July 2024

Which is the biggest load of bollox?

There are at least three great new ‘truths’ we’re all expected to believe in:

  • Transgenderism
  • Izlumophobia
  • Man-Made Global Warming

But the question I’d like to pose today is – which of these three is the biggest load of total and utter bollox?

Let’s start with the latest of these ludicrous fads being foisted on us by the virtue-signalling, politically-correct libtard numbskulls:


To quote some self-absorbed lefty on the BBC news the other day, “Many people don’t identify with the gender they’re assigned at birth”. What does this ‘expert’ mean by “many people”? About 20%? Or 30%? Or even 40%? Actually, I believe the most-quoted figure is about 0.01% and of this 0.01%, probably 95% of them are psychologically-disturbed and their supposed gender confusion is just their way of expressing their mental problems.

As far as I can see, transgenderism is just madness driven by a tiny clique, mainly on the Left, who want as many real and imaginary ‘victim’ groups as possible to fit their narrative that only more state intervention in every aspect of our lives can protect the supposed ‘vulnerable’.

I had always thought that, apart from a very few hermaphrodites, if you’re born with a penis you’re male and with a vagina you’re female. And no amount of wishful thinking by the libtards can change this.

Yet now we hear that the UK census is making the question about whether respondents are male or female voluntary in order to not offend those who can’t make up their minds about their sex or who are too fat to be able to see what sex they are.

This is dictatorship by the minority.


After every Jihadi terror massacre, we’re told that there have been many supposedly “Izlumophobic” revenge attacks. The latest figures suggest that over 150,000 innocents have been killed and another 200,000 injured in over 30,000 Izlumic attacks in the 16 years since the September 11th 2001 atrocities. In the same period, just one person has died (of a heart attack) during an Izlumophobic attack on Moozerlums.

Moreover, a phobia is an irrational fear of something. Yet even the British Government admits that there are about 23,000 radical Izlumists in Britain. Moreover, our Jihadi friends keep telling us they want to kill us and to show that they mean what they say, they have slaughtered over 150,000 innocents in about 50 countries in the name of their religion. These 150,000 corpses might suggest to some people that it’s not wholly irrational to be afraid of the Religion of Peace and Happiness.

Man-Made Global Warming

Here it’s difficult to know where to start to debunk this rubbish. But let’s try anyway:

  • John P Holdren (Obama’s special adviser on Global Warming) first became known in the 1970s when he, and a large number of other supposed climate scientists, claimed we were heading into a new Ice Age in which millions would starve due to crop failures in the Northern Hemisphere. He was wrong then and is wrong now
  • We now know that the famous hockey-stick diagrams were based on fiddled data. Likewise, the claim that “97% of scientists” believe Man-Made Global Warming is happening is based (as I have explained in a previous blog) on fraudulently-manipulated figures
  • The level of Arctic Ice is decreasing. But 2015 and 2016 were record levels for the amount of ice in the Antarctic. In fact, there was so much ice in the Antarctic that a ship full of Greenies trying to prove the ice was decreasing got stuck in the ice and then the ship sent to rescue them also got stuck. It’s true that the 2016 ice level is at a record low. But a decline from the record highs of 2014 and 2015 to the record low of 2016 cannot be explained by a Global Warming trend
  • We all know the climate is changing and has always changed. But it’s more than unlikely that human activity is to blame given that we’ve only had an advanced, industrialised society for about 100 years when our climate has been changing for the last 4,500 years:

  • And finally, if human activity is to blame for Global Warming, why do the Greenies not demand improved birth control in the rapidly increasing populations of the Third World? Because that would be politically incorrect?

It’s all about controlling our lives

Despite all the screaming and howling from the politically correct about Transgenderism, Izlumophobia and Global Warming, it’s probable that many who are shouting the loudest don’t actually believe in these three new ‘truths’ either. What they’re constantly trying to do is create ever more new supposed ‘victim’ groups in order to justify us giving them control over ever more aspects of our lives.

And once people have got tired of Transgenderism, Izlumophobia and Global Warming, the lefty libtard control freaks will have invented many more new ‘truths’ to bludgeon us into accepting their mantras and their new laws as we move further down the road of thought control and dictatorship by the minority.

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