July 2024

Criminals! Rapists! Murderers! Come to the West! Here you can do what you want!

Fire caused by ‘diversity’?

Firstly, we woke up to hear that a 24-storey high rise block of flats in West London had burnt down. The authorities don’t yet know the cause of the fire. But the clue for me was when a neighbour being interviewed said enthusiastically “it’s a very diverse building”.

But what did she mean? That every 2- and 3-bedroom flat had 10 to 15 occupants of Third-World heritage and most of the males with names beginning with M”? That the place was packed full of inbred, low-IQ, benefits-dependent invaders?

Welcome criminals, rapists and murderers!

I have two stories today – one from Germany and one from Australia. But they both send the same message – if you’re a worthless, Third-World, criminal scumbag you’ll be welcome to the West and the politically-correct police will let you do what you want. But if you’re a white person who says “boo” to someone in a Darth Vader outfit or who puts bacon near a mosque, you’ll get sent to prison for a long time and even condemned to death for your supposed “crime”.

We’ve had some great rapes in Britain – over 20,000 white girls repeatedly gang-raped, gang-sodomised and gang tortured over 15 years by you know who, while the police, social workers and politicians looked away (or maybe even participated?).

After all, what value do the lives of 20,000 or more under-age white girls have compared to the benefits of diversity and multi-cultural enrichment?

Anyway, it seems our German friends are trying to catch up with our impressive rape score.

An annual report — Criminality in the Context of Migration (Kriminalität im Kontext von Zuwanderung) — published by the Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalamt, BKA) on April 27 revealed an increase of nearly 500% in migrant sex crimes (defined as sexual assaults, rapes and sexual abuse of children) during the past four years.

The report showed that migrants (Zuwanderer, defined as asylum seekers, refugees and illegal immigrants) committed 3,404 sex crimes in 2016 — around nine per day. This was a 102% increase over 2015, when migrants committed 1,683 sex crimes — around five per day. By comparison, migrants committed 949 sex crimes in 2014, around three per day; and 599 sex crimes in 2013, around two per day:

According to the report, the main offenders in 2016 were from: Syria (up 318.7% from 2015); Afghanistan (up 259.3%); Iraq (up 222.7%); Pakistan (up 70.3%); Iran (up 329.7%); Algeria (up 100%); and Morocco (up 115.7%).

And remember, these are just the migrant sex attacks that are actually registered by Germany’s useless police. We’ve no idea of the real scale of the problem. Maybe there are 5 to 10 times as may rapes as are reported?

What we do know is that every single day at least 9, and probably closer to 50, German girls will be raped by a migrant. Thanks Angela.

Just like in Britain, Germany’s migrant sex-crime problem is being exacerbated the police who have been instructed to do nothing and by its lenient legal system, in which offenders receive relatively light sentences, even for serious crimes. In many instances, individuals who are arrested for sex crimes are released after questioning from police. This practice allows criminal suspects to continue committing crimes with virtual impunity.

There are so many wonderful stories from Germany that it’s difficult to choose one that best sums up the disaster. But I’ll try.

The incident occurred shortly after midnight on April 2, when a 23-year-old woman was raped at a campground at the Siegaue nature reserve. When the woman’s panic-stricken 26-year-old boyfriend called the police emergency number for help, a female officer answered the phone and refused to send anyone to help. Why? Because the girl’s boyfriend had said: “My girlfriend is being raped by a black man. He has a machete.

Of course, once the police found out that a migrant was responsible, they didn’t want to intervene as they’ve been instructed by Nazi Angela ‘Mad Cow’ Merkel to cover up any crimes committed by Merkel’s migrant millions.

Facing a wave of public outrage, however, six days after the rape, police arrested a suspect, a 31-year-old migrant from Ghana named Eric Kwame Andam X., based on DNA evidence. Eric X. was (as usual) well known to German police: he had previously been arrested 5 times for a variety of crimes, was never charged and always set free. It later emerged that he had fled Ghana in 2016 after murdering his brother-in-law.

Nice guy?

After leaving Ghana, Eric X., travelled to Libya. From there he crossed the Mediterranean Sea to reach Italy, where he applied for asylum and spent nine months in a migrant shelter.

In early 2017, Eric X. got on a train in Rome; he arrived in Germany on February 10, 2017 and applied for asylum there. One month later, German officials rejected his asylum application. Eric X. should have been deported on March 17 — two weeks before the rape in Bonn — but an immigration attorney filed a petition on his behalf to appeal the asylum decision, even though EU law clearly stipulates that Eric X. was allowed to apply for asylum in only one EU country, in his case Italy. Local judges were unable to decide the appeal in a timely manner because of an overload of similar cases.

The case of Eric X. and his 23-year-old rape victim has exposed, once again, the systemic failure by German authorities to enforce the law and to ensure public safety: a failure to secure borders; a failure to vet incoming migrants; a failure to prosecute and imprison criminals; a failure to deport failed asylum seekers; and a failure by police to take seriously the migrant rape crisis engulfing Germany.

Meanwhile, Germans are about to re-elect Merkel in October.

So Germans, when your wives and daughters get raped and sodomised and urinated on and beaten – don’t complain – it’s what you voted for and it’s what you’re about to vote for!

Meanwhile in Australia, we get almost exactly the same story – the migrant from the cult of mayhem and murder, who was involved in the latest terrorist attack in Melbourne, had been repeatedly arrested and let go by the police and the courts. The worthless scumbag actually had to start killing people before the Australian police and courts could be arsed to take any action:

5 comments to Criminals! Rapists! Murderers! Come to the West! Here you can do what you want!

  • Colin Smith

    After reading this article:

    …it was shocking that the rapist was allowed into the UK and granted ‘refugee’ status, solely because his mother had been allowed here as a ‘refugee’.
    The reason the rapist’s mother was classified as a ‘refugee’ is because she wanted free medical treatment courtesy of our NHS!!

    So, to sum up:
    ANYONE, absolutely ANYONE in the entire world who wants NHS treatment has a precedent to rely on; not only would they be ushered rapidly into the UK, they would be gifted status as a ‘refugee’ and be able to enjoy all the perks (house(s), education, legal-aid, cash etc) we can throw at them.

  • Chris

    High rise buildings do not rely on the Fire Brigade to evacuate residents. They rely on (A) fire alarms triggered in zones designed to warn those in immediate danger. (B)’compartmentation’ which contains the fire and prevents spread. Compartment walls are generally of 1 hour’s fire resistance so if a fridge caught fire in a flat’s kitchen, that fire should be limited to a flat or at worse one or perhaps two floors if doors are wrongly propped open. Doors in compartments are generally half the fire resitance of the compartment so all doors from flats and staircases would be self-closing and half hour’s fire resistance. Fire should not spread between compartments.

    Corridors and Staircases are separate self-contained fire protected escape routes. Thus corridors and stairs are designed to be protected from fire (and smoke) for at least half an hour to enable residents to evacuate the building. These corridors and staircases are not allowed to have any surface which is combustible or will support combustion. I.e. no timber boarding or fabrics but paint is allowed.

    However, none of this will be effective if:
    1. Residents ignore or do not read or understand evacuation procedures;
    2. Corridors and staircases are used as storage for furniture, mattresses or waste. (particularly waste such as cooking oil)
    3. Flats are overcrowded such that staircases cannot cope with the number of evacuees if there is a fire.
    4.Fire escape doors are propped open.

    Looking at the videos I would say that the initial fire was not contained within a flat (as it should have been).There were fires in the staircases very early on and the staircase landings (illegally)contained something which promoted rapid spread of fire. There was a very fierce conflagration which spread vertically. This should not have happened if the structure and fabric complied with the relevant parts of the Building Regulations and residents acted in accordance with the evacuation and occupancy procedures.
    The initialy fire may well have been accidental but the corridors and stair cases should not have propagated the fire in the way the videos show.

  • Phil

    I was driving to work listening to ‘Wake Up to Money’ on BBC Radio 5. Suddenly for some reason unconnected with finance the presenter starting talking about Mother May and her declaration after the recent spate of murders in London and Manchester on getting tough with internet hate sites. Well we all know who she means by internet hate sites (she means you David and anyone who disagrees with the current policy of white genocide) Then the presenter said lets cross to Germany where they are really tackling these hate sites. The BBC German correspondent then spoke with a German policeman responsible for bringing criminal actions against people caught on the internet making ‘hate’ comments. Who did he cite as an example of someone in immediate need of the ‘treatment,’ yes you guessed it someone who had posted an anti-immigrant sentiment who was obviously a Nazi. They would be investigated. It doesn’t seem to dawn on them that they are actually the Nazis.

  • david brown

    Phil – May as Home Secretary let in let in more migrants than any other in British History.
    May set out to sabotage Brexit from the start
    Under the false pretext of stopping Terrorist hate sits and protecting children from adult material people like May seek to stop you reading online the EU plot to facilitate large scale Muslim immigration.

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