August 2020
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An apology to President Trump

(weekend blog)

Dear President Trump,

As you prepare to visit Britain, I would like to apologise. On behalf of all politically-aware, patriotic, decent Brits I would like to apologise to you.

I would like to apologise for the flood of abuse you have received from the British mainstream media and supposedly ‘leading’ commentators ever since you declared your candidacy for the US presidency. I would like to apologise for the British media’s sycophantic grovelling to Barack “all-talk-no-trousers” Obama. I would like to apologise for the bias in all British media in favour of crooked, self-serving Hilary Clinton.

Many, perhaps the majority, of decent patriotic Brits were delighted when you defeated the US Establishment’s candidate, the appalling Clinton, in spite of Clinton massively outspending your campaign and having the support of most of the US media. You, President Trump, defeated Clinton against all the odds. President Trump, you are a true fighter and a true winner.

I would also like to apologise for the torrent of scorn and mouth-frothing insults hurled at you daily by our political leaders and the biased British media ever since you became President. I would like to apologise that our treacherous, democracy-hating rulers and media have no understanding of ideas like patriotism or national pride.

On behalf of all decent, patriotic politically-aware Brits, I would like to thank you President Trump. I would like to thank you for daring to stand up for Western values and Western civilisation. You, along with Viktor Orban in Hungary, Sebastian Kurz in Austria and Matteo Salvini in Italy realise that you have been put in power to serve the will of the people who elected you. While you seek to protect all the achievements of Western civilisation, many of our rulers try to impose their own West-hating, globalist, Islamophiliac views on us suppressing any criticism of their policies, destroying free speech and replacing us with an invading army of largely illiterate, largely unemployable, largely violent, parasitic Third-Worlders who have nothing except crime, violence, poverty and misery to contribute to our society.

Dear President Trump, we all know that your visit will be met with massive protests from braindead, fascist, free-speech-hating, screaming libtards. Please ignore them. In spite of all their noise and fury, they represent a tiny, but unfortunately vociferous, minority. Our biased media will play up the protests and all sorts of vacuous celebs will jump on the anti-Trump bandwagon. But please ignore these fools. Please ignore their ranting hatred for everything Western civilisation has given them.

I believe that during your visit you’ll be avoiding political pygmy Sadiq Khan’s London. I don’t blame you. After all, why would anyone want to visit violent, dangerous total sh*tholes like Karachi or Mogadishu? And given that the (IMHO) puffed-up, self-important little turd running London is trying to turn our once great capital city into a British version of Karachi/Mogadishu, why would anyone in their right mind want to go there?

So, President Trump. In spite of all the noise and fury and insults and media bias which will greet your visit, please remember that the majority of decent, patriotic, politically-aware Brits welcome you to our country.

9 comments to An apology to President Trump

  • Jean Ash

    Sadly, every word is true….. Would that our Prime Minister was like President Trump….

  • Stillreading

    Well said! I endorse every word. Utterly deplorable that Sadik Khan has sanctioned the “peaceful protest” of an enormous blimp caricaturing Trump being flown over Parliament Square during his visit. I am ashamed of my country. Had Boris sanctioned a similar protest during Obama’s visit to the UK you can imagine the howls of “racism…” which would have been raised. Possibly even prosecutions.

  • Daveh

    Bang on David.

  • NoMore

    Hear hear

  • Warren Woolfe

    We should organise a Welcome March for President Trump. Give us, the silent majority in the UK, an opportunity to show our support for the President of America, the leader of our greatest war time and peace time friend. Khan has it all wrong. We love the USA, warts and all, so let’s march and beat the drum of Welcome for a President who is making the world safer and returning his own country to it’s former greatness.

  • Mr J G Fields

    Thank you Mr.Craig.
    I think that we should become the 51st state then
    we could have some real leadership.
    It is obvious that Mrs May has sold us down the river.
    We have been totally betrayed. Leave means leave in my
    book. There will be a price to pay at the next election.

  • Judd

    Word for word, well said David.

    President Trump is warmly welcomed by the backbone of the nation, most of whom including yours truly will of course be working their socks off during the visit, just as they have done all their lives, they have to work twice as hard in order to pay enough taxes to keep half the screaming mob who will be there in benefits and subsidies.

    I hope President Trump will be meeting Nigel Farage, especially now the jumped up nobodys have made it their ambition to tell The President who he must not meet, maybe they’ll send a vanload of political coppers to arrest Nige on some spurious charges, they have form for this.

  • NoMore

    I took great pleasure in donating towards the Sadiq Khan Baby inflatable that will (freedom of expression right Sadiq?) be going up alongside the Trump one. Might well be a Brexit one alongside it too.

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