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Our National Anthem – updated for a modern, politically-correct, woke Britain

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Today I wanted to introduce my latest YouTube video. But first I’d like to spend a couple of minutes on the catastrophe that is the Tories’ election campaign

Prepare for Prime Minister Corbyn?

I saw a few minutes of Corbyn’s election campaign speech yesterday. In spite of being an antediluvian Marxist maniac, he was a surprisingly effective speaker. Moreover, he seems to have some of the best lines – “The NHS is not for sale” and “We’ll nationalise the rip-off rail, energy and water companies” and “We’ll build a million affordable homes” are going to be very appealing to a population which has been brainwashed by the BBC and other media into believing that the state should look after them for life, that everyone is a victim and that nobody has responsibility for their own lives.

Meanwhile the Tory campaign is already in complete meltdown. First we had Jacob Rees-Mogg’s extraordinarily insensitive comment about how some of the people who died in the Grenfell Tower fire could have saved themselves if they had used their “common sense” and defied the London Fire Brigade’s “Stay Put” advice. While what he said may be true, it showed a massive lack of common sense on his part to say this in a country where (as I write above) the population has been brainwashed by the BBC and other media into believing that the state should look after them for life, that everyone is a victim and that nobody has responsibility for their own lives.

Rees-Mogg’s comments reinforced the worst possible stereotypes of Tories as being a bunch of smug, uncaring, toff millionaires totally out of touch with ordinary people. I believe Johnson should have showed some backbone and sacked Rees-Mogg on the spot. Rees-Mogg will now be a constant cancer on the Tories’ campaign and may even help lose them the election.

And then we have battering-ram Nigel Farage. Farage has done our country a massive service by almost getting us out of the corrupt, wasteful, undemocratic EU. But now’s the time to control his ever-expanding ego and step aside to give the Tories the best chance of winning a majority. Farage’s foam-flecked loathing of the EU, while justifiable, is only going to help Labour and the LibDems and harm the Tories.

As I have been warning for years, if Corbyn gets into Downing Street, even as a minority government, either alone or with support from the LibDems and the ghastly Scrots he’ll lower the voting age to 16 thus ensuring the annihilation of the Tories at the next election and that Labour never loses power again.

Our National Anthem for a politically-correct Britain

Below is a link to my latest YouTube video – our National Anthem for a politically-correct, woke Britain.

I’d be grateful if readers could send the link to as many people as possible including journalists, newspapers and other bloggers to maximise the number of people who view the video.

I’ll leave this up for a few days so that more people can see it:

12 comments to Our National Anthem – updated for a modern, politically-correct, woke Britain

  • Jeff Palmer

    The Tories have had over three years to implement the results of a democratic referendum and have collectively refused to do so, missing two self-imposed deadlines (and pretty certain to miss yet another). Why do they deserve another bite at a now very mouldy cherry? Boris’s unnecessary ‘Deal’ is merely May’s deal, shorn of the backstop – a fake condition only inserted so that the EU could pretend to make a concession at a certain point in the negotiations, and make a Remain PM appear to have extracted something from our masters.
    Corbyn? EU rules will prevent him from carrying out his nationalisation schemes, and the EU leadership will have little time for his old-fashioned 1960’s economic Marxism, much preferring their own route of Cultural Marxism with none of that dangerous ‘Redistribution of Wealth’ which might hit their own pockets. And after a couple of years of McDonnell’s stewardship, the ECB under Christine Lagarde will be gleefully imposing an austerity on the UK which will make ‘Tory Austerity’ look like the lap of luxury, and for which Labour will take the blame, 16-year-old voters or no.
    The Tory party thoroughly deserves to be destroyed, for its treachery, greed, and betrayal of everything this nation suffered for in two World Wars, both of which my parents lived through and in one of which they both served. I look forward to it.

  • William Boreham

    As I understand it, Johnson turned down a very sensible arrangement with Farage, that the Brexit Party would only field candidates in constituencies where the Tory candidate was a remainer. The Brexit Party would also field candidates in vulnerable Labour seats as well. Johnson seems to have forgotten that Brexit won the European elections not so long ago. Good luck to anyone who can forecast the result of this coming electron. God help us.

  • A Thorpe

    Mogg does have an image problem and he also knows that some of his views are not popular, such as abortion and when not a minister he dealt with it. Minister cannot say what they think which is ridiculous and explains why government is so bad. Mogg was right. Imagine the people in the twin towers being told to stay put until rescued. The problem is that some people did use their common sense and died on the stairs in Grenfell. I haven’t read any of the reports so I might also be insensitive. My understanding is that at the time of the fire some fire doors were not closed. I lived in a four storey private block of flats which we owned and it was impossible to get people to see common sense. I struggled to get warning notices about not using lifts in the case of fire. Notices were also put on the fire doors about keeping them closed but they were constantly fixed open mainly by workmen and deliveries. It was impossible to get smoke alarms installed. There are regular reports in my local paper of lift failures in high rise council blocks with elderly and disabled unable to get out. There is a complete lack of common sense by councils and by the residents themselves in creating these situations. We have to take responsibility for ourselves. Nobody, especially the state can be trusted anymore. Flats especially high rise are terrible places to live and it has been the case since the tenement blocks in ancient Rome which were overcrowded death traps.

  • twi5ted

    The similarities with Mrs May campaign are already uncanny with the tories looking to throw away a big lead in the polls. Even Trump tried to knock their heads together but he fails to understand the snobbery of the westminster mindset. They would rather lose than taint themselves with Farage nationalism.

    Hopefully Farage and the ERG can be sensible provided Boris doesn’t take no deal off the table. But Boris has already used the old salesman trick of hooking in the punters in and then changing the terms and is likely to do it again.

  • loppoman

    Enjoyed the video. As usual, you tell it as it is.
    Link sent on.

  • Hardcastle

    Sorry Dave,cannot agree with you this time.Stepping aside to give the Tories a majority will doom this country to servitude and we will never leave the EU.I cannot understand why so many people having been deceived and lied to for so long can still give them the benefit of the doubt.The so called conservatives are as much of a problem as Labour.The same old strategy by the come,you must vote for us to keep out labour!Well if you do do not expect anything to change,we will stay in the EU any get socialist policies.The only,I repeat,only solution is to destroy the cosy three party system which has got this country into the shambles we see around us.Vote Brexit Party to at least give us a chance,you will not get another!Remember the lies,the vicious dismissal of all who voted out,the hate speech!Their total dominance of the MSM,note the propaganda now pouring out from these sources.We are subject to a totalitarian regime who will do anything to maintain power and control and I mean anything!Vote with your conscience not your wallet,their promises are empty anyway.

  • Colin William Roxburgh

    I love the tongue in cheek video that shows up woke culture for the stupidity that it is.
    Cannot agree about the Tories. I would wish for a Tory / Brexit party coalition to prevent Boris doing a similar stitch up that the worst PM ever, May managed. The old adage springs to mind, “Trust ’em and check’em” and Farage’s party would be good at checking.

  • leila

    I fail to understand how a fridge fire could jet through a wall enabling flames to shoot upwards along the cladding. I have my own theory but it is not pc. Why are sprinkler systems even discussed? Hopeless in the face of such an inferno.

  • chris

    Leila, at the time it was reported that a fridge caught fire in a flat on or near the ground floor and the occupant ran out leaving open the front door. Thus the fire escaped into the hallway. There ought to have been nothing in that hallway cabable of suppporting a fire or its spread. What was not reported by MSM (but commented on the Grenfell residents’ blog)was that furniture and rubbish was frequntly being left in the hallways and staircases (i.e supposedly fire protected escape routes). Also self closing fire protection doors were propped open. A blogger involved in upgrading other smilar blocks (in a building magazine)reported that he often found motorbikes and mopeds parked in the ground floor lobbies of similar tower blocks. These would be a major cause of rapid fire development when their fuel tanks leaked. Of course fire escape routes and lobbies are designed to keep out fire and prevent spread of flame by use of appropriate flame and fire retardant surfaces and doors. But if the hallways are full of discarded furniture and petrol filled bikes a rapidly developing fire results which comprehensively traps the residents. The building was originally designed with a number of vertical and horizontal fire ‘compartments’, probably 2 floors per compartment. These fire compartments usually have a 1 hour fire resistance so that occupants in other compartments can escape within 1 hour of the fire alarm going off. The staircase would be a completely separate vertical compartment with access at each floor through a fire protecting lobby and 2 sets of doors. There should have been no way fire or smoke could escape the compartment where the fire started even if the front door of the flat was left open. On a side issue it is worth noting that the building did not collapse or even come close. Buildings are designed to remain intact even when there is such a conflagration.

  • Judd

    Nope, the Tories have proved finally to even the most blinkered that they can never be trusted again.
    Corbyn doesn’t frighten me, he might frighten the tories in which case the answer is simple, do a deal with Farage agreeing that a no deal Brexit is the objective.

    TBP candidates can stand aside in safe tory seats where the candidate is a genuine Brexiteer.
    Tory candidates can stand aside in other areas where TBP might win if the otherwise slim tory vote doesn’t hand victory to labour or the illiberal anti-democratics.

    I am voting TBP, i stupidly gave Johnson the benefit of the doubt, i was also completely wrong about Rees-Mogg i trusted that man and once again another tory off the Eton production line has proved he can’t be trusted.

    If Corby wins so what, we ain’t leaving under a tory govt either unless there’s some of Farage’s crew forcing the Tories to act with some honour for once in their lives.

    Corbyn’s mob will cost those tories a hell of a lot more of their wealth than us plebs, good, serves them right for betraying the country.

  • A Thorpe

    Hardcastle is right about Labour and Tories. They are both a problem, but don’t exclude any of the other parties. They are locked in a bidding war using our money to buy votes. They are all socialists. My definition of a socialist is somebody who has no respect for private property and that is every politician. They have given themselves the right to take anything they want from us at any time and if we refuse we will be jailed. Democracy is at the centre of this. It is the real road to serfdom when combined with political parties. Give the voters the key to the treasury and they will vote to get all they can. The suffragettes got it wrong. They campaigned for votes, they should have campaigned for freedom from the state.
    Judd singles out the Tories to blame over Brexit but they are all as bad. They never wanted Brexit and only gave us a vote because they thought we would vote to remain. They are completely out of touch with the views of the country. They lost control over us at the referendum and they are doing all they can to get it back using our money as bribes. What has Farage really done except sit in Brussels taking money? We have no idea about what they would do in power. It is a complete shambles and I expect it will be no different after the election.
    The UK and the EU have the same problem. The EU is a protectionist organisation that has made it uncompetitive and created a population that believes it is entitled to the best. We have no raw materials and our energy supplies are at risk because of climate crisis policies. China and Asia are on the rise and the world order is changing. We have made ourselves poor and we have been living on debt for decades. It will come to an end and we are not prepared. We don’t have a climate crisis, we have a debt crisis created by socialism. Socialism has taken over because we have given up on our key assets – the ability to take responsibility for ourselves and to think rationally.

  • Judd

    Yes A Thorpe i did single out the tories in my post, not as i hold a candle for any of the others but no one alive expected the labour party to suddenly become the patriotic party champion of the working class, and nor did we expect the lib dems to become liberal or democratic.

    We expect dire from the libs and labour and seldom do they disappoint, far as i’m concerned they don’t merit a second’s thought.

    I’d given up on the tories for decades, but with Johnson and his first few days soundbiting, plus putting Rees-Mogg on the front bench, i was mincing around on eggshells wondering if we really did have a conservative party again.

    How stupid of me, Johnson has slipped into may’s kitten heels and swapped a few punctuation marks on her surrender treaty, a complete anti climax, normal sub service by the tories has resumed.

    Rees Mogg has seriously disappointed me, i’m more angry with him than all the hundreds of traitors put together because i genuinely thought there was a real knight, a future PM we could be proud of once more, if someone like him can’t be straight and true who else is left.

    I wanted to believe in the tories, i haven’t voted for either of the three parties for well over twenty years, i flatly refuse to vote negatively for the least worse/dangerous option of three parties each as unfit as the other to lead the country, that’s what has been going wrong because millions have been propping the fake tories up in order to keep out a supposedly more hopeless alternative, we are scraping the bottom of the barrel, seriously is the fake tory party all we have now?
    I will only vote positively, for someone or a party that says what it means and means what it says, this election i will vote for the freedom of my country, that is all that matters now.

    If TBP voting means Corbyn gets into number 10, Johnson and the fake tories will be to blame, they have done nothing but fail our country for years, they betrayed the DUP without a moments hesitation, betrayal is their watchword, they deserve nothing but contempt.

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