July 2024

Will the UK be the world’s winner – with number of Covid-19 deaths?

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Britain proudly shoots up the world premier league

As you’ll all have probably noticed – in the daily Downing Street briefings, our rulers no longer show us the chart with the trend of Chinese Covid-19 plague deaths by country. The list below probably shows why. With 542 deaths per million of population, the UK is number three in the world. We’ve already overtaken Italy (537 Covid-19 deaths per million) and are fast catching up with Spain (598 Covid-19 deaths per million), but we’ll struggle to match Belgium’s truly impressive 804 deaths per million of population:

Confirmed deaths (absolute) Population (in millions) Deaths per million
Belgium 9,186 11.42 804.23
Spain 27,940 46.72 597.98
United Kingdom 36,042 66.49 542.07
Italy 32,486 60.43 537.57
France 28,180 66.99 420.68
Sweden 3,871 10.18 380.14
Netherlands 5,775 17.23 335.15
Ireland 1,583 4.85 326.16
United States 94,590 327.17 289.12

Please also note that although the BBC and C4 News ridicule President Donald Trump’s handling of the Chinese Covid-19 plague and orgasm when mentioning the total number of US Covid-19 deaths, the USA actually has just over half the number of deaths per million of population compared to Spain and the UK. But I guess you can’t expect the BBC or C4 News Trump-hating reporters to know that the population of the United States is somewhat larger than the population of the UK or Spain.

Oh, and by the way, the BBC and C4 News constantly discuss South Korea as the country which has handled the Chinese Covid-19 plague best. Yet South Korea has had 264 Covid-19 deaths (5.11 deaths per million) yet despite being close to China, Taiwan has had only 7 Covid-19 deaths for a population of 23,7800,000 – a rate of deaths per million that is so small I can’t even work it out. But I guess that fear of upsetting China means that our media deliberately choose to never mention Taiwan.

A few more Covid-19 jokes?

In Friday’s blog, I featured a few pathetic, depressing Covid-19 jokes. Here’s one:

and here are another couple of possibly even more pathetic and depressing Covid-19 jokes:

And here are a few more pathetic Covid-19 jokes:

13 comments to Will the UK be the world’s winner – with number of Covid-19 deaths?

  • Stillreading

    It just gets better doesn’t it? We can now gleefully add to the above role of dishonour or humour or whatever Boris’s advisor Dominic Cummins, who we learn today drove with his wife, actually suffering from the Plague at the time, to self-isolate (or so they say!) at his parents’ house in Durham. Leaving apart the assumption that they must surely have made at least one “comfort stop” en route during a journey of well over 200 miles – a motorway service station or smaller garage – thus potentially infecting others either directly or indirectly, Cummins and spouse took their jaunt in flagrant contravention of the INSTRUCTION issued to the rest of us mere mortals not to drive anywhere other than for absolutely essential trips to a doctor, pharmacist or for food, on pain of being stopped by Plod and receiving a fine or worse. Evidently the Cummins couple had to find someone to care for their 4 year old child. Yes – with that I can sympathise, but one assumes that they are a couple not without the means to purchase temporary, qualified child care for their offspring in their own London home. I doubt it is so miniscule that the couple could not have kept to one or two rooms and their child and his carer to the rest. One rule for them, another for us mere plebs! In the meantime, they continue to impose lockdown, albeit modified, on us, thus running the economy into irreversible decline, whilst continuing themselves to get away with as much as they can. I very much doubt any leading politician or scientific advisor, Boris and those depicted above included, will face unemployment, bankruptcy, re-possession of their home, depression, desperation, as a consequence of the prolonged Plague lockdown. Incidentally, as grandparent of three young children, one of whose parents is at immediate daily risk of contracting the Plague, I resolved at the very start that should the worst happen and child care be needed, I’d be in my car and on my way to stay with them for the duration, avoiding main routes as far as possible, and sod Plod.

  • A Thorpe

    I think the continual announcements of deaths is unhelpful and is spreading fear. In comparison to seasonal flu where the average UK deaths over the last five years is 17,000 and the maximum was around 28,000, the number of deaths for a new virus is not that high. We have vaccine for flu but that is said to be only 30-50% effective, we don’t have isolation every winter for seasonal flu. It will be claimed that without isolation the deaths would have been much higher, but we do not know that. The biggest issue is that people do not die of the flu or CORVUD19. They are dying with it, not from it. More than anything the deaths show the unhealthy state of the UK compared to other countries. It is the NHS that is keeping people alive in poor health, with the help of big pharma profiting from all the drugs. There is no incentive to be healthy when we have free healthcare. It might be why the USA has the lowest death rate in the above list.

    Because many of the people dying might have been dead by the end of the year, the statistics above are not reliable. We need at least a year or perhaps two to get an accurate assessment. We need to look at total deaths from all causes and the variation to determine the effect of this virus. The statistics we have are like selecting one man at random, measuring his height and declaring it the average of all men.

    Meanwhile, the damage to the world economy is worse than any of the wars. Wars have resulted in higher employment because weapons manufacturing; they did not shut down the economie. Now the world economy has been effectively shutdown except for essential service industries. It looks like the leisure and entertainment industry will not survive. Today I read the stately homes are worried. That should please the Labour Party, it will finish what they started after the war with taxation.

    The stupidity of the human race in accepting the policies of their governments is unbelievable. It is equivalent to our early hunter gather ancestors hiding in trees and starving because there were a few lions about. We would not be here if they had been as risk adverse and afraid of their own shadows as we have become.

  • Increasingly old cynic

    All depends what you think the UK population (or anywhere else) actually is.
    Various estimates, other than the “official” stats, put the current UK population at upwards of 80 million. That would make our death rate a more “respectable” 450.53 per million.
    Who knows what any of these numbers really are? They are certainly not the official ones.

  • Tomsk

    We will never know how many died of the Corona Flu. All we will know is their figure for how many died with it. Two completely different things to the red pilled but the same thing to the blue pilled. The world has been combed by the controllers and our governments have complied fully. A few have resisted or pushed back such as the Donald and Tanzanias presser with others but the stage is set for the next event they have planned. They have seen how the world conforms.

  • stillreading

    True in every respect Thorpe. I’ve just walked along my local High Street to purchase a few essentials, a frustrating exercise in itself in that several commonplace items I’ve been using for years have disappeared from the shelves. At the very few shops remaining open there were queues of customers patiently waiting for admission at a distance of 2 metres. It would be comical were it not so intrinsically tragic and fundamentally unnecessary. To have predicted such a situation arising in an allegedly free society only 6 months ago would have engendered ridicule and accusations of incipient insanity. Yet we are tolerating it. I could see from the expressions on the faces of fellow shoppers and the evident hostility of anyone to whom I appeared to be approaching too closely that the Government’s campaign of fear has achieved exactly what was intended – to cow 65,000,000 people into unthinking submission. Big Brother has arrived and is settling in nicely! From an objective perspective I await with interest the response of the populace when the bills for all this start to arrive in terms of increased VAT, increased tax on fuel, increased NI, increased Income Tax, freezing of State pensions and benefits.

  • chris

    Last week I heard some neighbours clapping and whooping for the NHS but I haven’t read much which shows what the NHS has actually done to save lives or suffering. Yes Boris was saved but many care home residents were sentenced to death by the NHS. Should we applaud?

  • Hardcastle

    I note a distinct change of tone in the Telegraph today,an actual awakening of realism with regard to what awaits us this Autumn.An obvious softening up of the populace or a reflection on the reaction from many of it’s real Conservative readers.I think the former,because they do not care what we think and they are proceeding under orders.I am beginning to think the impossible,in terms of the possible delights ahead.Capital and travel controls,banning personal possession of gold? That on top of the various tax increases they will impose which are an inevitable result of the currency department.Inflation is inevitable in the end and it will wipe out the savings and pensions of all those prudent people who trusted their Government to do the right thing.They have not done the right thing for a long time and integrity and honesty flew out of the window,monetary greed and career advancement were more important.It is treachery on a grand scale and I hope to survive long enough to see them called to account,but I might be over optimistic.

  • stillreading

    “They have not done the right thing for a long time and integrity and honesty flew out of the window,monetary greed and career advancement were more important.”
    True indeed Hardcastle. Successive UK Governments have done nothing to protect the “prudent”, so favoured of Gordon Brown. Not that he ever did anything for the genuinely self-reliant and prudent! Those of us who have always tried to pay our way, however difficult, to not rely on benefits, to have a bit in the bank for a rainy day, are likely to find that bit, intended to see us over a year of difficulty should such ever occur, will scarcely buy a week’s groceries.

  • A Thorpe

    I recently discovered Thomas Sowell an economist and social theorist. I have read a book on economics but in 2009 he published a book “Intellectuals and Society”. There are several YouTube videos including a full audio book. Try a search and listen to his interviews. I have just watched the one related to the second edition of the book. Why do we not know about him? This man had the answers to the problems we are discussing more than 10 years ago.

  • With such a high UK death rate, surely we would be having huge problems with burials and cremations. But apparently not. All I see in the mainstream news is other countries, such as Brazil and Italy having severe problems dealing with the dead.

    I am also not seeing Births and Deaths columns in newspapers implicating Covid19 as the cause of deaths as much as should be the case. Good Morning Britain on ITV once showed an Italian newspaper full of the announcements of deaths from the virus.

  • Roger D

    • Worst U.S. Economic Activity Ever Reported
    • April Retail Sales Fell the Most in Its 73-Year Reporting History
    • Production and Manufacturing Tumbled the Most in Their 101-Year History
    • Increasing New Claims for Unemployment Insurance and Insured Unemployed Confirm the Economy Fell Further in May, Albeit Likely at a Moderating Pace
    • Second-Quarter 2020 Real Annualized GDP Contraction of About 50% (-50%) Will Surpass Anything Ever Seen
    • If There Are Meaningful Efforts to Reopen the Economy, Third Quarter Activity Could Move Off Bottom in a Nascent L- or Shallow U-Shaped Recovery
    • Benchmark Revisions to New Orders for Durable Goods Confirmed Major Downside Revisions Loom for Pre-Pandemic GDP Reporting
    • U.S. Economy Already Was in Trouble Before the Pandemic, Because of Intensifying Federal Reserve Policy Malfeasance and Federal Government Fiscal Malpractice.

  • Geoffc

    Consciousness Rising
    Consciousness Rising
    Replying to @privacyplease16
    What’s crazy is that it’sactually more like 0.026% or 99.98% survival rate. It’s more impactful when you talk about the survival versus mortality rate. That’s why these devils talk about “death” rates, for the fear factor.

  • Newtonian

    Jerome Powell, Pope of the Church of the Federal Reserve, went on the 60-Minutes show last night to reassure the nation that things will eventually get back to normal. “I think you’ll see the economy recover steadily through the second half of this year.”

    Yessir, if you say so. Were his fingers crossed? You couldn’t tell because the camera had him framed in a head-shot. Personally, I think the Fed Chairman was blowing smoke up the nation’s wazoo.

    Spooky as it’s been, the Covid-19 virus has also been a great cover-story for the natural collapse of a severally unbalanced, ecologically unsound, and dishonestly represented set of arrangements that are now unspooling at horrifying speed.

    The car industry is dying. The airline industry is laying out its fleet of big birds in desert graveyards. The college racketeering operation went off a cliff, along with medical profiteering.

    Agribusiness no longer has a business model. Hundreds of kinds of services no longer have customers who can afford their offerings from acupuncture to zymurgy.

    None of that will be fixed by injections of miracle money borrowed from ourselves in quantities that would turn every US citizen into a millionaire — if it wasn’t just pounded down the rat-holes of the stock and bond markets.

    The big question about the Great Opening-up is when the recognition of all that turns to raw emotion. Covid-19 may still be with us then, but it will be the least of our problems. The masks will come off. The dance will commence.

    By James Howard Kunstler

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