July 2024

Add 2 + 2. But what is the politically-correct answer?

(Thursday/Friday blog)

The best satire takes us into absurdity, but is also firmly based on underlying truths.

The video below – a video for our progressive libtard times when feelings are more important than facts – is 9 minutes, but worth watching all the way through:

3 comments to Add 2 + 2. But what is the politically-correct answer?

  • Stillreading

    Bizarre as it is, it nevertheless hits a bit too near the truth to be actually amusing. We already have “safe places” in universities, where the self-styled academically elite (i.e. those who have scraped together sufficient mediocre-grade A levels to get a place at a university – probably one which has been elevated from its previous status as a technical college) can congregate without risk of their juvenile or leftish views being challenged. Today we hear again about the move to make Oxford and Cambridge more “socially inclusive”, meaning they are to be expected to accept students who just won’t be up to the academic rigour demanded. Socially and financially disadvantaged, State educated youngsters have always been able to obtain Oxbridge places if they show sufficient aptitude; one of my children did some 30 years ago and at the time our single-parent family could scarcely have been more hard-up and “disadvantaged”. I fear we in the UK are now experiencing the demise of a once proud, courageous nation, sacrificed on the altar of political correctness and an academic decline to the lowest common denominator. A digression, but on the subject of income and expenditure, we constantly hear how desperately hard-up is the younger generation, yet I heard an item on R4 today pertaining to the vast number of periodic direct debit payments regularly taken from bank accounts merely because people are too casual or idle to be bothered regularly to check their outgoings! Astonishing! No one who by default is paying for Amazon Prime or gym membership which they’ve forgotten they have and do not use can be considered hard up. And it’s my bet that the vast majority of these will be people of working age. We so-called “rich” pensioners have to be far more careful about our expenditure!

  • Stillreading

    More education news today – the proposed extension of grammar school facilities for secondary pupils. Naturally the lefties are already opposing such a suggestion vigorously. There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that in many areas of the UK basic secondary education is abysmal, yet no one has the guts to address the fundamental reason for this, which is that political correctness allied to “children’s rights” have resulted in teachers being totally impotent when dealing with disruption in the classroom. I speak advisably, two family members currently enduring the daily hell which is teaching in a the run of the mill State secondary school. So of course parents who care about their children’s future desperately seek an alternative and when they are able, they pay out thousands per annum to secure it. Those who care but don’t have the cash to buy private education watch in desperation as their children sink further down the food chain, dealing not only with disruption within the classrooms which impedes learning, but bullying and violence from their peers both within and outside the school gates. When and whence will a politician appear on the UK scene with the courage to speak out and tackle this problem? A few million spent on grammar schools won’t do it; that’s merely papering over cracks in the system, when a total rebuild is required. And incidentally, why, Oh why, are we permitting establishment of ever more “faith” schools, only too often a synonym for bigotry and the nurturing of terrorist tendencies?

  • Mark M

    I’m sorry, but that video has clearly been made by libtards. And that’s one of the most annoying things about them – they think their viewpoints are being shut down even though virtually every part of the news and media is biased in their favour.

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