    Apparently, according to an article in the Daily Mail, 17 million mink are to be culled in Denmark because a new perhaps more powerful strain of Covid has been detected in them. No doubt there is something rotten in the state of Denmark. The truth is probably something like the market for mink skins has collapsed due to Covid.

    Moreover, bear it in mind that the government is seeking to test all of the people in Liverpool regardless of whether they are symptomatic or not. This is probably a trial run for when the vaccines – there are several of them under development – are released with the intention of making them mandatory.

  • Roy Jordan

    Somewhere’s and Anywhere’s, never thought of it like that. I’m white working class, always voted Labour until the Blair years so I’m definitely a Somewhere. One of the problems as I see it is some of the people I know are also ‘Somewhers’ but they think they are ‘anywheres’, but are too thick to realise it. Until we have an old time Labour Party that really cares about their core base again it will get worse.

  • William Boreham

    An email I got from Australia of all places:

    William, I guess you may have heard about the 3 vehicles which pulled into the Detroit counting centre in the middle of the night – we saw it on TV yesterday morning on TV. NOT the ABC or general channels.

    Then there’s this short video, one of many, from Delaware county Pennsylvania, of a woman filling in blank ballot papers. The actual camera number (7) is noted, so it sounds legit.

    There are so many examples of cheating that at least some of them must be true!!

    We’ve also heard how Biden failed his Law exam, was caught cheating in other exams, his plagiarism of other presidents speeches, and other items which show large flaws in his character.
    47 years in their parliament and he has nothing significant to show for it, and 4 attempts at gaining the top job. Doesn’t sound like a ‘great politician’ to me.

  • Brenda Blessed

    A simplistic interpretation of the madness currently taking place. It is way too crazy to have such a simplistic background.

    The globalists want a 95% reduction of the human population according to one of their main players, Bill Gates. Of course they will want to be part of the surviving 5%.

    Covid-19 looks like a means of delivering nanotechnology vaccines that will allow populations and parts of populations to be modified or sterilised in much the same way as genetically-modified seeds are.

    There is a natural phenomenon in some bacteria called CRISPR that allows the bacteria to cut out pathological DNA from their cells and replace it with good DNA. Since 1987, scientists have been developing it into a nanotechnology tool that is able to edit genes to modify them as they please. Two female chemists were awarded the Nobel prize for chemistry this year for their part in developing the CRISPR phenomenon into a usable gene-editing tool.

    In short, the vaccines for Covid could contain the means to render populations genetically sterile in the same way as GM crop seeds are by Monsanto.

    CRISPR –

  • Brenda Blessed

    That explanation of what is happening is far too simplistic.

    The Anywheres are the people who can afford to move anywhere and the Somewheres are the people who are pretty much stuck where they are. They are the many and will not be going anywhere other than going on holiday or ever become Anywheres.

    There has to be a huge payload for the super-rich Anywhere’s destruction of the world’s economy.

    Look up CRISPR, the gene-editing tool that has been developed from the gene-editing ability of bacteria to remove pathological DNA and replace it with good DNA that could be deployed in vaccines and then use a bit of nous.

    The few are not going to threaten the very existence of the many in the West with Covid-19 unless they have an escape strategy that is reliable.

    Covid-19 has hardly affected the huge populations of the Asian countries living cheek-to-jowl in places like India.

    In Africa, the populations are increasing at such a rate that the average age is in the teens, which could be argued is why Covid-19 has not torn through poverty-stricken Africa.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    So Trump is history. Well, he knew what was coming, but he forgot the oldest rule in the book – do unto others as they would do unto you, but do it first and hardest. So he lost.

    The great Globalist political and economic reset is now upon us. Therefore I intend to do a bit of re-setting of my own.

    The once-great institutions of State are no longer fit for purpose. Democratically-elected Parliament, the Church, the Armed Forces, the Legal establishment, the Police, the Press, Big Corporate, the NHS – all have adopted the language, ‘taken the knee’, and surrendered to the policies of ‘Wokeness’, without of course bothering to ask the public what we felt about it. So as far as I’m concerned, these institutions, now merely special-interest groups concerned only for themselves, have made themselves irrelevent, and can now all go hang and live with the consequences.

    In contrast, the future of our civilisation will now be determined by the outcome of the inevitable coming struggle for absolute power between the two forces that each aspire to become our new masters. On the one hand, the far Left, personified by Marxist totalitarian BLM/Antifa fanatics and their drug-dealing paramilitaries. And on the other, the far Right, personified by the misogynist, homophobic, terrorist, totalitarian fanatics of the Religion of Peace. With any luck they will fight a war of mutual annihilation. The collateral damage will be dreadful, but there you go.

    So I intend to assist in bringing on the onset of this conflict, not merely by voting Labour but also by joining my local Labour party. My local council is Blairite Labour, since we have a lot of Beaujolais Bolsheviks in the area, but its grass roots membership is mainly dominated by Bengalis. I have considerable experience of committees in other fields, I know with whom the power lies and how a committee can be ‘guided’, and my vote in internal party elections would be calculated in my own small way to help bring on such conflict by supporting either faction of nutters in such a way as seems appropriate to this end

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