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Greta has a problem. Can you help?

(Monday blog)

Wrong continent

Our favourite Messiah, Saint Greta the Brainwashed, has a smallish problem. To great fanfare from the BBC and other sycophantic media, Saint Greta the Ignorant voyaged across the Atlantic to preach to us all about non-existent Climate Breakdown.

First major stop was New York where the Great Green Messiah ranted about her whole life being destroyed by something was was just a fiction of her pushy parents’ imagination. But perhaps the most significant incident of Greta patron saint of ecofascists’ visit was when she was totally ignored by Donald Trump:

Seeing her utter fury at not being the centre of attention, one could be forgiven for worrying what will happen to what little is left of this deluded child’s mental health when she is cynically discarded by the ecofascists and goes back to being a total nobody.

Next stop for the Saviour of Mankind was a climate conference due to be held in Santiago, Chile. But the government of President Sebastian Pinerto decided last Wednesday to call it off  because of the unrest in the capital. Scores of people have been killed and injured in weeks of rioting over the usual South American corruption, economic inequality, gross mismanagement and social problems

After Chile withdrew, there was concern amongst the 20,000+ freeloading attendees (yes, 20,000+ attendees!!!) that the annual talks might have to be scaled down, postponed or even abandoned. Or the conference could have been replaced by video conferencing. But then everyone would miss their free flights and free hotels and free dinners and chances for loads of environmentally-friendly sex with each other. We can’t let climate change get in the way of that, after all

However, on Friday afternoon, the UN’s top official on climate change, Patricia Espinosa, issued a terse statement that COP25 would go ahead on the original dates, 2-13 December, but in Madrid.

Saint Greta the Deluded’s problem

Greta Thunberg, the Swedish climate activist who sparked the global student strikes, had travelled as far as Los Angeles without flying and was planning to continue to Santiago in time for the conference. On Friday she made a plea for help getting back to Europe in time for the conference. “It turns out I’ve travelled half around the world, the wrong way,” she tweeted. “Now I need to find a way to cross the Atlantic in November … If anyone could help me find transport I would be so grateful.”

DiCrapio to the rescue?

While she was in Los Angeles, Greta the Magnificent had a meeting with that great eco-warrior, Leonardo DiCrapio:

DiCrapio, 44, is famous for once making an 8,000-mile round trip in a private jet from Paris to New York in order to accept an environmentalism award.

Leonardo DiCrapio, one of Hollywood’s leading stars and a prominent environmental campaigner, praised teenage climate change activist Greta Thunberg following their first meeting. Saint Leonardo the Green said that 16-year-old Ms Thunberg’s message should be a “wake-up call to world leaders everywhere that the time for inaction is over” and wrote on Instagram: “There are few times in human history where voices are amplified at such pivotal moments and in such transformational ways -but @GretaThunberg has become a leader of our time”.

Here’s a nice picture. It’s a luxury yacht called Topaz and is (I think) owned by an Arab oil sheikh:

It’s just one of several luxury yachts which I believe was chartered over the years by Saint Leonardo the Eco-warrior, presumably so he can enjoy his hols without coming into contact with worthless plebs like you and I. It looks pretty environmentally-friendly and carbon neutral, don’t you think?

Perhaps DiCrapio could rent this luxury yacht, or a similar one, to get his new best friend for life, Mad Greta the Absurd, to the conference on time?

Or Saint Greta could just go standby on a flight that was flying anyway? That would be the most eco-friendly way of reaching her important 20,000-attendee conference. But then she wouldn’t get all the PR her parents are desperate for. So flying is definitely out.

9 comments to Greta has a problem. Can you help?

  • daveh

    Mad Greta the Absurd ….. Brilliant !

  • loppoman

    Apologies – off topic but important.
    Revealing mini-report in yesterday’s Sunday Times.
    Electricity distribution operators (concerned about supply problems caused by the rising number of electric cars) want changes to the Smart Energy Code to allow them to stop electric cars being charges at times of high demand.
    This interruption would be applied via the smart meter.
    If they can do this, what else can they do with the smart meter?. They’re definitely not there for our benefit.
    And you can’t rely on your car being ready for the road.
    Banning diesel and petrol at 2040? Don’t make me laugh.

  • chris

    Loppoman, I agree that’s the purpose of (so called) smart meters. They offer, variable price charging according to demand (or lack of wind/sun to generate) . Remote disconnection. Consumption limitation etc. Newly installed Micro grids will be able to allocate ‘discretionary’ electricity to certain households, groups or businesses. Uninterruptible supplies only for the rich or those deemed worthy. If you complain the Citizen’s Assembly (having taken over the Committee on Climate Change) may direct that you be charged with ‘Climate Crime’ or Heresy in line with the newly amended S88 (2) of the Climate Change Act 2008. The consequence of which may be be a fine or disconnection.

  • A Thorpe

    I think that since the climate crisis only exists in computer models that they could be rebranded as computer games and include ways to get Greta around the world. That way everybody can get what they desire. Fantasy is the new reality.

    More seriously we have a chance to raise this nonsense with the candidates if they dare to come round canvassing. Ioppoman raises an important issue about the grid system. We had one major blackout recently and it was because the “spinning reserve” provided by steam generation has almost vanished and it has to be replaced with batteries but that is not happening. They are too expensive. Michael Portillo was looking at huge solar farms in Australia but there was no mention of where the energy comes from at night or when there is a fault. It is bad enough that energy prices are going through the roof but it will be worse when the grid failures happen more often. Fracking has been stopped because of earthquakes so small they cannot be felt. In the USA fracking is giving them cheap energy. Our energy supplies are now worse than the nationalised industry because is more state control than ever through regulation and taxation.

    The UK and the EU is governed by fools and we have the financial genius Christine Legarde taking over the ECB. She only has one policy – print more worthless money. Europe could be heading back to the days of the Weimar Republic and we will all need wheelbarrows to carry out worthless money about. Look up the UK current account. It has hardly been in the black since the historic year 1973 and all parties are bribing us to vote for them with our money. “Things can only get better” will not be the theme for this election.

  • Stillreading

    Still off topic (more or less) but apropos “Climate Change” nevertheless. I recently learned that in London charging points for electric cars are installed on lamp posts, on request, by residents purchasing electric cars, thus encouraging purchase of these vehicle. Foreseeably it will not be long therefore, in streets where even residents’ parking is at a premium, before only owners of electric vehicles will be granted parking permits = albeit an annual charge is already and undoubtedly will continue to be made for these. Perhaps I am unjustifiably cynical, but I can foresee a time when, the majority of the population having been coerced, blackmailed, ultimately forced, into scrapping the good old diesel or petrol driven internal combustion engine in favour of electricity, a means will be introduced of hiking tax on electricity for cars to astronomical levels. It will be done quite simply – the socket outlets and plugs will be different from those used on other electrical appliances and metered separately. It will probably be done in the name of “‘elf & safety”. One need only consider the contribution to the Exchequer, via VAT and Excise Duty, which the British motorist currently returns to the Treasury, to realise that if that money doesn’t come from the oil consumed by the millions of traditional vehicles currently on our roads, it will have to come from somewhere else. The future is grim for UK residents. Extortionate charges (aka fines) for driving an oil propelled vehicle and reduction or withdrawal of domestic and vehicular power at times of greatest need, when the weather is cold and drivers wish to visit families. We are already forbidden in some parts of the UK from installing wood-burning stoves and it won’t be that long before owners of older homes with the good old, friendly, coal fire, are ordered to rip them out. We oldies and indeed all of limited means will freeze to death in our home. Well! It will reduce demand on the NHS if nothing else! Welcome to “Greta’s World”.

  • loppoman

    Yes, have you noticed the frequency of adverts by British Gas on the radio?
    They’re flogging new gas boilers like they’re going out of fashion.
    It is my understanding that such boilers will soon be illegal.
    What’s going on?

  • Carlos

    Fortunately in Spain we have our wonderful minister of ecological transition, which has been good to offer (with the money of all Spaniards, of course) helps Saint Greta throgh Tweeter: Dear Greta, it would be great to have you here in #Madrid. You’ve made a long journey and help all of us to raise concern, open minds and enhance action. We would love to help you to cross the Atlantic back. Willing to get in contact to make it posible.

  • Roy Hartwell

    Dear Greta

    I have knitted some water-wings from Unicorn wool. I’m sure if you wear these you will have no problems swimming back over the atlantic.


  • twi5ted

    This youngster needs to spend less time being exploited by adults and more being a child playing with friends. Maybe then she would discover skype and realise she doesn’t have to travel anywhere anymore.

    It would be a far greater example to the snouts in the trough of the climate fear industry if she called for virtual meetings. Far better than 20,000 parasites flying first class to suck each other off and mince around in far flung red light districts abusing the locals.

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