July 2024

You won’t believe how stupid most libtards are

The stupidity of lefty libtards

I imagine many people reading this and better websites (breitbart, thereligionofpeace etc) are reasonably sensible. So they probably can’t imagine the extent of the stupidity of the ever-outraged, ever-complaining, ever-twitterstorming lefty libtards who hate the West and are working to destroy Western civilisation.

So, I thought I’d help. Here’s the wonderful Cressida Dickhead  Her surname is ‘Dick’ and she’s (incredibly) the ‘Head’ of the Metropolitan Police:

Cressida Dick, Commissioner of London’s Metropolitan Police, says the diversity of those killed in the London Bridge terror attack is “what makes our city so great.”

Dick, who took over the department in April, pointed out that the victims were British, French, Australian, Canadian, and Spanish.

“In terms of our witnesses that we’ve spoken to so far, out of the 300-odd people, there are about 20 different countries of origin. And the London British population comes from all kinds of backgrounds and every kind of faith and ethnicity,” she said.

“We believe of course that that’s what makes our city so great.” She added “It’s a place where…….. diversity gives us strength.”

Yippee! So the more ‘diverse’ London becomes, according to this utter Dick, then the stronger the city is. Yet the more ‘diverse’ London becomes, the more terrorist attacks there will be. Makes sense to me.

If Dickhead was just a typical idiotic libtard, her absurd views wouldn’t matter.

But she’s a top cop and is probably one of the more intelligent libtards.


Problem is, Ms Dickhead, the people doing the murdering weren’t ‘diverse’. They were all from one community. You forgot to mention that!

The libtard brain

Fortunately, psychologists have tried to grasp the extent of stupidity of the typical libtard brain:

A libtard beauty?

But what many libtards lack in mental prowess, they make up for in physical beauty. Here’s a typical lovely libtard lady? Or is it a man? Or is it a trans-whatever? Who knows?

Why am I showing her picture? Because on a libtard ‘hope not hate’ protest she (or he or it) was arrested for carrying a long pole with a large nail in the tip which he (or she or it) used to stab police horses in the neck. Nice lady (or man or whatever)? Hope not hate!

My latest book

Oh dear. I thought my readers would show some support for my website by buying a copy of my latest book FORGET THE FOREPLAY. They just had to buy it. They didn’t have to read it. Well, around two in every thousand readers bought a copy. Apparently the other 998 in every 1,000 readers couldn’t possibly afford the expense of a few pounds to show some support for the work I put into this website.

Police crack down on ‘extremism’

And finally, here’s a very short (2 minutes) video featuring Tommy Robinson. Although I don’t always agree with Mr Robinson, the absurdity of the British police’s political correctness he exposes is wonderful. Having also been threatened by the British police over what I write, I understand how the shopkeeper being interviewed must feel:

12 comments to You won’t believe how stupid most libtards are

  • Roy

    Check out the Maxine Waters story on Snopes, twitter was Maxine VV Waters a parody account.

  • David Craig

    Thanks, I’ve changed my blog to reflect that and replaced Maxine Waters with with our very own Cressida Dickhead. However, some libtards are so stupid that you could well believe the Maxine Waters parody was real.

  • Chris

    Just a PS to the Great Fire of London. Is Mrs May jinxed? 3 ROP attacks before the General Election, just when she was struggling with manifesto problems and now, just when she is about to be ousted, the great fire to distract us all.

    PPS. The media was scaring us with fears that Grenfell tower might collapse. It won’t, the structural frame is designed to resist fire for a very long time. It’s interestsing that the WTC attack has created this concern. Especially so as there have only ever been 3 tower block collapses due to fire. Coincidentally all on the same day in 2001. WTC’s 1&2 and WTC 7 (WTC7 wasn’t even hit by a plane).

  • Libtard

    I’m lovin’ it.

    You forgot to put down the biggie which separates us from the Reichwing: Libtards possess Compassion.
    The real deal, regardless or race, color, creed…

    We not selfish fucktards who take care of our own selfish selves or just our immediate (Mafia) family members.

    We care about the whole of humanity.

    You really think that The Donald gives a fucking rat’s ass about anyone who’s Not a billionaire? Anyone who doesn’t kiss his exalted, entitled ass?

  • david brown

    I think this was unfair to the Grenfell tenants. Some including at least one Muslim showed bravery to aid others.The tenant in whose room the fire started was white English first he packed a bag and left knocking only on next door flat to inform a pregnant women there was fire before leaving. A few flats might have smoke alarms bought by tenants but there was never a fire alarm or sprinkler system. On This Morning show after the fire had started it was clear that the cladding was the prime cause of it spreading around and up the outer structure of the building. Seems some cheap plastic material had been used to boast the refurbishing companies profits. In the US federal law mandates all such material is fire resistant.
    PS by now they probably know the real body count but are holding back so press suggest a much higher figure so the final figure seems not as bad.

  • Chris

    Dear Mr Brown, the cladding was an aluminium (not aluminum) composite with a polyurethane core. The Cladding was not cheap plastic as you suggest as it would not then be classed “O” for spread of flame characteristic. This would be required in order to satisfy our Building Regulations. In my view the prime cause was not the cladding but ignorance of the necessity to keep fire escapes clear of rubbish and fire doors closed (i.e.not propped open). As for propogation of the fire on the facades it is quite obvious that once a window breaks the flames escape outwards and upwards spreading the fire and bypassing the cladding. The fact that the cladding becomes blackened is not an indication of it being combustible but generally because it is incombustible. The videos show a rapid spread of flame with virtually all upper floo windows glowing red. This can only happen when the fire gets into the escape staircase and there is combustible material.
    And please note I am not connected in any way with the cladding company or the management company.

  • zx80

    June 15, 2017 at 10:59 am

    I’m lovin’ it.

    You forgot to put down the biggie which separates us from the Reichwing: Libtards possess Compassion.
    The real deal, regardless or race, color, creed…

    We not selfish fucktards who take care of our own selfish selves or just our immediate (Mafia) family members.

    We care about the whole of humanity.

    You really think that The Donald gives a fucking rat’s ass about anyone who’s Not a billionaire? Anyone who doesn’t kiss his exalted, entitled ass?[/quote]

    Still at Mcdonalds? Hows it working out for you?

    Thats the problem dear Tard, you alone think you and your creed possess all these huggable traits, but you cant conceive that a differing, opposing viewpoint may also possess all those traits also, many of us do, we just dont feel the need to keep signalling to others just how virtuous we are. The lefties like you come across as pious at least f*cking stupid at worst, there is no middle ground.

    Since youre no “selfish fucktard” ( your words) then would you like to demonstrate just how compassionate you and your fellow cretinistas are by paying out of your own hard earned wages, the housing and benefits for all the lovely folk you accuse the rest of us as hating?
    Didnt thinks so bucko, youre a good old fashioned marxist, great at spending others money.
    Go on, prove me wrong.

    You care about the whole of humanity do you?
    Even ISIS killers?
    I think you squeal way too much Mr “we are the world”. Yawns.

    As for the Great Donaldo, spin the question around and ask it of the bent Clinton broad, see if the answers the same. Im betting it is but youll never admit it.

    Right, for tonights order, Id like a Mcflurry ( no sprinkles) and a bag of fries to go.

  • Colin Smith

    Contrary to the comment above which states ‘The tenant in whose room the fire started was white English’, the tenant was an Ethiopian father-of-one. According to today’s Sun newspaper: Instead of putting the fire out or calling 999, he packed his belongings and only after this, knocked on his neighbours door. The neighbour saw the fire and stated it was ‘small’. It was not until some time later when someone else had to summon the fire service. In Ethiopia and other desperately impoverished & uneducated states, possessions are more important than lives; it is barely a week since a migrant teenager was brutally slain for nothing more than his baseball cap. Backward cultures can KILL… in all senses of the word.

  • david brown

    Chris the press today are still writing about cladding
    it covered the entire outer structure of the tower, It seems improbable that combustible material was on every floor of the stairs.

    Re the Ethiopian – I took the info, which was wrong from Metro online. Which does have a left -liberal bias.

  • Chris

    Hi David, the “press” has a PC multicultural agenda, i.e. it doesn’t criticise certain types of people, hence the cladding (now called “killer cladding”) is being scapegoated to stop publicity about the real cause, i.e. the ignorance of the residents and probably the negligence of the management company. Unfortunately because this type of cladding has been used extensively it will cause panic.

  • david brown

    Chris i agree that there is a PC agenda in much of the media. However most online papers are not moderated and I have not seen an expert claiming the stuff id ok. The type used on that building is actually banned in America and Germany.

  • Bigjim10billion

    If you are reading this, it is already too late for some countries, the libtard level of stupidity and hypocrisy is, in a word, mind-bending. How anyone could go through life with the self riteous attitude that they are always right, no matter what even when proven incorrect is a real brain ripper. These people continue to chant ambiguous terms like “black lives matter”, ” social justice”, systemic racism and “white nationalism” as mindless rallying cries to their moronic sheep base.

    I suppose all “black lives matter” , but some black lives matter more than others ( in my George Orwell voice).

    It’s not ok to shoot and kill a rapist criminal resisting arrest, but is is ok for 50 black people to be shot in Chicago,Illinois over labor day weekend.

    It’s not a consequence of drug addict overdose and lawbreakers getting their just due when resisting arrest, but it’s absolutely ok for and 8 year old girl to be shot and killed by thugs.

    What exactly is systemic racism, anyway?
    Is it the deliberate denial of quality education to inner city youth, in essence sentencing them to a life of crime, run ins with law enforcement which can ultimately end in death?

    I would think so, yet liberals vehemently opposed school choice, why is that? Better schools=better outcomes=less dependence on the nanny state, this must not be allowed. Is this the “systemic racism” we have been searching for?

    And the favorite dog whistle of the left “social justice” what in the shit does that mean?

    If we really were to pursue this so-called “social justice” every single living Democrat in Congress all the way down to the mayor’s would be in prison, gitmo to be exact. The policies created by these treasonous miscreants is scarcely believable , yet, here we are.

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