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Is this the worst decision our useless police have ever made?

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

Kissing ass doesn’t get respect

Many readers may have watched in admiration/astonishment/horror (delete as appropriate) the development/collapse (delete as appropriate) in British policing over the last 10 to 15 years.

The first signs of the rot probably came with those idiotic police officers who thought their job included dancing with multi-cultural enrichers at the London Notting Hill carnival:

Clearly the police were unaware that if you kiss someone’s ass, then they’re unlikely to respect you. Likewise, the police seemed to be unaware that if you acted like f**king idiots, you might also lose the public’s respect:

Naturally, every single Notting Hill carnival ended in violence, stabbings, muggings and looting:

No doubt this surprised the police who apparently felt that doing stupid dances with the crowds would ensure everybody would be nice and kind and peaceful etc etc.

Then came the police’s attempts to suck up to the LGBT (IMHO) freaks:

I guess politically-craven police bosses thought officers nail-painting and wearing high heels to grovel to the LGBT++ mobs would gain their respect. I think the rest of us concluded the dumb-ass plod bosses had completely lost the plot.

Much more recently, our police appear to believe their job is to kneel in submission to hate-filled, fascist rioting mobs:

Or, even worse, at many violent protests, the police don’t bother turning up at all in case there’s violence:

To be or not to be a graduate?

I must admit, I’m not sure about the next bit of today’s blog.

In 2016, the College of Policing proudly and confidently announced that “all new police officers in England and Wales would have to be educated to degree level from 2020. It said the training would help address changes in crime-fighting. Prospective officers can either complete a three-year “degree apprenticeship”, a postgraduate conversion course or a degree. The National Police Chiefs’ Council said the changes would ‘help modernise the service”‘.

No doubt our police chiefs concluded that a Degree in Diversity and Gender Studies would be essential for modern crime-fighting. This may have been the worst decision our useless police bosses have ever made.

However, I have a feeling that our pathetic police bosses may have now decided that this decision was a step too far, even for people as stupid as them. Googling what you need to become a police officer now, I found  “The College of Policing really wants to emphasise that you do not need a degree to become a police officer. However, under the new Policing Education Qualifications Framework (PEQF), you will have to gain a degree if you join through the new Degree Apprenticeship Programme


Has the damage already been done?

So, you may or may not need a university degree to become a policeperson. It looks like this requirement may have been quietly dropped when police bosses realised that up to £50,000 of debt might dissuade potential candidates. Or, more likely, when the Government committed to recruiting an extra 20,000 policepersons, even our dumb police leaders understood that the requirement of a university degree might make the recruitment task ever so slightly more difficult.

But maybe the damage has already been done? Here are Britain’s two top cops Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick and Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu:

I’m sure they’re wonderful people. Cressida Dick has lots of impressive academic qualifications and has held lots of important roles including head of the Diversity Directorate from 2001 until 2003. She is also (I believe) a lesbian living with a female partner. So, if she is female and a lesbian, she ticks two important diversity boxes. It’s just a pity she’s not a person of colour.

But don’t worry, that’s where Neil Basu comes in useful. Neil Basu has a BAME background – another diversity box ticked – and has also held lots of important jobs including the National Police Chiefs lead for counter terrorism policing. From what I have seen, Mr Basu has frequently warned us about the (IMHO) almost non-existent dangers of right-wing terrorism and has (IMVHO) slightly downplayed the real dangers of Religion of Peace terrorism.

In 2019, Basu wrote an open letter about the role of the media and the Internet in influencing terrorism. In this letter, Basu (who was the UK’s counter terrorism lead) mentioned just two terrorist attacks – the mosque shootings in New Zealand and the attack on Finsbury Park mosque in London in which one person died probably from a heart attack.

Both these attacks were carried out by white right-wing extremists against our friends from our favouritest religion. But in writing about terrorism, the great Basu saw no need to mention the London underground bombings, the Manchester Arena slaughter, the London Bridge attacks, the police officer murdered by a Muslim outside the Houses of Parliament, the Bow Market attack, Lee Rigby or any other terrorist attack carried out by our religion of wonderfulness friends.

Though maybe Dick and Basu are an improvement compared to the (in)action man they replaced? If I remember correctly, the previous top cop was affectionately known as “Commander Coward” when he locked himself in his car reportedly to protect his own life and generous pension as one of his unarmed police officers was stabbed to death by a Religion of Peace terrorist just yards away from his car:

5 comments to Is this the worst decision our useless police have ever made?

  • loppoman

    Let’s add Lee Rigby to the list. Remember him, Mr. Basu?

  • William Boreham

    According to James Delingpole:

    “This is what is perhaps most shocking about the Henriques Report: not so much its description of what happened so much as its explanation of how and why it happened.
    Essentially, the police has been emasculated, corrupted, destroyed by political correctness.
    Henriques notes, for example, that for some time — especially with regard to sexual offences — the police has been operating an “always believe the victim” policy.

    Astonishingly, this policy came from the then-Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer, now a prominent Labour MP and a senior player in the left-liberal Establishment.”

    ‘Sir’ Keir Starmer is now, of course, the leader of the Labour Party!

  • A Thorpe

    I often think that humans are very much like dogs. They need to be disciplined and trained and we can all see what happens with dogs that are not but fail to see it with other humans. Today you cover both these issues.

    The police used to have respect. I was raised in a small south Yorkshire village with no through road. We had a local policeman, Bobby Bond, who regularly rode through on his bike and he knew everybody. The kids would get a clip round the ear if we had misbehaved. Now children have no discipline in the home, in school or in public. Adults dare not speak to badly behaving children, and that is where the problems start.

    What good is a university education for anybody? They are more like marxist brainwashing institutions creating social justice warriors as their primary objective. In my view it only needs some basics physics to see through the fraud of human caused climate change and any A-Level science student should see through this and certainly any science and engineering graduate. The rational thinking that got our civilisation to our present advanced stage has been replaced with emotional nonsense.

    When have we seen political leaders in the west with a vision in recent years? They seem to be following public opinion rather than leading. I am watching a series about Margaret Thatcher and it started with her being filmed, but with no date. She said “Capitalism and free enterprise knows no boundaries of class or creed or colour. Everyone can climb the ladder as high as their talents will take them. We are battling for a Britain free from class conflict.“ More relevant today then when she first said it.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    I see that the Bristol Police are saying that they have no choice but to investigate the toppling of the statue of Edward Colston, now that someone at Bristol City Council (the Council refuses to say who, of course) has formally reported the ‘incident’ as a crime.

    So Bristol police are pretty strongly implying that if they did have a choice, they would have made the (plainly political) choice to ignore the above act of vandalism. In the same way that UK police regularly make the choice to ignore such crimes as burglary, car crime, and car theft.

    One is tempted to wonder what actual service the ‘Police Service’ (no longer the ‘Police Force’) nowadays provides to the public at large. Or if any law-abiding citizens other than the ever-persecuted motorist would actually notice any change were our short, obese, woke policepersons to disappear entirely from our crime-ridden streets.


    The final capitulation !!!

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