April 2024

Globalism vs nationalism – the greatest struggle of our times?

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Day after day there is much heat and noise in the media about Trump, Brexit, supposed ‘Global Warming’ (or Climate Change or whatever it’s called this week), immigration, Izlumophobia etc etc.

But behind it all there is a very straightforward conflict – the conflict between Globalism and Nationalism.

Globalists believe:

  • countries and nationalists are the source of war
  • most electorates are ‘deplorables’ – narrow-minded, backward, ignorant and xenophobic
  • democracy is an outmoded concept that has passed its sell-by date due to the stupidity of most electorates
  • the multi-millionaire elites know best what’s good for us
  • there is a need to eradicate the concept of communities and countries
  • all cultures are equal in spite of the obvious superiority of Western civilisation

Here are some of the world’s leading Globalists:

And Globalists want to control all our futures by doing things like:

  • ignoring the results of any democratic votes that conflict with their policies
  • handing power to unelected, transnational organisations like the EU and the United Nations
  • removing borders and increasing immigration to dilute national identities
  • forcing diversity and multi-culturalism down people’s throats
  • destroying the careers and livelihoods of anyone they can brand as Climate Change deniers or waaacccciiissssts
  • crushing free speech by criminalising any criticism of their policies as ‘hate thought’ and ‘hate crimes’

Nationalists, on the other hand, believe:

  • people want to belong to clearly identified communities
  • people want to feel pride in their cultures, countries and history
  • politicians are elected to represent the interests of voters
  • unelected, undemocratic transnational bodies like the EU and United nations are often self-serving, wasteful and corrupt
  • excessive diversity can lead to a breakdown in social cohesion and to conflict
  • politicians should respect the results of democratic votes
  • people should always have the power to vote out politicians who work against their interests

So, whenever you see politicians and media talking heads spouting off about what we common people want, there’s just one question to ask yourself: are they Globalists or Nationalists?

Once you know on which side of this conflict they are, then their views on everything from trade to climate change to immigration to democracy become clear and predictable.

I don’t normally recommend videos longer than about 3 minutes. But this 16-minute video from Black Pigeon so clearly lays out the biggest issue of our times – the conflict between Globalism and Nationalism – that I believe it’s worth watching at least a few minutes of it:

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