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Greenies: frightening snowflakes with giga-bollox?

(Tuesday blog)

Giga-bollox – using absolutes and never relatives

I’ve written before how Greenies try to terrify us by never putting their claims of impending disaster into context.

For example, when Greenies howl about human activity releasing around 750 giga-tones of CO2 into the atmosphere each year it sounds pretty impressively frightening. “750 giga-tons!!!” Crikey, that’s a lot, isn’t it? And it certainly sends the tens of thousands of snowflakes, pouring out of our polys pretending to be universities with their degrees in Gender Studies and Golf Course Management, into a bit of a tizzy. And so we have the Eco-loons with their idiotic Extinction Rebellion protests and the School Strike all the other crapulous protests.

What the Greenies are doing is using and abusing an ‘absolute number’ to scare snowflakes and other scientifically-challenged members of our society. But when you put the 750 giga-tons into context, using a ‘relative number’ – that CO2 as a percentage of the atmosphere is increasing by 0.0002% a year, that really doesn’t sound quite so frightening. And so the Greenies never mention this rather inconvenient truth.

That brings me to a picture a reader sent me. Right down in your lower right-hand corner you’ll see the total amount of CO2 that human activity has contributed to the atmosphere in the last 200 years:

Ooops! Not that impressive, huh? And the Greenies would have us believe that this miniscule amount of a trace gas will lead to the extinction of mankind. And, of course, the Greenies have managed to market CO2 as some kind of deadly poison when, in fact, it is so beneficial to plant growth that many farmers cultivating using greenhouses install CO2 generators in their greenhouses to improve growth and crop yields:

Oh, did the Greenies forget to mention that too? How remiss of them.


Climate Change will lead to higher, no lower, no higher, no lower………………..

There’s no room here to write about the latest scare – the supposed melting of the Greenland glaciers. So instead, here’s Tony Heller debunking supposed scientists’ claims that Global Warming will lead to higher, no lower, no higher, no lower, no higher………….water Levels in the Great Lakes (in case any geographically-challenged snowflakes are reading this, the Great Lakes are big bits of water between the USA and Canada):

1 comment to Greenies: frightening snowflakes with giga-bollox?

  • A Thorpe

    The first part of this video shows how easy it is to check facts. The final part should concern everybody since it reveals the farce of climate science and the problems it is causing. This happens because educational standards are falling and adults and politicians seem to be worshipping at the feet of the new child Messiah. It is not different to question the claims but the physics is more difficult but not that difficult to understand that the claims are nonsense.

    On Sunday, The Sky at Night was discussing new projects for a 2018 satellite launch. One was to understand how heat transfers around the universe. Sitting in the lab one scientist talked about heat in the lab transferring by condition and convection. No mention of radiation and that is because at the ambient temperatures on earth radiation plays a very small part. Radiation needs high temperatures. But the earth can only lose heat to space by radiation and this is how the climate scientists create confusion since as this new project shows it is not well understood.

    In this video there is mention again of heat being trapped in the atmosphere. Heat cannot be trapped. How difficult is it to work out that if is trapped in the atmosphere it is not melting ice? Everybody should know that they have to keep burning gas in their boiler to keep the house warm. This is because heat cannot be recycled to provide further warming, which is what the climate scientists claim. The size of the so called greenhouse effect is 33C. Without it the earth’s average temperature is said to be -18C. This non existent heat source in the atmosphere adds an enormous 33C to the surface temperature. The sun is the only source of energy. Are people now so stupid that they believe a gas can produce energy from nowhere?

    The evidence to prove that the greenhouse effect does not exist is easy to find. The largest greenhouse gas is water vapour so this means that humid areas of the earth should have higher temperatures. This is not the case, the temperature is lower because greenhouse gases do the opposite, they cool the earth. Find any cities on the same line of latitude so that they get the same heat from the sun and find one with low humidity and one with high humidity and compare the temperatures. A good start is Las Vegas and Knoxville. Humid Knoxville has the lowest temperatures. When there is high humidity water is being evaporated from the surface and needs energy to change from liquid to gas, called latent heat. The vapour with all the heat rises in the atmosphere, this is cooling. When it condenses clouds form and the latent heat is released and emitted to space. The clouds block sunlight causing further cooling.

    Radiation and CO2 is almost irrelevant because of the small amount as pointed out in the blog. But radiation is electromagnetic energy not heat which the climate scientists ignore, so they claim that radiation from the lower temperature atmosphere can heat the higher temperature surface. CO2 is minor compared to water vapour but humans do not add water vapour, so the fraudsters had to use CO2 to cause the fear. The schools must be teaching reverse physics.

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