May 2024

Racial discrimination? Yet more total bollox!

I thought that by writing about Transgenderism, Izlumophobia and Man-Made Global Warming yesterday, I had dealt with the three areas of biggest bollox being forced on us by our virtue-signalling, West-hating, politically-correct ruling elites. How wrong I was. I forgot about supposed racial discrimination.

As you probably know, yesterday the UK government has published what was billed as “one of the world’s most extensive audits of racial disparity”. When she announced the audit, back in August, the prime minister promised it would make for “difficult reading”.

Of course, as soon as the report was published, the usual self-aggrandising, holier-than-thou, preachy c*nts were all over our TV claiming that the report showed that Britain was “institutionally racist” and as usual demanded more laws to control what we plebs did and thought. But then something amazing happened. One day later, the report seems to have disappeared almost without trace. Imagine that – a report supposedly proving Britain was “institutionally racist” not being mentioned on most media less than 24 hours after the results were known.

How could this happen?

It happened because, in reality, the report shows that the opposite is true – not only is Britain NOT institutionally racist, but certain immigrant groups actually perform much better than white ethnic British. Ooops. That’s not what the libtards, desperate to create more ‘victim groups’ and a ‘grievance culture’ wanted.

Let’s just look at a few of the findings

  • At key stage two, the second stage of primary school, 71 per cent of Chinese primary school pupils meet expected standard in reading, writing, and maths, compared with 54 per cent of White British pupils and 13 per cent of White Gypsy and Roma pupils
  • Indian people were the most likely of any group to work in highly skilled occupations: one in ten were in manager, director or senior official roles and over three in ten were professionals
  • Chinese pupils were the most likely to go to university. Indian pupils made better progress than Pakistani children, and white British pupils made less progress than average
  • White offenders received the shortest average jail terms at 18 months, compared with 24 and 25 months for black and Asian offenders respectively. However, the conviction rate was highest among white defendants
  • White youngsters were four times more likely to smoke than black youths
  • Pakistani women are “shockingly badly integrated” into British society
  • White British pupils on free school meals perform the worst at key stage two with just 32 per cent reaching the expected level
  • Black Caribbean pupils are being permanently excluded from school three times as often as White British pupils
  • Indian and Pakistani people have similar rates of home ownership to white people in Britain, but black people and those from Pakistan and Bangladesh were less likely to own their own property

It’s about culture, not discrimination

From what I can see, the high performance of different ethnic groups has everything to do with culture and nothing to do with discrimination:

  • The best performing groups in British society are Hindus, Sikhs and Chinese because of the value they put on family stability, education and work
  • The worst performing groups Roma and gypsies for reasons I believe should be more than obvious – truancy from school, widespread criminality etc etc
  • Another low-performing group are many Black Carribbean and ethnic white males who fail to do well in society because they often come from broken families where work and education are less encouraged and where there may be several generations who have never got any qualifications and have never worked
  • The failure of Pakistani and Bangladeshi women is quite clearly due to a culture which encourages them to dress like Darth Vader on a bad hair day and discourages them from educational achievement, work and from integrating into society. Moreover, many of them will be illiterate and uneducated imported for a first-cousin marriage and be unable to speak any English

The report claims to try to understand why there are differences in the performance of different ethnic groups. But actually the report dishonestly hides the reasons for differences by including the highest-performing groups – Hindus, Sikhs, Chinese – with one of the lowest performing groups – our friends from the Religion of Peace – together under the catch-all title of “Asians”.

However, as usual this lack of evidence had not prevented the usual sh*theads from screaming “waaacciiissssmmmn” and “discrimination” probably even before they had read the report.

Theresa May is supposed to have said “this audit means that for society as a whole – for government, for our public services – there is nowhere to hide”. But the opposite is true – the ruling elites are trying to use the report to prove there is discrimination where there is none and as an excuse to oppress us with ever more unnecessary thought-control laws when the report actually proves that culture rather than supposed discrimination explains disparities between different groups.

So, in the category of total politically-correct bollox, in addition to Transgenderism, Izlumophobia and Man-Made Global Warming which I wrote about yesterday, I’d like to add racial discrimination.

2 comments to Racial discrimination? Yet more total bollox!

  • chris

    All of these distorted concepts are promulgated by the various branches of main stream media, government, local authorities. Most, if not all, defy common sense but we, apparently, continue to knuckle down to accept them. I hope one day there will be a real life event like the child in Hans Andersen’s fairy tale which exposes the false propaganda. In my view there is another more sinister aspect to the propaganda. That is the deliberate concealment or perversion of ideas, new technology and historical events. Just consider the timeline of transport. We have had the motor vehicle for 120 years. Aeroplanes for 100 years, the jet engine for 90 years. The electric motor for 160 years. Have there really been no better ideas? In each case just compare how we lived in the previous 100 years. The media portrays technology in terms of a better phone or television. These are the tools of propaganda. The BBC misrepresents technology as fluffy star gazing or wildlife programmes. If they had a genuine, fact based programme on global warming, for example, it would, without doubt, show the fallacies used by the propagandists to justify the concept. So we are deliberately kept in the dark. Only with blogs like this are we able to find the real world.

  • Enforcer

    You’ve been warned before.

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