June 2024

What excuses are you going to make now you racism-screaming lefty idiots?

(Tuesday blog)

Last week the Office for National Statistics (ONS) published some important figures – the average hourly pay by ethnic group.

I imagine the usual virtue-signalling, UK-hating, racism-screaming progressives were eagerly awaiting these figures. After all, if the figures showed that white ethnic Brits were top of the earnings, the lefties could once again start howling about racism and white-supremacism and colonialism and imperialism and neo-colonialism and neo-imperialism and so on and so forth. Then there would be the usual demands for more ‘positive discrimination’ and all that crap.

But surprisingly, there has been virtual silence from the usual lefty mouth-frothing idiots. Why is that? It’s because the figures didn’t show what the progressive libtards expected. The figures showed that Chinese and Indians (that would be Sikhs and Hindus) earned more than whites. (Luckily Jews were not identified as an ethnic group as they would probably have come out well above all the other groups prompting lefties to start howling that Jews controlled the world etc etc etc).

The ONS figures showed: Average hourly pay by ethnic group, 2018

Chinese – £15.75

Indian –  £13.47

Mixed –  £12.33

White British –  £12.30

Other Asian –  £11.55

Black African, Caribbean, British – £10.92

Other group –  £10.92

Pakistani –  £10.00

Bangladeshi –  £9.60

Source: ONS Annual Population Survey

Anyway, these results posed a bit of a problem for the racism-screaming progressives and their sycophantic supporters at the BBC and C4 News. How could they scream ‘racism’ when two ethnic groups – the Chinese and Indians – were clearly prospering in Britain and doing better than white ethnic Brits? And so there was a deafening silence from the progressive, UK-hating lefties and the mainstream media.

The results of the ONS figures suggest something we all (apart from the racism-screaming progressives) know – that the success and failure of different ethnic groups is due to their culture and practices. The Chinese and Indians, for example, tend to value the importance of education and family more than some other ethnic groups.

Now let’s look at just two key characteristics of some ethnic groups:

Single parenting: According to the ONS, almost half the black children in Britain are being raised by single parents. Single parent families families are less common among Indians (ten per cent), Bangladeshis (12 per cent), Pakistanis (13 per cent), Chinese (15 per cent) and whites (22 per cent)

Educational achievement: In English and Maths GCSE (to take one of many measurements studied by the ONS) the percentages achieving and A* to C were as follows – Chinese – 83%: Indian – 77%: white British 63%: Black – 59%: Pakistani – 58%.

I could also mention that, while British Pakistanis account for just 3% of births, due to the prevalence of first-cousin marriages they account for about 30% of birth defects and lead to lower IQ levels. But perhaps it’s best not to go there today.

So, mouth-frothing, progressive, lefty libtard idiots – it would seem that different ethnicities’ earnings are mainly linked to their family values and educational achievements and have absolutely nothing to do with supposed ‘waaacccciiisssmmmm’ as you idiots so often claim.

I rest my case.

4 comments to What excuses are you going to make now you racism-screaming lefty idiots?

  • A Thorpe

    There is something else that could be added to the list but I do not know if there is a survey. It is that all the street sleepers seem to be white British.

  • David Craig

    Or white Poles, or white Romanians……..

  • loppoman

    and another ….
    They drive the most expensive cars!

  • brian rodney harwood

    The Chinese who are at the top of this pay-list, appear to have no interest whatsoever in the politics of the UK. As far as I know there is not one MP who come from their ‘ community ‘.

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