July 2024

“Diversity is our ” ha-ha-ha-ha- “strength “ha-ha-ha-ha! “Diversity is…” ha-ha-ha

“Diversity is our strength! Diversity is our strength! Diversity is our strength! Diversity is our strength! Diversity is our strength! Diversity is our strength! Diversity is our strength! Diversity is our strength! Diversity is our strength! Diversity is…………..” 

Oh, sorry. I was busy. I thought that, if I repeated something often enough, I would begin to believe it.

“Diversity is our strength! Diversity is our strength! Diversity is our strength! Diversity is……….”

Oh dear, it doesn’t seem to be working. I still have this nagging feeling that every single scientific study comparing diverse and more ethnocentric communities seems to come to the same conclusion – diversity harms social cohesion, is divisive and can lead to complete social breakdown.

And that somewhat contradicts what most of the ruling elites (and most recently the appropriately named Metropolitan Police Commissioner Ms Dick) have been constantly telling us.

I don’t normally recommend any video longer than about 4 minutes. And the video below is 17 minutes. I’ve only watched the first few minutes.

But that was enough for me to conclude that it would be better for me to suggest that readers viewed the first few minutes than for me to explain the blindingly obvious – while too much homogeneity is not necessarily good for a society, too much diversity can be (and will be) catastrophic for many Western countries particularly when that diversity is created by the mass importation of millions of low-IQ, often inbred, often violent, often illiterate, often unemployable, often criminal, often murderous Third-World detritus:


6 comments to “Diversity is our ” ha-ha-ha-ha- “strength “ha-ha-ha-ha! “Diversity is…” ha-ha-ha

  • Roy Hartwell

    Problem is, what we’re heading for is not diversity but a monoculture (please forgive use of the word ‘culture’) based around our friends in the religion of peace. It’s been noted before, there will only be peace when it’s on their terms and our leaders are happily leading us towards that !!

  • zx80

    So what is this mystical “strength” that this ere diversity bullshit is supposed to endow us collectively with?
    I dont see it and when i ask just what it is thats so damned “great” about diversity, I cant get any answers because i think, and its only a hunch, it-shhhh doesnt exist.
    Ya know im starting to think its all just made up to keep everyone placated.
    Yup im sure of it. Diversity is racist. Its racist against everyone that thinks diversity is bollox.
    Diversity isnt a strength, its a weakness and all those simpletons who keep chanting the mantra are weak along with it, weak in the head.

    BTW, can MI5 have a look at the Libtard?
    I think hes a terrorist.

  • Libtard

    It only stands to reason that you want the opposite of Diversity. That translates into White Power Fascism.
    Segregation. Maybe even Slavery, if you want to take it to the next logical level (after all, you’re so far above cleaning your own toilets, right?).

    And, yes, Free Speech which doesn’t match Your diatribe automatically brands me as a terrorist. Another good one.
    In other words, it’s your way or the highway.
    The opposite of Diversity. Anyone who disagrees gets the shaft. No wonder you worship Trump and his ilk.

  • Libtard

    And one more thing: Those who Don’t embrace diversity pay for it in the end. It’s called Stagnation and Conformity. This is how Theocracies arise. Just like the cult of Islam. But of course you would just as well substitute Christianity for Islam, not knowing that it too could implode into bringing back the Old Testament and all those lovely punishments for blasphemy.
    Again, not too different from Islam in the end.
    But since you have the Right god and they have the Wrong god, it’s A-Okay.
    Same shit, just another color.

  • zx80

    Libtards got another day off from the drive thru I see.

    It appears that your reasoning is flawed libby.
    Youre accusing anyone who does not share your world view of being fascistic, now pardon me awfully, does that not sound a trifle bigotted to you? Look up the word and see if it fits you, it really does.
    For people like you any other view is just plain wrong cuz you just know youre right, right? Wrong!
    One size dont fit all, even a tard like you should know that so attempting to force an issue such as an untried diversity policy onto an unwilling populace is going to lead only to one thing, trouble.
    But you dont care about stuff like that, youre a leftist and leftists have ideologies that are morally superior and morally just, always, so who cares if some people die as a result of forced integration, forced interacial marriages and forced education of children to your warped way of thinking? Not you for sure, youre convinced youre morally right, you persue it with the same zeal your islamic isis pals persue their agendas also and youre going to force it down everyones throats and MAKE then eat your shit regardless of the damage it does to the participants.
    You mention segregation yet fail to tell the truth that its the immigrant populations of this country, especially the muslim sector that fail to integrate the worst of all, but im sure youll blame it on all those soft white bastards like me for not being more tolerant and willing to accept we should speak their language, adopt their ways and accept their religion as our own, just like you stated the other week.
    Now, tell me thats not the definition of a fascist, you insipid worm.

    Btw, whats todays special? Are fries available on a big mac or can i have them in a shake?

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