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Global Warming? No, it’s Climate Change! No, it’s Climate Crisis! No, it’s Extinction!

(Thursday blog)

I hope readers have noticed how the mouth-frothing eco-loonies keep changing their name for the supposed climate catastrophe that they keep threatening, but which never seems to come.

First they called it “Global Warming”. But then the warming stopped for about 10 years, despite desperate figure-fiddling by the ‘experts’ at the East Anglia University centre for climate studies.

No problem, the Greenies found a new name – “Climate Change”. So, whether it was hot or cold, dry or wet, snowy or not, the Greenies could claim that what we were seeing was definite proof of supposed “Climate Change”.

But there was a new problem. In 2006, Nobel Prize winner Al Gore’s film “An Inconvenient Truth” predicted all sorts of ghastly things like glaciers melting and flooding of coastal cities and so on and so forth within about 10 years (if I remember correctly). None of this happened. Moreover, none of the predictions by any other body like the IPCC or the Met Office or NOAA happened either. So, ordinary people got a bit bored of the Greenies’ fatuous, hyperventilating predictions of imminent catastrophe.

No problem. The Greenies just changed the name again. In fact they changed it twice. First to “Climate Breakdown” and then to “Climate Crisis”. The Greenies seem to have settled for the moment on “Climate Crisis” as the alliteration makes that catchy. Though, of course, some climate ‘experts’ like Mad Greta Thunberg – the new climate saint who can apparently ‘see’ CO2 even though CO2 is invisible and only makes up 400 ppm (parts per million) of the atmosphere – are now ranting on about “Extinction”

Yes, there is warming

Yesterday, there was much heat and noise from the BBC and C4 News about Britain’s ten hottest years having occurred since 2002. And it’s true that there has been some warming in the UK:

But the supposed highest temperature ever for Scotland recorded in 2018, was found to be due to an ice cream van parked near the weather station. And the 2019 highest temperature ever for Britain, which was recorded  at Cambridge University Botanical Gardens, has been shown to be partly due to massively increased urbanisation in Cambridge and due to the recent construction of the Plant Growth Facility (2004) and the Sainsbury Laboratory (2011):

Other weather stations situated a little further from the town centre came nowhere near recording record temperatures. I would humbly suggest that the nearby modern buildings will be air-conditioned and thus belching out heat into the local micro-climate.

However, there is warming. But as has been pointed out many times, this is mainly because we are moving from the Little Ice Age into the Modern Warm Period. So, of course there will be some warming:

A ‘Hearing’ where nothing will be heard?

Meanwhile today (Thursday 1 August 2019) in Boulder Colorado, the Democrats are holding a “Climate Crisis” hearing. Though, they won’t be ‘hearing’ anything as attendees will not be allowed to ask any questions or make any comments. The only people allowed to say anything at this ‘hearing’ will be the Warmie cult politicians. This Climate Crisis hearing comes after a winter with record snowfall at the Colorado ski resorts and thus a bumper year for local ski businesses, in spite of Warmie predictions that skiing would become increasingly difficult due to supposed Global Warming.

Here’s Tony Heller explaining this latest Warmie farce:

7 comments to Global Warming? No, it’s Climate Change! No, it’s Climate Crisis! No, it’s Extinction!

  • A Thorpe

    It’s all in the language. 10 hottest years since 2002 and everyone assumes it is getting hotter, but there really has been little increase in average temperatures. Average temperature has no physical meaning anyway because it is an intensive variable – it does not depend on mass – which is how this deception continues. Everybody knows what an average is and so they believe it applies to temperature in science. Try measuring the temperature of some water and some ice cubes. Work out the average and then put them in a thermos flask so there is little heat loss or gain. Wait for the ice to melt and measure the temperature. It won’t be the calculated average. It isn’t necessary to do this. It is an easy calculation and you can find examples on the internet.

    I also read that this years July peak was the highest since (I think) 1903. That was well before the loons had even thought of global warming. The same fraud continues with Arctic ice. It has been less in Spring and so that is what we are told about, but other seasons are different. The Antarctic is not mentioned because ice is increasing.

  • William Boreham

    Shortly after the News at Ten panic newscast last night, claiming the mickey mouse floods that had happened in Yorkshire over the weekend were yet more example of the global warming/climate change disaster facing the world and we in Britain must be in the forefront of saving the world from the coming catastrophe, an old mate of mine who now lives in Louth Lincolnshire e-mailed me this below:
    Now that’s a real flood and 23 dead in 20 minutes!
    Unfortunately for the doomsters – it happened in 1920!

  • Stillreading

    Thanks for that William. Who recalls the Lynmouth flood disaster of around 1950, when excessive rainfall on Exmoor resulted in a torrent of water washing away houses in the path of the river and a significant number of deaths? The remains of some of the houses were still visible when I visited a few years ago. And how about the North Sea flood disaster of 1953, which killed I believe almost 2,000 people in all, in England, Holland and Belgium? Stuff happens! It’s nature. To the ancients it was the wrath of the Gods, to Christians of earlier generations it was the wrath of just one God. I suppose to a fundamentally lay society Climate change/Global Warming/Planet Extinction whatever it’s called today, is merely the latest religion. Overall does less harm that certain other so-called religions, I suppose! The fact is that the world is still emerging from the last Ice Age so yes – the poles probably WILL melt, there WILL be widespread flooding of coastal area, etc. etc. One thing the UK COULD do is stop persistently concreting over flood plains and deliberately building houses where nature intended rainwater to drain into the soil and be absorbed by vigorous plant and tree growth.

  • Mike Green.

    There was an article in the Daily Mail online two or three weeks ago publishing facts from the Met Office no less, and showing definitively that global warming had PEAKED 16 YEARS AGO, and we were now cooling. It was of course played down – I’ve looked for it since but can’t find it. Wonder where it went?

  • David Craig

    Here’s the Daily Mail article from 2012, reporting the Met Office saying global warming had peaked–chart-prove-it.html

    But there was another Mail article in 2017 in which the Met Office said global warming was accelerating again

  • Alan Thorpe

    David – you might be interested in this article which I got from Microsoft News but is from The Guardian. It nicely links two of your blogs – climate change with Sky News Australia. I hope the link works it is about Greta Thunberg

  • Alan Thorpe

    These seemingly contradictory reports in the Mail are what is to be expected. The climate is a non-linear system and it is not predictable. If the temperature variations from ice cores are reliable there are random variations on the obvious trends between ice ages but these are on longer timescales. These will be short term variations as well. What are the seasons about if not variations in temperature that we all experience. The climate science averages it all out as if it does not happen.

    As for floods, what about the North Sea Storm Surge of 1953? That would now be a climate change disaster. But it is an natural event that can occur.

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