May 2024

Welcome to Pakladesh! The world’s fastest growing ‘country’

I was so surprised by the figures I came across while researching yesterday’s blog about Pakladesh, that I’d like to continue the Pakladesh theme today.

You thought Africa was a basket case?

I’ve written previously that there is absolutely no need to send any aid to Africa. Why? Three main reasons:

  • Corruption – the organisation Global Financial Integrity has calculated that Africa’s kleptocratic rulers steal three times as much from their countries each year as their countries receive in aid. So, if we could just cut this looting by half, we could stop all aid to Africa and African countries would still be richer
  • Stupidity – you may or may not accept the comparative studies of IQs which are less than complimentary about our African friends. But one thing seems certain – IQs are a result of genetics and environment. That means the more complex an environment in which we have to function, the more our IQs will develop.
  • Overpopulation – there is no drought in Africa. There is no shortage of food or water. There is no necessary poverty. So don’t believe any of the charity begging ads you see on TV and in the press. Africa’s biggest problem is too many people. The population of most African countries doubles every 20 to 25 years. Look at Ethiopia:

It couldn’t support 40 million people when Saint “feckin-give-us-yer-money” Bob did his BandAid thing thirty years ago. So, perhaps Saint Feckin Bob could explain to us how Ethiopia could now be expected to support over 96 million?

Corruption, stupidity and overpopulation – I’d be tempted to call Africa a hopeless basket case, but that would be insulting to baskets. At least baskets have some use.

Welcome to Pakladesh!

But there’s a country whose population is growing even faster than hopeless, worse than basket-case Africa. That country is Pakladesh. Well, it’s not really a country – yet. Though by the end of this century it may well be. Pakladesh is the Pakistani and Bangladeshi populations of Britain’s main cities and towns.

The population of most African countries may be doubling every 20 to 25 years. But the population of Pakladesh is increasing at about 6% or more a year meaning it is doubling every 15 or so years. So, the the time the population of the average African hell-hole doubles, the population of our very own Pakladesh triples. By the time the population of a teeming African cess-pit triples, the population of Britain’s Pakladesh quadruples.

Don’t believe me? Well I’ve done what no mainstream media would ever dare do, I’ve crunched the numbers. Here they are:

The population of Pakladesh succeeds in increasing so rapidly as it is fueled by both high birth rates and by open-door immigration. But the Pakladeshians or Pakladeshis or whatever you want to call them aren’t as stupid as Africans. The Pakladeshians aren’t doubling their population every 15 or so years in an impoverished hell-hole. They’re doubling their population every 15 or so years in a rich European country that can afford to support them. They’re doubling their population every 15 or so years in a country that can apparently afford to pay any Pakladeshian with four wives up to £80,000 a year in tax-free benefits.

So, now you can amaze your friends at the pub by asking which country has the world’s fastest growing population. And once they’ve given their hopelessly uninformed guesses – Somalia, Nigeria, Eritrea, Ghana, India or wherever – you can confidently announce that the country with the world’s fastest growing population is none other than Benefits Britain’s very own Pakladesh.

Yet another first for Britain!

Yet another reason to be proud of Great Britain!

2 comments to Welcome to Pakladesh! The world’s fastest growing ‘country’

  • david brown

    France also has a fast growing Muslim population but no official figures are allowed to be published.
    I live in Croatia. Before it was Yugoslavia. When the Muslim birthrate soared above the Serbs it resulted in civil war. This will probably occur in France.
    Re yesterdays post Trevor Philip’s cited the high adult male Muslim unemployment rate. I suspect that many are working from food outlets to minicabs with the perks.Its probable that the DWP investigators for benefit fraud tend not to investigate this group.

  • Colin Smith

    I lived & worked in Bradford for six-months in 1992; there was no ‘integration’ whatsoever and I was repeatedly told by both non-whites and whites that it was through ‘personal choice’. A quarter of a century later… ?

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