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Are you feeling sufficiently enriched?

(Tuesday blog)

I’m busy working on my next video. But I guess no week would be complete without a few heartwarming stories of multi-cultural, vibrant enrichment of our once great continent – the kind of stories the BBC and C4 News often ‘forget’ to mention.


Vandals went through a graveyard in southwest France before dawn last Wednesday smashing anything relating to Christian symbolism, including dozens of stone crosses, crucifixes, and images of angels and the Virgin Mary.

According to local reports, the marauders profaned nearly 100 Christian graves in the Breuil cemetery in Cognac, destroying mostly crosses but also smashing a number of statues, plaques, and representations of angels and of the Blessed Virgin Mary:

Of course, we don’t know who was responsible. It could have been Hindus or Buddhists or Trekkies.

The Central Criminal Intelligence Service (SCRC) of the gendarmerie reported in the spring that an average of nearly three churches per day have been targeted for vandalism over the past three years. In 2018, the Ministry of the Interior recorded 541 anti-Semitic acts, 100 anti-Muslim acts, and 1,063 anti-Christian acts. Just in 2018, 875 French churches were vandalised with crosses and statues being smashed, faeces smeared on the walls and some being set on fire.

But, of course, we all know that the Notre Dame fire was an accident even though on the night of September 3-4 2016, five women who had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State parked a car filled with gas cylinders beside Notre Dame and tried to ignite the gas to damage the cathedral.


An analyst at Sweden’s National Bomb Guard has claimed that the growing explosion and bombing phenomenon in the country is not matched by any other industrialised nation.

Analyst Ylva Ehrlin said that between January and October, the southern region of Sweden had seen 71 separate explosions – around one explosion a day – more than double the number from the previous year’s 34 incidents. “We have ten million people in Sweden, but I have not found any equivalent of this level of explosions in any industrialised country,” Ehrlin said.

What? Did the BBC and C4 News ‘forget’ to mention that there was a bomb explosion in Southern Sweden almost every single day?

Meanwhile in Sweden, a Somali asylum-seeker, who has attacked at least 17 women, is being allowed to stay in Sweden as the prosecutor is not even requesting he be sent back to Africa. No doubt he will go on to further enrich Swedish society once he gets permission to remain in Sweden for the rest of his worthless life.


In London a woman accused of planning an ISIS suicide attack at St Paul’s Cathedral appeared in court last week. Safiyya Shaikh, 36, is accused of scoping out the popular tourist site for the best places to blow herself up. She appeared at the Old Bailey wearing a black hijab and Islamic robes via video link from HMP Bronzefield charged with the preparation of terrorist acts and dissemination of terrorist publications


After the murders of Tugba A. (29 years old) and their children Tuana (23 months old) and Selman (11 months old), relatives came to Bad Vöslau to attend a funeral service.  Samet A. (31 y/o) is said to have literally executed first his wife and then his almost two-year-old daughter with a kitchen knife on the 27th of October in his house in Kottingbrunn. Then he is said to have suffocated his son. The Turk is in remand. Tugba A. and her children were laid out on Wednesday in the ATIB mosque in the street Castelligasse for the funeral in Turkey.

Afterwards, the funeral service took place in the house of the victim’s mother. Canan K. was also there with two girlfriends. After the 37-year-old had entered the house, she was attacked by a woman, apparently the cousin of the dead. “Go away, you whore, how dare you show up here without a headscarf,” the attacker is said to have shouted.

The victim of the attack said: “The woman hit me savagely. Then a man spat in my face. Almost 20 Turks came along and attacked us. They also hit my car. I went to the police immediately. From there I was taken with the ambulance to the hospital. I have severe bruises and haematomas on my face.”


And in the centre of Christianity, the Vatican, a gentleman apparently from our favourite religion seems to think that a large knife is necessary for visiting St Peters.

What’s depressing is that the guy wasn’t just shot on the spot and instead was handled with kid gloves. I guess the Vatican staff didn’t want to be accused of Izlumophobia:

5 comments to Are you feeling sufficiently enriched?

  • A Thorpe

    Katie Hopkins is doing her bit –

  • Mark

    The enrichment gift that keeps on giving. Maybe (as one commentor said) we need an economic collapse to save us from ourselves. Enrichment is very expensive and all paid for on borrowed money. It’s not going to end well.

  • William Boreham

    There has been a sort of reaction to the apparently inexorable rise of the Islamic menace in some western countries – at last. The various, so called ‘extreme’ right wing parties are on the rise especially in Germany and France. By the way, that latter country, anyone seen how glamorous that French politician, Marion Marechal, is? She’s the granddaughter of Jean-Marie le Pen, so she has all the right credentials. The rise is everywhere in Europe apart from England where our idiot authorities declare that the extreme right wing threat is equal to that of our resident Jihadists! Just today I had an e-mail from a tiny group fighting a forlorn crusade against our overwhelming Muslim menace called Britain First, telling me that after being hounded by our ‘anti terror police’ they have finally got their electronic equipment back that had been confiscated by ‘our protectors’. I’m afraid I gave up on the English people years back when I found out they would prefer to end up in concentration camps, rather than be deemed ‘racist’ and fight back.

  • david brown

    The following is official Labour policy as passed at its 2019 party conference. Please post on media sites. Maybe link to this site. Someone posted it on Mirror but they deleted it.
    1 oppose current curbing of any rights
    2 free movement, equality and rights for migrants
    3 reject any system based on incomes and migrants utiliaty to
    4 close all detention centres
    5 ensure unconditional right to family reunion
    6 extend free movement right
    7 end no recourse to public funds
    8 no restriction on migrants NHS access
    9 challenge anti-immigrant narratives
    10 equal right to vote to all UK residents

    The tenth point means the Labour intend to import voters from such as Somalia, Albania , Pakistan.

  • leila

    It’s quite amazing how the above 10 points of Labour mimic the Demorats in the USA. How do ordinary members of the Labour Party not see the enormous damage unlimited immigration has done to this small island and can they not realise there is an unlimited supply of new humans from every corner of the globe? Knife crime in London surely has alerted a few? or has the destruction of all the famous British institutions resulted in perfect brain washing?

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