July 2024

England’s heroes to fly home

(Thursday blog)

England’s heroes will soon be coming home.

After their heroic efforts, they can return to Britain with their heads held high. We should all salute their courage and skill.

What? You thought I meant some football team?

No, I meant the cave rescuers who have been in Thailand risking their own lives to help free the young Thai boys trapped in a flooded cave system. They have shown true courage. They are true heroes. And now their job is done, they’re coming home.

Two hours wasted watching England’s feeble flops

Oh, of course, there was also some football game last night. England, a country whose national game is football and which has a population of over 50 million, managed to lose a football match against Croatia – population a mere 4 million. Yet, in spite of England’s population advantage of having a potential talent pool over 12 times that of Croatia, England’s feeble flops managed to lose.

Croatia played some good attacking football. England mainly passed the ball around in their own half as if afraid to confront the opposing team. Even when England were up near Croatia’s goal they often ended up passing the ball back to their own goalkeeper. Brave? Heroic? Or cowardly and  pathetic?

As for England’s supposed ‘great victory’ over Sweden. Sweden’s population is around 9 million and its national game is ice hockey. So, it’s hardly surprising England managed to beat them.

Of course, all the mainstream media will be telling us that the England team are ‘heroes’ and ‘young lions’ and ‘brave’ etc etc etc. But they aren’t. They’re just a bunch of overpaid primadonnas who aren’t really motivated to win. Hence they continually get thrashed by footballing minnows like Iceland and Croatia.

With its 50 million+ population and football being its national game, statistically speaking England should be winning about one in every five World Cups. That England fails to do so says much about England’s inability to assemble a team which actually wants to, and will fight to, win.

In fact, many England players don’t even want to play in the national ream and would much rather be taking luxury holidays before the next football season starts. Other national teams take pride in representing their country. For some overpaid England players, national games are just an unwelcome inconvenience.

A nation of losers?

Apart from the courageous cave rescuers, we seem to have become a nation of losers. We’ve lost national pride and we’ve lost national courage. This is, of course, best seen in treacherous Theresa the Turd Polisher’s abject surrender to the German Fourth Reich (aka the EU).

It’s ironic that in the week that we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Royal Air Force we surrender to Germany.

What happened to our once great nation?

And here, to cheer us up on yet another week of national mourning, is a truly great Englishman – Nigel Farage – a man who has bravely fought for over 20 years against the massed opposition of the Establishment and their sycophantic mainstream media to restore our national sovereignty and national pride:

6 comments to England’s heroes to fly home

  • Eddie John

    Pretty much like tennis. Millions poured into it and apart from Murray much the same result. Plenty of people at the top of these organisations on huge slalaries though , but dont question whats going on. So typical of much of this country , throw as much money at it as possible and dont question the results.
    You might wonder why the likes of the EUBBC who are so much in love with SW19 ( FFS ) dont ask why we are so sh*t at tennis.

  • David Craig

    It’s even worse than you say. Murray was only successful because his family bypassed the British tennis Establishment with his training and development. The millions that have been hosed into the LTA have disappeared into bureaucrats’ bank accounts and just given us a succession of unmotivated losers.

  • A Thorpe

    Farage is wrong. We do not have a Conservative Party anymore except in name. Major start the change to convert it to a socialist party and all it has to offer is socialist policies. Britain in now in terminal decline.

    The great trading nation has been destroyed by socialism and now we cannot even win a football match. Two world wars did not help but one look at our balance of trade since 1945 shows that we have not generated little wealth for over 70 years. Our standard of living is financed by state and government debt and now some of the highest paid in the country cannot do what they are paid for – win a game of football.

    I think Trump should tell May that she and the rest of the polticians are turning Britain into the same sort of shit hole as he sees in Africa.

  • David Brown

    Treason May would perfectly happy to destroy the Conservative Party.
    It took her ten months to send article 50 notice of leaving the EU. A delay tactic given time for legal challenges to be mounted.

  • Rob

    What do you expect from a population where nearly half voted to be controlled froma foreign power and slowly destroy their democracy? How many scotish people were cheering Croatia but still voted no in their independence ref in 2015? The irony, pathetic the lot of them.

  • tomsk

    So here we have a bunch of young lads who took us further in the world cup than the ‘Im in love with myself high maintenence god (small g ) Beckham, Terry, Ferdinand, Rooney etc ever did. MInd you, we only beat pub teams, anyone decent like Belgium amd Croatia we lost too. Non the less the dead wood is gone and the potential is there. ALl we have to do now is stop singing the UK anthem and help thick England fans realise that it aint the England anthem.The cave divers on a fraction of the wonga are indeed the real heroes.

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