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“It has never been more difficult to be a young person” Bollox, more bollox and triple bollox!

(weekend blog)

All week BBC TV and radio have been running programmes about the psychological problems young people are supposedly having due to the ‘pressures of modern life”. And sure enough, the lead story on BBC Breakfast on Sunday morning was “Government to launch new drive to help young people with mental health problems”.

Of course, the BBC were blaming the Government for “not providing sufficient mental health support for young people” as various BBC reporters whined about “long waiting times” and a “postcode lottery” and “betraying young people” and the “risk of suicide” etc etc

To support their case, the BBC managed to produce an almost endless stream of stupid, ‘we’re-all-victims’, libtard ‘experts’ and ‘psychologists’ and ‘youth mental health support workers’ and suchlike who all bleated on about how “It has never been more difficult to be a young person”. And of course, there were also plenty of yoof interviewed moaning about how complex and challenging their lives are.

“Bollox” I thought “double bollox and triple bollox”.

All this bleating and whining and blethering and moaning was apparently due to some new report by some mental health charity which claimed:

  • A tenth of girls aged 16 and 17 were in contact with mental health or learning disability services last year
  • Figures from the NHS, published for the first time, show that 69,000 girls in the age group, or 11 per cent, were referred to the services, including those offering assessment or treatment for autism
  • There were 52,000 boys in the same age range — eight per cent — with open referrals
  • NHS Digital said that the true figure for people younger than 18 could be higher. The numbers do not include people being treated for mental health conditions by their family doctor

A spokesman for the NSPCC said: “These findings sadly reflect what children have told our Childline service, with one in three counselling sessions last year relating to mental and emotional health and wellbeing issues.”

OK, I’m lucky. Being a babyboomer, I haven’t had to go and fight in any wars. But I rather suspect that those sent to fight in the trenches had slightly more difficult things to cope with in their (usually brief) lives than today’s yoof:

I do agree that with massive student debt and ludicrously-high house prices (due to uncontrolled immigration) young people have some problems that previous generations may not have had.

But in general, I rather suspect that today’s self-obsessed, narcissistic, social-media-addicted, snowflakes have a much better life than most previous generations:

Oh dear. Sorry snowflakes. Have I offended you? You’d better report me to the police for a ‘hate crime’. How about ‘snowflakophobia’? Yes, I must be a ‘snowflakophobe’ because I have dared criticise the snowflake generation. And the snowflake generation cannot cope with any criticism or with anyone who doesn’t agree with their ‘we-love-Jeremy’, ‘all-immigrants-are-welcome’, ‘all borders-should-be-torn-down’ views.

5 comments to “It has never been more difficult to be a young person” Bollox, more bollox and triple bollox!

  • chris

    The BBC is a propaganda machine. Like all of the main stream media, it does not report news impartially. Through its programmes and (so called) news bulletins it creates stories and promotes ideas which (in my view) undermine any natural cohesion in society. It is (in my view, deliberately) targeting a particular generation and engendering feeble-mindedness, hostility, confusion and uncertainty. This propaganda is particularly aimed at genders, families, religions and countries. The aim of those who are directing the media is ultimately to control by fear and destruction of natural family, or nation bonds.

    Just imagine what would have happened in the second world war if the media and people of this nation reacted the way they do now to a national enemy. Resident Germans would not have been banished to the Isle of Man. They would have been allowed (and illogically protected by hate crime laws) to parade in the streets advocating surrender to the distorted laws, hate, opinions and racism of the Third Reich. Just watch Dads’ Army to see how we reacted then to the “Germans”

    If you look at society I believe you will see the tentacles of a faction intending to control society. It’s everywhere. Why are silly driver-less cars (mobile robots)being heavily promoted? It seems to me that they are the biggest threat to freedom. They will enable control of individual free movement to a massive extent. Just imagine the restrictions and/or taxes which could be arbitrarily imposed by government /councils/tfl/Highways/police/debt recovery agencies/car makers etc. Imagine the legal and illegal hacking of those driver-less car’s computers. Driver-less cars must also be electric so will the cost of electricity increase to compensate government for the loss of tax on petrol? Where are the power stations? Windmills? Solar?

    Too many people don’t think enough for themselves and blindly believe our freedom is rock solid. Often obsessed with the nonsense on their phones.

    Intentionally or not the BBC is working against our best interests. It denies freedom of speech by use of audience control on QT. It promotes, so called, liberal ideals but those ideals are not liberal, they are stalinist. It denies debate on global warming. It uses ludicrous arguments like “settled science” to deny alternative views. In other words the BBC only broadcasts its own view of the World.

  • Dave H

    You touched on one of the biggest threats coming our way, Tax !when you consider plans are underway for an E.U national insurance for everyone there will be no stopping them taxing people for every penny; bearing in mind soon all new cars will be fitted with an imobilising chip they will know exactly when and where you drive, if they let you.
    You tube Agenda 21 and the Kalergi plan …
    this is happening now with mass immigration.
    We should be very worried.

  • Barry Foster

    I’m 58, and troubled youth is over half a century away now. I had my own problems, along with other people my age at the time. I think we have different sets of problems with each generation of teenager. The problem is (some would say ‘ironically’) many of the problems faced by kids today are of the making of those who think they’re doing good! Telling kids they can be anything they like (making them aspirational) is a terrible thing to do. Equally saying you might ‘be’ male or female, when there are ONLY two genders isn’t helping them at all! It’s better to say to a kid that you are what you are, mostly because of your inherited genes. Be aspirational, but be realistic – the vast majority of kids don’t become footballers or get a useless award at a backslapping luvvy event. Study well, but certainly not hard. Get a job you enjoy, and take care of yourself health-wise. It isn’t necessary to get a degree, to have kids, or be successful. Be content that you’ve been given a chance to live out a life in some far flung corner of the Universe, and never do anything that couldn’t shorten that life. Sometimes you’ll be lucky, sometimes you won’t. Learn from the mistakes you make (and you will!), and that of others. Never do anything you don’t want to do, unless it brings happiness to someone you love. Don’t believe 95% of what you read, and NEVER believe anything without evidence. Above all and everything, be happy.
    For some reason or other, I also want to say ‘Wear sunscreen’!

  • Stillreading

    The problem is that very many of them are being expected to achieve academically beyond their innate capabilities and to acquire a personal appearance which is beyond all but the most exceptionally beautiful or handsome. Add to that the normal insecurities of adolescence (which previously began around the age of thirteen, but now seems to begin at ten!) allied to the multiple evils of “social media” and you have the perfect recipe for catastrophic mental instability. A lot can be laid at the door of “Education, Education, Education, 90% of youngers must go to University” Blair. The consequence is that almost every 20-something Jack & Jill has a “degree” -although judging by some of those I see and hear in the media and the streets, they can scarcely string together two words of their cradle tongue grammatically. It is now increasingly becoming essential to have a Masters in order to demonstrate what was previously first-degree capability. So a further year or two of accruing debt.
    These school leavers are being pushed, cajoled, almost blackmailed into building up debts of £50K plus for some worthless so-called degree which will get them nowhere in life. Of course, they are also the “want, want, want” generation, who have never known true hardship of the kind known to my grandparents. Or indeed the rationing-induced hardship of WW2 and its aftermath, which I remember well. “Poverty” these days seems to mean your trainers aren’t “designer”, but come from a local market and the TV at home isn’t the latest all dancing and singing model. Perhaps it means that your mother and father (if there is one) smoke and drink away the benefits money rather than providing you with breakfast and this is, of course, a national disgrace which the government should be addressing but won’t, because to do so just could be construed as politically incorrect or even racist.
    There’s no doubt at all that modern life, as it affects the young, is fractured. I know through reliable contacts in the health professions that self-harming, often multiple cutting of an arm, frequently starving or binge eating followed by vomiting, is reaching epidemic proportions in the young. I was bullied at school. I have friends who were bullied, sometimes quite severely, but the thought of abusing our own bodies never crossed our minds. But at least, before the days of smart-phones and social media, it could be a case of out of sight, out of mind. Now the bullying can be 24/7.

  • Barry Foster

    Yes, I can echo that. I’m glad to say that not a single member of my family, nor my wife’s immediate family, have gone to University, and yet they’ve all managed to get good jobs. I never went either, but have had a good career that has paid well. Our young should be given advice that all that matters is to stay healthy and happy. You can be an airline pilot, air traffic controller, journalist, commodities or equities trader, all without a degree.

    The only thing I would say is that there is pressure on our young to be attractive and fashionable. That wasn’t a factor when I was kid in the late 1960s, early 70s. We didn’t have to conform at all. In fact, there was a social advantage to being a ‘drop out’. And the price of owning a home now is just crazy – I do feel sorry for them about that. Having said that, so many of our young are incredibly stupid – believing in Liberal rubbish and skewed science. The pure crap that is practiced at some Universities about slavery, our history, and the use of pronouns leads me to think there is no hope for our young whatsoever.

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