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Stabbings at Reading park “largely peaceful” say police

(Friday blog)

It’s too hot to write a blog today. But here are a couple of very short videos readers might not have seen and which readers might find mildly interesting

Stabbings at Reading Park “largely peaceful”

Here’s link to an ‘official’ police announcement about the recent murderous stabbings at a park in Reading. You have to click on the link below and then click again where it says video-2020-06-22-17-44-57 to bring up the video file. Then you have to click again on the file to play the video

MUST SEE (funny) update from UK police on terrorist attack by Libyan Muslim asylum seeker

Brixton riots – police run away as usual

And here’s a brief piece from the latest Brixton riots.

As usual, when faced by a mob of multi-cultural enrichers, the great British police run away in panic. We haven’t had any explanation from those two great leaders Met Police Commissioner, Cressida ‘Dickless’ Dick, or Assistant Police Commissioner, Neil Basu. Perhaps they were too occupied trying to find the right-wing terrorists they keep warning us about to have time to do their day jobs – keeping our streets safe?

If I were a cynic, I would liken the gentlemen leaping up and down on the police car while screaming and smashing the car in the video to a bunch of crazed apes. But that would be ‘racist’ so I won’t make any such comment:


10 comments to Stabbings at Reading park “largely peaceful” say police

  • leila

    I’m trying to decide which disturbs me most-the unsurprising destruction of a police vehicle or 2 weedy cops dancing in a roped off area. I am sad to see our banner hero has been fired ( and his girlfriend) from their jobs. Crowd fund anyone? Perhaps the old guy will walk his garden again, this time for a worthy cause.

  • A Thorpe

    The government has lost control of the country and seems to be adapting policy to what people are doing. Hancock hasn’t got the message and is threatening to close the beaches. He will have as much success with that as trying to stop the tide coming in. The police have no control over the mob and rioting is bound to get worse during the summer.

    The health service is in chaos and getting any form of treatment seems to be near imposssible.

    We have yet to discover how the economy will recover but there is no avoiding the debt and known job losses. I suspect many business will do their best to get going but the rules will make them less profitable. All it needs is another outbreak of the virus later in the year and it will be the death blow.

  • twi5ted

    Poet laureate for the people Dominic Frisby gives David’s book the Great Charity Scandal a reference in his latest video. High praise indeed. Usual outstanding content detailing similarities between an old state religion and the latest one.

  • david brown

    little mention in the national press but the three Reading park victims were gay-
    As for the lockdown it was far too extreme more lives will be wrecked via the damage to the economy with millions losing their jobs than by coronavirus.

  • David Morgan

    What disturbs me is the police’s lack of preparedness. I was always told that, “Failing to plan, is planning to fail.” Or more crudely,”Planning and preparation, prevents piss poor performance.” The police are increasingly becoming a laughing stock. Since Theresa May was Home Secretary, the police have been emasculated with the appointment of so many inept and weak leaders. This, combined with the many cutbacks in their numbers, during Mrs May’s tenure at the Home Office, has made them largely ineffective. It has exposed the majority of law abiding people to lawlessness. The Government needs to get a grip before it’s too late.

  • A Thorpe

    I agree with the comments by twi5ted and DM. I have compared the present with the middle ages because it seems that superstition rather than science has taken over, most obviously with the climate and virus policies. It seems even worse than the middle ages because they did not have our knowledge, but now it seems knowledge is being educated out of the younger generations and their parents seem to be adopting the same attitude.

    There was no preparation for the virus even though the government had conducted Exercise Cygnus to study the capability of the NHS and ignored the results. It is even worse, since their lack of understanding resulted in excess deaths in care homes and they haven’t a clue about the impact of effectively closing down the NHS for all other problems.

    Fundamentally, it is about a lack of vision and leadership and the last time we had this was Margaret Thatcher. The USA had Reagan at the same time and he was the last President with a vision. That vision was freedom from the state.

  • Wilson Dawson

    Sorry to see that you in the UK are experiencing a similar plague of complicit, unfit, government officials who seem to think the proper response to violent rioters is ritual capitulation.
    What is their view of this violence? I guess they think something like this:

    “It is the job of a criminal to break the law, and it is therefore wrong for the police to hassle or interfere with these men who are simply trying to do their jobs!”

    The most dangerous criminals in society today are the leftist, activist radicals running and working in the captured news media industry. This industry has largely abandoned the pretense of accurately reporting facts with a disinterested viewpoint. They often, brazenly broadcast propaganda and misinformation in the most inflammatory and slanted fashion. They may use phrasing which shields them legally from the charge of libel, or from the charge of intentionally lying to or misleading the public, but that is what they do.

    Without the complicity of the propaganda disguised as news media, the leftist-Islamic alliance would not be able to use terrorism tactics in the US or the UK.

    Presently, they are attempting to provoke the government to use force to restore order so the leftist reporters can characterize it as proof that the government is fascist, or some such nonsense.

  • Bad Brian.

    Dear Wilson Dawson,

    Welcome to our humble country while it is still here.
    Your thoughts and opinions are far too sensible and reasonable for UK tastes so if I may, I would take this opportunity to be the first to brand you a racist and bigot.

    It is not within my power to ban your comments but be assured, I would happily ban them if I could, which is the fashion these days.

    You have not said you would willingly take the knee or pay reparations to the decendants of slaves which means at the very least you are a facist.

    I bet you wish Mussolini had been your mum and that history could be changed so you could boast about helping Hitler complete jigsaws in record time.

    I look forward to reading more of your extreme right wing views so that I can cut you down to size and prove that I am much more virtuous than you. I bet you are even white !

  • alex

    Simple question why don’t the police have water cannon,tear gas,stun grenades and rubber bullets to clear this s***t from the streets.They just stand there like frightened children.

    Sad to see a country i once loved turn into a Third World pigsty

  • Hardcastle

    Yes,it takes large,hard,well trained men with the right equipment and disciplined leadership to uphold the law and preserve the peace.We have none of this it seems in modern Britain.We are being run by effete,incompetent and politically motivated social workers who have been deliberately placed into all the key areas of state,including Parliament.Does anyone not believe it is a conspiracy?

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