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What the hell is going on in the world now?

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

Hey Gweilo! Wanna buy Chinese gord? Velly cheap! Velly good quarity!

First a rather amusing story from the land of plagues and fake goods. There’s lots of gold in filthy, corrupt, disease-spreading China. But not all of it is velly good quarity. In fact, like most things that come out of China, a whole pile of Chinese ‘gold’ has turned out to be fake. It wasn’t gold at all. It was just copper or tungsten covered with a bit of gold:

Gold costs about $46m a ton. And our disease-spreading Chinese friends have just found that at least 83 tons of Chinese ‘gold’ was just gold-wrapped copper. This supposed ‘gold’ was used by several companies as collateral against loans. So the Chinese banks which gave the loans are now sitting on about USD $3.8bn of supposed’gold’ which is actually worth around $300,000.

This is filthy, corrupt China’s largest gold-loan fraud case since 2016 when regulators found adulterated gold bars in about twenty lenders’ coffers backing 19 billion yuan of loans, or about USD $2.5bn. In that case, a lender seeking to melt some of their gold collateral found black tungsten plate in the middle of the ‘gold’ bars.

When the lying, corrupt, counterfeiting Chinese soon claim to have found a vaccine for the Chinese Covid-19 plague, I would humbly suggest that what we’ll really get is hundreds of millions of doses of Chinese counterfeit crap. There’s a rather enlightening book called BADLY MADE IN CHINA which helps explain why almost everything that comes out of filthy, corrupt, counterfeiting China will inevitably be fake and crap.

If you are offered the Chinese ‘Covid-19 vaccine’ my advice would be to avoid President Xi Pingpong’s Chinese Covid-19 supposed ‘Covid-19 vaccine’ like the plague. You never know what the lying, cheating, corrupt, counterfeiting Chinese will really have put into it.

What the hell is going on in the world now?

One of the most insightful commentators on the madness infecting the West is Douglas Murray. He’s the author of THE STRANGE DEATH OF EUROPE which examines why we are surrendering our continent to the invading hordes from our favouritest most most peacefullest religion and THE MADNESS OF CROWDS which looks at the lunacy of identity politics and political correctness which seems to be hell-bent on destroying free speech and Western democracy.

Unfortunately most of the videos on Youtube featuring interviews with Douglas Murray tend to be quite long. Part of the fault may be that when you’re as smart as Douglas Murray, you have a lot of interesting things to say. And part of the fault is that the interviewers often seem to be rather intent on demonstrating that they are just as clever as Douglas Murray, which they usually aren’t.

But here’s a short recent video in which Douglas Murray is interviewed by Sky News Australia. So we don’t get all the long-winded, self-flattering, pompous borrox you’d get from most pseudo-intellectual British interviewers.

In this interview, Douglas Murray answers the typically blunt Aussie question: What the hell is going on in the world now?

6 comments to What the hell is going on in the world now?

  • A Thorpe

    At least with the fake gold you get some copper which has scrap value. This compares with the entirely worthless money that Boris “I’m not a communist” Johnson is printing.

    A terrific performance from Douglas Murray and he managed to touch on most of the problems we are facing and identify the culprits forcing them on us. He also seems to be getting angry at last. He is one of the few people I am prepared to listen to along with Thomas Sowell, Gad Saad, and Larry Elder.

    The expression “educated into imbecility” says a lot. It is a pity that a lot of videos are quite lengthy. We need a compendium of the best bits from them all. It is one advantage of eBooks that they can be marked up and the passages easily found.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Why is Sky UK so markedly different from Sky Australia?

    I can’t even imagine Sky UK having an interview of this kind with Douglas Murray.

    Have you ever seen a positive expression of opinion on Donald Trump or a negative expression of opinion or fact on the US Democrats on Sky UK?

    Joe Biden is definitely senile but I have yet to see one of the numerous senile things he has said reported on Sky UK or the BBC or Channel 4.

    It proves to me that the mainstream media here and in the US are the best of comrades.

    You won’t ever see the mainstream media reporting that 17 out of the 20 US states in which BLM rioting took place are run by the Democrats.

    Here is the ranking of US states with the highest Covid-19 “death rates” from the highest to the lowest. You won’t see this reported by the mainstream media either.

    1. – New Jersey – Democrat
    2. – New York – Democrat
    3. – Connecticut – Democrat
    4. – Massachusetts – Democrat
    5. – Rhode Island – Democrat
    6. – District of Columbia – Washington DC – Overwhelmingly Democrat
    7. – Louisiana – Governor, Democrat – Two senators – Republican – One was a democrat who turned Republican
    8. – Michigan – Swing state currently Republican
    9. – Illinois – Democrat stronghold
    10. – Delaware – Democrat
    11. – Maryland – Largely controlled by Democrats
    12. – Pennsylvania – Swing state – tends to swing to the Democrats but voted for Trump
    13. – Indiana – republican
    14. – Mississippi – Disenfranchised constitution – Was Democrat, now Republican.

    Is this because the Republican states are not inflating their death rates?

    Number of deaths from coronavirus (COVID-19) in the United States as of July 1, 2020, by state –

    I had to look up the political-control information myself.

  • ItsAllOverNow

    Economically destroy UK invites 3 million from Hong Kong to board the sinking UK ship.
    Johnson said London had warned Beijing that it would introduce a new route for those with British National Overseas status to enter the UK.

    “And that is precisely what we will do now,” he told lawmakers.

    About 300,000 Hong Kongers have BNO passports and another 2.6 million are eligible to apply.

  • David Craig

    I disagree with you. By allowing people from Hong Kong into the UK we are bringing in some of the most highly-educated, highly-motivated people in the world. That makes a pleasant change from the hordes of illiterate, violent, often criminal, intolerant, backwards Third-World garbage that have been pouring over our non-existent borders for the last 20 to 30 years.

  • Roy Hartwell

    David, Well Said !! My wife worked for a private school for some years and they had a number of Chinese pupils during that time (mostly from Hong Kong and post-Chinese take-over). All were extremely bright, highly motivated. Their parents were extremely keen for them to excel (some would argue too eager). They all had a strong work ethic and never came across as ‘chip on shoulder’ like many other ethnic groups I could mention. I for one would welcome such a group coming into our country, they really would enrich it!!!

  • A Thorpe

    David and Roy – I think it is more complex than that. Some may have a better eduction and high motivation, but those who qualify are the ones born before 1997 and there will be a huge mix of abilities. There are some very poor people in Hong Kong. It is almost 40% of the population and if they all came what would it mean for the younger ones left in Hong Kong. It would also split families.

    Where is the housing and jobs when they come here? New jobs cannot just be created and they may displace/prevent our population getting jobs.

    I don’t like the attitude that it is OK to get educated people to come here when there is no consideration of the impact it will have on the countries they are leaving. We do not like our qualified people leaving. Also, can we really blame those from the Middle East for wanting to leave?

    It is another bad policy from this useless government.

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