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Don’t mention his snackbar!!!!!

(Wednesday blog)

Don’t mention his snackbar!!!!

As far as I could see, all the main British TV news programmes did quite extensive reports on the three men from Manchester who tackled a knife-wielding, murdering scumbag in Sydney Australia. But I also noticed that none of the mainstream TV news channels mentioned that the murderer was screaming about how much he loved his “snackbar”. Though most news reports were quick to mention that he had “mental health problems”.

Bias, lies, bias, lies, bias, lies…………… usual.

Mental health problems?

Let’s just take a moment to consider this claim of “mental health problems”. From what I could see, the snackbar-loving murderer was from an Arabic background.

In the West, where the average IQ is 100, about 16% of the population have IQs of below 85. Anyone with an IQ of below 85 is unlikely to be able to function successfully in normal society. As I have previously written, the US army is not allowed to recruit anyone with an IQ below 85:

The only time recently when this rule was broken was when Defense Secretary Robert McNamara desperately needed cannon fodder for the Vietnam War. The tens of thousands of functionally-impaired men recruited were known as “McNamara’s morons” as they were mostly incapable of even the simplest of tasks. Anyone with an IQ below 75 is considered in the West as being “mentally retarded”.

If we accept the extensive but much-disputed IQ testing that has been done comparing different regions and countries of the world, then some people – racists, fascists, white supremacists and suchlike – might be tempted to point to the supposed ‘evidence’ that the average IQ in the Arab world is around 85

(When you click on the link, it might say “page not found”. But just above that you’ll find “Average IQ by country”. Click in that and you’ll get the figures)

This could be due to many factors including consanguineous marriage, a failure to invest in education and a lack of development. (You might find it interesting to click on the link above and compare the average IQ by country with that country’s economic success or failure?)

But, if one were to accept the statistics, then this would mean that around half of people from the Middle East and North Africa had an IQ level which meant they would be unable to function in a modern advanced society and maybe 30% would be what we consider “mentally retarded”

I, of course, don’t for a moment accept the racist, fascist, white-supremacist IQ figures by country in the link above. However, anyone who did might be tempted to conclude that it’s no wonder so many of our Arabic friends appear to have “mental health problems” and that the supposed “mental health problems” might just be due to their low IQ levels.

Let’s celebrate – it’s Eid al-Adha 2019

But enough of this negativity. To cheer us all up, let’s focus on something positive. This week (11-15 August) is Eid al-Adha 2019. This is a time of great celebration for our friends from our favourite religion. But it’s not so great for millions of animals who are cruelly slaughtered.

Strangely, our money-rich RSPCA, with its income of over £140 million a year, doesn’t ever mention this ghastly mistreatment of animals. If you donate to the RSPCA, perhaps it’s time to stop? I recently donated to the British Pakistani Christian Association which tries to protect Pakistani Christians from being slaughtered by our friends from our favourite religion. I think they are a much more deserving cause than our own useless RSPCA.

Anyway, here are some animals celebrating Eid al-Adha 2019

3 comments to Don’t mention his snackbar!!!!!

  • A Thorpe

    There was an Eid celebration here last weekend. The organisers seemed disappointed that they could not have a ritual slaughter in a local park because our laws do not allow it.

  • dave h

    Bloody heathens !

  • William Boreham

    One has to be of low IQ to actually believe some god, speaking Arabic no less, appeared to an ignorant goat herder and one of the most cruel, bloodthirsty and murderous human beings living in that backward area of the world and gave this creature, (of all people) the formula of how to live in this world so when they die, they could live forever in some mysterious and mythical wonderful Paradise. At least the other main prophet, Jesus, had the message of love your neighbours, Mohammed’s message is kill all unbelievers. I know a few school teachers and I’m sending that video to them daring them to show it to their classes so they understand how the halal meat they are being served are actually slaughtered. I came across this method of slaughter back in the 50’s when on some ships I sailed on had Somalis working in the engine room and they slaughtered goats by that method on deck. Never realised those primitive savages would end up living in areas of this country.

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