May 2024

Women of Europe – you’re voting for your own oppression!

I spent quite a bit of time writing the last two days’ blogs. So today I thought I’d relax and just bring you a very short video showing the kind of scenes that will become ever more frequent as we allow ourselves to be invaded by millions of migrants – most of whom are violent, intolerant, misogynistic, sex-obsessed males of military age.

Moreover, if the studies of IQ levels per country on which the chart below are to be believed, most of the invaders have an IQ level of between 70 and 80, when the average IQ in the civilised West is 100:

To put it bluntly, most are what we would call mentally retarded and will never have jobs or contribute anything to the societies they are being invited to invade apart from violence and criminality.

So ladies, enjoy the wonderful smug feeling of holier-than-thou self-righteousness as you proudly march with your idiotic “Refugees Welcome” banners when hardly any of the invading armies are real refugees:

Ladies, enjoy your narcissistic display of your own achingly open-minded libtardism when you vote for lefty, migrant-hugging political parties. But be careful what you wish for. You could be the next person to feature in videos like the one below:

4 comments to Women of Europe – you’re voting for your own oppression!

  • Julia Green

    Isn’t it amazing how the British media helps Islam and indeed the wider world but deliberately NOT reporting on what’s happening around us. If you watch the main channels in Britain, you’d wouldn’t think there were 3 million Muslims living in a parallel world or that 5 – 10% hate us. And liberal women are THE most stupid of all for pretending this isn’t a nightmare unfolding.

  • SquirrelMaster

    Summary: Let’s put to death all low-IQ people in the world. To feel sorry for the less fortunate is a weakness only embraced by liberals. Muslims are going to take over our government because they can. We should be shitting and pissing on the lower forms not welcoming them because they will never ever accept our way of life.
    All evil comes from the outside.

  • David Craig

    That is an extraordinarily stupid comment. I never suggested “putting to death all low-IQ people”. But I do believe that bringing 30 to 50 million people with IQs between 70 and 80 into the civilised West over the next decade is an incredibly stupid thing to do. Moreover, with 90% of these low-IQ people being sex-obsessed, misogynistic, violent, military-age males, I also believe that Europe’s women have a rather unpleasant future ahead of them.

  • SquirrelMaster

    Marching around in sheets with booming voices proclaiming that the country will not submit to Jews doesn’t imply all Jews should be put to death either.
    But it certainly provokes some people and all it takes it one to start the killing. You are no better.
    It’s not “an extraordinarily stupid comment” when you find yourself at the end of a loaded gun.
    So please don’t preach low IQ people, person.
    You sound no better.

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