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This is not immigration – it’s invasion!

(Wednesday blog)

I’ll keep it short today.

Our rulers like to fob us off about the extent of immigration by quoting what they call “Net Migration”. That’s the number of people coming to the UK minus the number leaving:

There are three main weaknesses with the Government’s “Net Migration” figures

  • Most people probably don’t look too deeply at the numbers and so are lulled into believing that the number of people coming to Britain is about 200,000 a year – the Net Migration figure
  • From what I understand the Government’s figures come from what they call the International Passenger Survey (IPS). So, these are not accurate figures. They’re just based on extrapolation from a supposedly statistically-significant sampling
  • The official numbers don’t take any account of the quality of those leaving and arriving. For example, if say 50,000 well-off pensioners leave the UK every year to live abroad  in the sun and 50,000 illiterate brides and bridegrooms – mostly first cousins and mostly speaking no English from filthy little villages in somewhere like Crapistan come to Britain, then overall the quality of the UK population will have declined as will the size of the taxpaying population

But there is another source of figures about the number of people arriving in the UK which the Government tends to gloss over. This is the number of National Insurance numbers issued each year to people born abroad.

This shows that in the year ending March 2019, 612,000 people moved to the UK

(I apologise that the chart is so difficult to read. The blue line is the total of NI numbers issued to people born abroad, the orange line is the number of NI numbers issued to people born outside the EU and the red line is the number of NI numbers issued to EU citizens)

You’ll see a few things:

  • the number of people coming from the EU (that’s mostly younger people coming to work – the red line) is declining
  • the number of people coming from outside the EU (many possibly for marriage and family reunions and possibly less likely to be coming for work) is shooting up
  • the total number of people coming to the UK is over 600,000 a year

Let’s just pause for a moment. Taking the figures for the year up to March 2019, if 612,000 people moved to the UK, that’s 51,000 arrivals a month – around 12,000 a week.

If 612,000 people arrived in the UK in 12 months, that’s the equivalent to adding a town like Bristol or Glasgow ever year.

Call that “immigration”?

I’d call it “invasion”!

4 comments to This is not immigration – it’s invasion!

  • William Boreham

    Added to that is the fact that the English are a dying race anyway. There were only 471,476 live births to British-born mothers in England and Wales in 2018, compared to 487,618 deaths of British-born people, according to Office for National Statistics (ONS) Fertility rates for British-born women have been declining year on year, having fallen from 1.71 children per woman in 2017 to 1.63 per woman in 2018 (replacement rate 2.1) a nadir since statistics began being tracked officially in 2004. Overall, however, the number of births in the United Kingdom is still ahead of the number of deaths by some 115,487 — thanks to births to foreign-born mothers! Such mothers accounted for the vast majority of births in some of Britain’s more multicultural areas, with 75.4 per cent of children in born in Brent, London being the offspring of women born outside the country, for example. Despite voting to Leave the European Union all the way back in 2016, the United Kingdom is for now still a member of the bloc, and still subject to unlimited and effectively unvetted  immigration from EU member-states — indeed, Free Movement to Britain has even been extended to Croatia since the referendum took place. Britain’s opposition Labour Party, led by far leftist Jeremy Corbyn, has pledged to not only maintain Free Movement with the European Union if it attains office, but to also to allow free movement from the wider world, as well — and to allow all non-citizen migrants to vote in British elections.

  • A. F. Fanculo

    which means about 400,000 indigenous Brits are leaving for Australia, New Zealand and possibly Canada;though whether that is a better ‘ole is debatable

  • David Craig

    No, this doesn’t mean about 400,000 indigenous Brits are leaving. Many of those leaving may be other nationalities. I have a feeling the ONS has figures but I can’t be bothered to find them

  • leila

    It’s incomprehensible to me that parliamentarians could have allowed this to happen. A finite island with great natural resources and beauty. How dare they? And yet the English are not known for uprisings for surely this is a time for ‘les tricoteuses de la Guillotine’ I would volunteer to knit a Titanic of sweaters. I have noticed a large increase of carrion birds reflecting a disappearance of native /visiting birds in the ‘wild’ areas I walk The insects have declined dramatically Disaster is at hand and it aint GW.

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