April 2024

Treacherous Theresa the Turd Polisher

(Monday blog)

Let’s all give thanks to Boris Johnson for daring to call a “turd” a “turd”.

Most of us probably don’t have a clue about the finer details of Theresa the Appeaser’s 100-page proposal on our future relationship with the wasteful, corrupt, undemocratic, West-hating EU. So, we should be grateful to Boris for giving us the ‘bottom line’ – it’s a turd:

I guess we always knew the ruling elites would keep us tied to the EU as a vassal region of a resurgent German Fourth Reich. But still, it may come as a shock to many when they realise the extent of our rulers’ betrayal of the result of a democratic referendum.

What’s even more worrying is that, under May’s plan, Britain will be entering negotiations with from a position of total capitulation to Adolf Merkel, her Useless Drunk and the UK-hating Barnier. So, after the supposed ‘negotiations’, we’re going to end up with an agreement that is even worse than the “turd”.

We should respect Brexit Minister, David Davis, for resigning in protest at being sidelined as negotiator and replaced by a pro-EU Remaniac civil servant who will give in to every demand from the Fourth Reich.

So now, to try to cover up the extent of her betrayal, Theresa will be hastily getting out the turd polish:

And she’ll be polishing away to try to put some shine on her 100-page turd.

Perhaps she’ll even succeed and get the backing of her self-serving, expense-fiddling, troughing, UK-loathing, democracy-despising MPs?

But she’ll have betrayed Britain.

But then, I guess we always knew she would. After all, she’s a Remoaner – always has been and always will be:

Come back Nigel – your country needs you!

9 comments to Treacherous Theresa the Turd Polisher

  • NoMore

    Even my mother who’s never voted for anyone except Tory ever is now talking about voting for UKIP. Scales finally falling from eyes everywhere but will it last? Meanwhile the Nasties are busy maneouvring their next EU shill in pole position ready for when Treason falls by the wayside having given her all for her Globalist masters. Clue – it’s a M*slim.

  • William Boreham

    Martin Howe QC, an expert on EU law, exposes the true consequences of Mad May’s unconditional surrender.

  • William Boreham

    A summary of Howe’s document:

    The Chequers proposals would involve the permanent continuation in the UK of all EU laws which relate to goods, their composition, their packaging, how they are tested etc etc in order to enable goods to cross the UK/EU border without controls. All goods on the UK manufactured in the UK for the UK domestic market, or imported from non-EU countries, would be permanently subject to these controls.
    There would be a general obligation to alter these laws in future whenever the EU alters its own laws, with a mechanism for Parliament to block such changes which is probably theoretical rather than practical.
    This would put the EU in a position to fashion its rules relating to goods so as to further the interests of continental producers against UK competitors, when we will have no right to vote on those rules.
    The obligation to follow the EU rulebook for goods would gravely impair our ability to conduct an independent trade policy. In particular, it will prevent us from including Mutual Recognition Agreements for goods in trade treaties and this is likely to destroy the prospect of successfully achieving meaningful agreements with some of the prime candidates such as the USA and Australia.
    These proposals therefore lead directly to a worst-of-all-worlds “Black Hole” Brexit where the UK is stuck permanently as a vassal state in the EU’s legal and regulatory tarpit, still has to obey EU laws and ECJ rulings across vast areas, cannot develop an effective international trade policy or adapt our economy to take advantage of the freedom of Brexit, and has lost its vote and treaty vetos rights as an EU Member State.

  • Julia Green

    IT’S WAR NOW. The lying, scheming, treacherous Soros scum in the Tory party are gambling on support because ‘Corbyn is a worse prospect’ – no he isn’t. If the scum Tories lost tomorrow, they’d get the shock of their miserable lives, we’d have to suffer a few years of Corbyn’s comedy government but millions of stupid Labour voters would get a taste of what Labour is really all about. It has to happen occasionally, it happened in the 70’s and the result was a PROPER Tory, Margaret Thatcher. So, let’s get on with it.

  • Stillreading

    Too right Julia! All we Brexiteers suspected from the start that Treacherous Theresa would sell us down river (probably shouldn’t say that, should I, with all its racist connotations?). Now we know. We were right. A few years of Corbyn wreaking havoc with the economy before being ousted by someone (male or female) with some (figurative) cojones, such as Thatcher, would be a price worth paying when compared with servile submission to the EU into perpetuity which is what May is now offering. Might show some of the libtard leftie young what life’s about too!

  • A Thorpe

    Don’t forget that the treachery started with Cameron. He promised to stay on to implement the referendum whatever the result. He resigned and walked back into No 10 singing. One point in Cameron’s favour is that he did see that these proposals are the worst outcome. He said there was no point in voting to leave and then staying in the single market because we would have no influence. Of course, we have no idea what he would have done if he had stayed on. He put himself into an impossible situation by saying he would resign anyway before the next election so he could not have seen the negotiations to the end. We vote for these idiots so we have to accept the consequences.

    I believe in the end we will not leave the EU and whilst many will think this is the best solution they are deluded because we cannot continue on the old basis. We will be forced into the Euro and we will have the rebate taken away, just for starters.

    If we do get Corbyn for a few years there will be no recovery of the economy. We are already on the edge of collapse in my view. Nothing has been done for decades to get our trade into a surplus. We have massive debt to pay off. We cannot pay our way as a country and yet we expect living standards to be financed by debt. It cannot go on and when it collapses we will be in austerity for decades.

  • Mr J G Fields

    This is the biggest betrayal on record,and she is one
    treacherous,scheming lady, plus being the worst Prime
    Minister on record. Now is the time for those
    Conservative M.P’s who are true Brexiteers to become
    Kamikaze pilots and crash this rotten government.
    Failing that the terrorist lovers,Corbyn and McDonnell
    have a great chance of leading the next Labour
    government. The thought of the future makes you want to be sick.

  • chris

    Treason Act 1351

    Whereas divers Opinions have been before this Time [X1in what Case Treason shall be said, and in what not;] the King, at the Request of the Lords and of the Commons, hath made a Declaration in the Manner as hereafter followeth, ……. or if a Man do levy War against our Lord the King in his Realm, or be adherent to the King’s Enemies in his Realm, giving to them Aid and Comfort in the Realm

    Theresa is a Deep State operative like Obama, Clintons 1 and 2,Bush 1 and 2, Merkel and Macron and more. Treason charges are the only answer.

    You need to check out Q

  • George T covers todays news shenanigans. Novichok or Fentanyl? Whole story to try and undermine, Trump and Putin meeting. What a despicable bunch of politicians we have dictating in Britain today.At 40 mins on the Video Clip, our none exit Brexit proposed by the ‘Quisling’ Teresa May.I always knew she would stab us in the back.

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