April 2024

Three “lone wolves” with “mental health” issues??????? Duh!

Manchester bloodbath and lies

After the Manchester massacre, the city’s mayor (Andy “I’ll do anything to protect my career” Burnham) told us two things:

  1. The attacker was a “lone wolf”
  2. The attacker was “NOT a Muslim”

We have since found out that the supposed “lone wolf” attacker may have had up to seventeen accomplices who either helped him or at least knew what he was going to do. And we now know (who would have guessed it?) the the attacker was a devout Muslim who prayed regularly at Didsbury Mosque and in the street outside his house.

Of course, Burnham was just repeating the standard Establishment line – “Islam = Religion of Peace” and “murderers = mentally disturbed, NOT terrorists”.

But I believe that Burnham has (as the police say) “previous”. What I mean that this is not the first time that I believe Burnham has been caught lying to save his own lousy, taxpayer-funded multi-millionaire career.

If I remember correctly, Burnham was Health Secretary at the time when there was a massive attempt to cover up over 1,000 unnecessary deaths at the Mid-Staffs NHS Trust. So, in my humble opinion, Mr Burhham and the Truth are only rarely acquaintances.

But that’s just my opinion. I’m sure there are many people who believe Mr Burnham is an “honourable man”.

London bloodbath and lies

And now to London. I wonder what London’s first Muslim Brotherhood (sorry, I meant “Muslim”) mayor Sadiq Khan will tell us?

Will he claim that the three attackers were “three lone wolves”? That would be a bit difficult to swallow. And will he quickly insist that all three were “NOT Muslims” (even though they shouted, as usual, “this is for Allah!”) but just ordinary people with “mental health issues”? Quite a coincidence that three people with “mental health issues” should meet up to organise such an attack?

Here’s the great Mayor Khan a month ago criticising Trump’s view of Islam:

What are you going to tweet now Mr Khan? Are you going to blame Donald Trump for yesterday’s London attack?

Whatever the (IMHO) greasy, self-serving Khan says, there is only one certainty – it will all be (IMHO) a bunch of lies.

And, of course, we’ll get Khan leading a candle-lit vigil to show how Londoners are all sticking together against supposed “international” terrorism (when we all know it’s Muslim terrorism), and there will be “love not hate” hashtags on social media, and some building or other will be lit up in red, white and blue, and we’ll be told stories of incredible bravery by Muslim Londoners (who will probably turn out not to be Muslim at all) and we’ll get the usual attempts by the BBC and Channel 4 to blame supposed ‘Islamophobia’ for the massacres.

Time to stop lying and start acting?

It’s going to be interesting to see how our useless rulers manage to brush off the latest London attack, to see what lies we suckers are fed.

But I suspect most ordinary people don’t believe the lies anymore. I suspect most people have had enough of the Islamophiliac grovelling and the constant lying from the Muslim-loving, ruling elites.

I suspect most ordinary people would like to see:

  • complete halt to immigration from Muslim countries
  • banning all direct air travel from our enemy Pakistan
  • banning of Burquas and any clothing that covers the face
  • banning of cruel Halal slaughterhouses in Britain
  • banning of FGM and prosecution of anyone involved
  • banning of first-cousin marriages
  • prosecution and imprisonment of all Muslim rapists and immediate expulsion of their extended families from Britain
  • banning of Sharia courts
  • banning of polygamy
  • closure of all mosques
  • no benefits paid to any family unless all the adults can pass an English test
  • no taxpayers’ money wasted on Muslim schools
  • encouragement for Muslims to leave Britain as they don’t seem to like us or our country

Wouldn’t all that create a nicer, less criminal, less dangerous Britain?

And it would save British taxpayers billions of pounds a year!

11 comments to Three “lone wolves” with “mental health” issues??????? Duh!

  • Richard the Lion Heart

    These lone wolves are working in Wolf packs now,more Candles and Teddy Bears needed quick , that’ll teach em.

  • Joe Schmoe

    Please keep going with your blog Mr Craig.

    Just heard that Katie Hopkins fired at LBC.
    Now very hard in this country to get a clear
    perspective of what is going on with the mainstream
    media giving one sided view.

    How I hate all the mainstream politicians handwringing
    and not addressing the real reasons for these attacks.

  • NoMore

    If the mosques were to be closed they would all start mooning at us in the streets.

    Certainly all Salafist/Deobandi/Wahhabi mosques should be closed immediately. They would probably try to infiltrate the rest but local imams only, no funding from Saudi allowed, and prayers in English should prevent this. Ultimately the alleged moderate Musl!ms need to prove it by cleaning house. Or be tarred with the same brush.

    The 23k known jihadis and hate preachers should be deported within 24 hours or interned until they self-deport. Any Libtards objecting should be forced to meet the surviving victims or their relatives and explain themselves.

    Return of the Primary Purpose Rule, ending of family reunification and withdrawal from the hopelessly compromised “asylum” system, no recourse to public funds for 5 years for immigrants, Dismantling of the fake Human Rights industry and Bliar’s law. With Aussie style points system we should get immigration below 10k (and that would be high quality people only) and net immigration in the minus 100k area.

  • Terrified

    As a family man, these attacks leave me feeling terrified. I know that is what these people want, they have it. I have written to my local MP and asked all these “independent candidates” who want my vote the same question. “What are you going to do about this?”

    No one so far has answered. My ultimate fear is these maniacs start to run rampage en-masse in every city, town, village and hamlet at once. We are not in a position to stop an attack like that.

    Regarding the 23k “persons of interest” were these latest attackers on that list?
    If so it seems pretty simple to me, round them up, detain indefinitely and this madness stops.
    Human rights, freedom of this and that, limp-wristed lawyers/social workers and do-gooders can all P*** off. Crimes like this are abhorrent and prevention “at all costs” far outweighs some leftys opinion. And if there are some innocent of the 23k detained, tough. It is their race and religion causing all this. Clean your own doorstep.

    I ask my elected leaders of this country, The indigenous community in which my family and I have resided in for decades are terrified of an attack, what are you going to do to change this?

  • Baroness Bonkers

    My guess is that you don’t get many replies expressing agreement with your views as people are beginning to get very worried about getting traced if and when you get a “visit”.
    Of course I know that would never happen.
    I remain a Baroness and Bonkers.

  • Colin Smith

    10:35 Theresa May dismisses the attack as a ‘perversion’ of Islam. May also declares Islam to be ‘compatible’ with Western values and our way of life. I could die laughing.

    **** I have decided the problem lies with myself, and that I am NOT compatible with Islam — This could possibly explain why I despise it so much ****

  • Son of a miner

    Totally agree with post.i would add forced mass deportation of every single moslem in the uk back to there ancestral homelands.i dont care that the police etc might not like my comments.its my view and i aint changing for nobody and im not likey to mow folk down or run around with a big fooking knife..i wonder if the time will come for mass protests instead of bloody vigils..

  • Елена

    We Russians have a  proverb:
    To late drink Borjomi (mineral water), when the kidneys refused.
    The started problem is solved only by the sea of blood.

  • zx80

    Londons burning, Londons buring, fetch the engines, fetch the engines, Fire! Fire!

    Parallels nicely with the current responses from all our idiotic political class and their useful idiots.
    Dont bother to address the issue, look over there quick! A racist elephant!

    A tad obscure maybe but the point is theyre too busy trying to put out fires instead of tackling the arsonists which in this case hail from the very bosom of political correctness and diversity, the old multicultural project which theyre too blind to see is the cause of all their strife.
    How thick must they all be?
    Clearer I hope for the leftists? Nope, probably not.

    And once again they trot out the usual bollox of “they wont divide us or change our values”.
    Your F*cking values are getting people killed you retarded clowns!
    How many more F*cking times?
    They dont want to divide us, they dont want to change us, they just want us all dead because we arent like them.
    They just want to kill us. Its that simple and the answer is simple, removal of them all from our society, they and their religion arent compatible with western values and they continue to prove it.

    In other news one of the Gallagher idiots was heard to scream at a concert the other night, ” We aint F*CKING SCARED!!!!”.
    Well i beg to differ mr manc car stereo thief.
    You might not be scared due to 24 hour security who will undoubtedly take a bullet for you, however it rather looks like 48 plus people are very scared right now, 7 last night WERE scared but cant feel it anylonger and the same applies to previous victims of the religion of peace….
    So everytime you hear “we aint scared” ….see how they run and hold your head in despair at their total idiocy and the pathetic and feeble response to being killed to death by people who hate you.
    If you aint scared of someone trying to kill you then you are a very stupid idiot indeed, and nature will address your stupidity in a terminal fashion rather sooner than later id suggest.

    As for the celebrity whore ariana grande, heres what she really thinks of her fans, yup, she hopes they will “f*cking die”.
    Why are the media promoting this low rent prostitute?
    Get rid of her.

  • Andrew Eaves

    Totally agree. Sadly in the UK we will be trapped in this Sh*te for a another 4 years as following the election this week there will be continued denial & stagnation. Only Trump, Putin or Farage would have the balls to kick arse & do something. Just look how the deep state and the hidden people in real power react thus far to Trump & Putin.

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