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France’s new national hobby?

(Monday blog)

Dump Charles – save the monarchy

First a quick explanation. Some readers may have got the impression that I was against Britain having a monarchy after my weekend blog lambasting the (IMHO) useless, whining, self-obsessed drip Prince Charles. In fact, I strongly support Britain having a monarchy. After all, the idea of a President Blair and First Lady Cherie is enough to make one vomit.

My concern is that Charles is not a fit and proper person to be king. He is (IMHO) a snivelling, intellectually-challenged waste of skin who has made himself a laughing stock in spite of having spent a fortune on public relations consultants (including, I believe, one of my ex-girlfriends) to improve his image.

For the sake of preserving the monarchy, I believe Charles should step aside, retire to his £400m inherited fortune taking the charming Camilla with him and make way for William and Kate to follow the Queen when she pops her clogs. That would be the way to save the monarchy. But having Charles as king could destroy it.

Bienvenue en France – il fait chaud

As millions head off for holiday, here’s a map of a country which is a favourite destination for many Brits:

Most readers will recognise which country this is. However, if you’re one of those ignoramuses who recently qualified from one of our ‘bums on seats’, ‘everyone gets a first’ useless polys pretending to be a university, then I’ll explain that the country is called France and it’s quite near Britain. In fact, it’s just on the other side of a stretch of water called the ‘English Channel’ (or ‘La Manche’ in French).

Can you see all the red marks of the map? What do you think they indicate? Good restaurants? Traditional hotels? Special tourist destinations? Garlic farms? Where to get the best foie gras? No, no and no.

These red marks indicate Catholic churches that have been desecrated and/or set on fire:

The situation is now so bad that in March 2019, France’s central criminal intelligence service, SCRC, reported that there were approximately 875 acts of vandalism against Catholic churches just in 2018.

The Ministry of the Interior recorded 1,063 anti-Christian incidents in 2018 (up from 1,038 in 2017) though not all of these would have been attacks on churches. To put this in context, while there were 1,063 anti-Christian incidents in France in 2018, there were 541 antisemitic incidents (up from 311 in 2017 – a 74% increase) but there were only around 100 anti-Muslim incidents – the lowest figure recorded.

So, anti-Christian and anti-semitic incidents are increasing and anti-Muslim incidents decreasing.

This is extraordinary. This is beyond extraordinary. Can you imagine the outcry and the howls of mouth-frothing rage from the progressive libtards and the mainstream media if just a few mosques in France were vandalised or set on fire in one year? We’d never hear the end of it. And the BBC and C4 News would have investigation after investigation into so-called ‘Izlumophobia’ and ‘racism’ in France. And the progressive elites would blame Maine Le Pen and Nigel Farage and Viktor Orban and, of course, Donald Trump for encouraging the supposed ‘far-right’ and naziism and so on and so forth.

Of course, we don’t know for certain who vandalised and/or set fire to so many churches. It could have been Catholics themselves? Or Buddhists? Or Zoroastrians? Or Trekkies? Or it could have been ……… Who knows? Despite there being so many attacks – more than two a day, almost 17 a week – the French police seem to have been unable to identify any of those involved in any of the 875 attacks. Hmmm.

But what is incredible, but depressingly predictable, is that there has been almost total mainstream media silence over these attacks. There have been no BBC or C4 News investigations. We haven’t seen Jon Snow or Cathy Newman or the little fat guy with the long name, who seems to me to hate Britain, their faces contorted with fury as they rage against the scum who have carried out all these religiously-inspired attacks against Catholic churches. Nope. Total silence from Jon Snow and Kathy Newman and the little fat guy with the long name, who seems to me to hate Britain.

That brings us to this year. On March 17 2019, the famous Saint Sulpice church in Paris mysteriously caught fire:

Fortunately the fire was extinguished before too much damage was caused. The French police, of course, have no idea how the fire started and whether it was arson.

Then almost exactly one month later, on 15 April 2019, Notre Dame cathedral in Paris caught fire causing hundreds of millions of euros of damage:

This time we were quickly assured that the fire was an accident caused by builders working in the cathedral. All suggestions that the fire was arson, were immediately dismissed by those in power – the same people who have failed to find any of those responsible for the 875 attacks on churches during 2018 and the many other attacks so far in 2019.

So, while it’s clear that the 875 attacks on French churches were all committed by persons unknown, we are asked to believe that the the Saint Sulpice fire will forever remain a mystery and that the Notre Dame fire is clearly and obviously an accident.

I wonder how many attacks on France’s 40,000 or so churches there will be this year where the French police are totally unable to identify the culprits. And I wonder how many mysterious fires there will be in French churches this year that French leaders claim are due to accidents.

4 comments to France’s new national hobby?

  • Chris Dark

    Leftists hate Christianity because its truths expose them for what they are. So the attacks will continue, on and on, until Christianity has been purged from the West (let alone France), leaving us with a questionable religion of peace. While we have the likes of the MSM covering up these vile deeds, people will be none the wiser; and unless the tide turns, they will wake up one day to find Christianity obliterated and a new age of darkness upon them. It sounds rather poetic but the reality will be very bloody if we don’t act.

  • William Boreham

    Sort of brings into focus the demise of the Catholic Church. They have lost the almost absolute authority they had in many European countries. Being exposed as being full of perverts, paedophiles and sadistic nuns didn’t help I suppose. My family was Catholic and I recall my sister had a visit from the local priest six months after she was married inquiring how come she wasn’t pregnant! Now once Catholic countries like Spain, Italy and Ireland, (as with the rest of Europe) have given up having babies, hence it has now become inevitable that Western Europe at least will become Islamic sooner rather than later. Seems a secular society is ill equipped to fight the relentless onslaught of an implacable foe, despite knowing full well what a barbaric, primitive and laughably crazy creed they represent.

  • A Thorpe

    I agree about President Blair but we still had him and he still makes his presence felt. I do not believe that a modern democracy can have an unelected head of state. In some ways Charles is better than the Queen because we know his views. At least there is some sense of an elected president in the EU but nobody considers the election to be democratic except the EU. Look at some of our unelected prime ministers and their cabinet. I don’t expect to be impressed by the next one, whoever it is and others waiting in the wings are even worse. Adam Smith had the right idea – governments just make things worse. It is time the state was cut down to size and we have the freedom to run our own lives.

  • tomsks

    As the chaos endures via continued hegelian dialectic the rising new world leader and his hordes via their useful idiots in the media/politics etc will turn the agenda towards christians, genuine christians that is, the ones who wont deviate from the bible and acknowledge all roads lead to God, the ones who believe the words of Jesus when He said ‘no man goes to the Father but by me’ amongst other things. They will be blamed for division and hunted down into concentration camps, they will also not take th emark ( Revelation 13v16 ) and will be hunted down even more.

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