April 2024

Is Corbyn’s Bradford still part of Britain? Or part of Pakladesh?

Where is Bradford?

Yesterday Jeremy Corbyn chose the wonderful city of Bradford to launch the much-leaked Labour Party 2017 election manifesto.

My first reaction watching the launch was one of admiration. As some ridiculous Labour woman earnestly introduced barnstorming Jeremy as “Britain’s next Prime Minister”, I wondered how both she and the Corbyman could keep a straight face.

But I also wondered about some other issues. For example, is the fair city of Bradford still a part of the United Kingdom? Or does it actually resemble a combination of Pakistan and Bangladesh – a new country I’ll call “Pakladesh”?

So I turned to the latest population statistics from the 2011 census:

There’s Bradford at number 12 on the list of districts with the highest level of people that the police and the mainstream media euphemistically call “Asians” when they’re desperate to avoid suggesting that men from a certain religion are responsible for the gang-rape, gang-sodomisation and gang-torture of over 40,000 underage white British girls over the last 15 or so years.

In 2011, two in every three Bradfordians were still white, ethnic British and most of the rest were these “Asians”. So, I suppose we can still call Bradford ‘British’. Though in the ten years between the 2001 and 2011 censuses, the white population of Bradford fell by 13,724 from 366,041 to 352,317 while the “Asian” population shot up by 50,856 from 89,293 to 140,149. I think that by the time of the 2021 census (if the Government dares to carry out a census), we’ll find that white British are in a minority in Bradford and “Asians” are close to being the majority.

So, while Bradford may be classed as part of Britain at the moment, I think we can assume that by around 2021 it will be a majority foreign city – another major Pakladeshian outpost on our fair island. Bradford will soon be a new Newham, Harrow, Redbridge, Tower Hamlets or Slough – areas where a majority are now “Asian” making them closer in ethnic make-up to Karachi or Dhaka than to anything we might think of as Britain:

Incidentally, the white population of Newham fell by 6,914 from 96,130 to 89,216 between the 2001 and 2011 censuses, while the “Asian” population rose by 52,244 from 81,651 to 133,895. I could give you the figures for other Pakladeshian areas, but I think you get the picture by now.

And what are the characteristics of our fast-growing Pakladeshian towns and cities? Thanks to the joys of multi-culturalism, there seems to be evidence that those arriving to live in once-British Pakladesh have brought with them their own charming customs and cultural norms – massive electoral fraud, corruption throughout local government, poverty and benefits dependency, oppression of women, schools that teach children to hate Britain and the West etc etc.

Work? What’s that?

At his launch of his party’s manifesto, the Corby creature took time to praise the enormous contribution that immigrants have made to our country.

Hmmm. Why don’t we dig up some more government statistics to check how great a contribution Corbyn’s migrants are making to our country?

Here are the unemployment figures by main group:

Ah, interesting. It appears that almost half of our friends from Pakladesh (Pakistan and Bangladesh) are in some way allergic to work. But they do seem very much enamoured of our generous benefits system. So, not too much contribution from them. For them, life in Britain consists more of taking rather than giving. For them, to paraphrase JFK, “it’s not a question of what you can give to the country but of how much you can take from it”.

What is ‘diversity’?

We’re constantly being lectured about how we should be encouraging ‘diversity’. But we’re not getting ‘diversity’. By the 2021 census, places like Newham, Harrow, Redbridge, Tower Hamlets and Slough will be majority ‘”Asian”. By the 2051 census, they’ll probably be 80%+ “Asian”. By the end of this century they’ll probably be 95% “Asian” if we allow current trends to continue.

That’s not ‘diversity’, that’s ‘race replacement’.

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