May 2024

London attack – Stop the crocodile tears! And stop the lying!

Here we go again. Yawn! Another terror attack in a European city by a member of the Religion of Hatred and Peace. And out come all our rulers solemnly parrotting the usual “we’re horrified” and “our thoughts are with the injured and families of the dead” and “we will never allow terrorism to interfere with our democracy” etc etc etc ad nauseam.

But these rulers are the very people who have allowed these terror attacks to happen by allowing an invasion of low-IQ, inbred, violent, religiously-fanatical, morons from Africa and the Middle East.

However, there was one of our rulers who seems to have had a problem even trotting out the usual empty platitudes. This was none other than London’s new mayor, Sadiq Khan. This is the same Sadiq Khan who demanded that US President Donald Trump be banned from visiting Britain due to Trump’s temporary controls on migrants from 7 countries while Khan was hosting a party for diplomats from countries which have a permanent ban of anyone holding an Israeli passport.

Although the attack took place at around 14.30 pm, it apparently took Khan about 5 hours to come up with his ‘crocodile tears’ statement. Why the delay? Was he busy celebrating?

Meanwhile, the politicians and the police will be busy developing the usual story of the attacker being “a lone wolf” and “psychologically disturbed” and the attack “had nothing to do with Islam which is a religion of peace”. And the BBC and Channel 4 and the Guardian will desperately cook up stories of supposed “Islamophobic” violence – like Muslim women having their head-bags pulled off – to try to throw up a smokescreen about the causes of the attack and the attacker’s motives and to try to suggest that the attack was really the fault of British right-wing bigots.

While our rulers pretend to be concerned about the effects of their own ‘let’s make Britain a Muslim country’ policies, in the US they’re very clear about who was really responsible for the latest attack.

I offer you one short video today – Fox News’s (politically incorrect?) take on the story:


2 comments to London attack – Stop the crocodile tears! And stop the lying!

  • zx80

    Listening to the usual platitudes being trotted out by the usual mouthpieces today, you know, the “we wont be terrorized, we wont be changed, we wont be divided” bullshit.
    Whats wrong with politicians and their media lackies?
    Dont they get it yet?
    Are their heads so far up their own arseholes in the london bubble that the issue is obscured by last nights vindaloo?
    The issue dear politicians and media slime is first and foremostly one of your own making, yes yourselves.
    You are to blame for events like these, not muslims or radical muslims or the far right, no its YOUR fault because you allowed them to take root here and in every other western democracy also, this shit never happened before you ensconced them into our societies.
    You idiots started the grand experiment of multiculturalism thats created the daily problem of special needs sky pixie believers running around trying to wipe out the populations of their adopted countries.
    Its you politicians and media scum who keep on trying to bullshit the long suffering populations of these western countries into believeing its only a few “fanatics” causing the problems, but heres the real truth; Theres an estimated 1.2billion muslims on the planet, roughly 1 sixth of the entire planets population and out of that number are an estimated 15 to 20% radicalised muslims ( yes PC’d morons they ARE proponents of the religion of peace and tolerance just like the majority) so thats around 300 million absolute batshit crazy mentals who want to kill everyone else just cos.
    Still think 300 million is a minority?

    So anyways i digress, these utter wankers going off on one and attacking anyone they can Are-Not-Interested in dividing anyone, or disrupting our lives, or even being rather a bloody nuisance nor any of the other fashionably right on terms you dicks down there in the cesspool of london think, theyre interested only in KILLING US!
    Do you comprehend yet or do you need yet more mass attrocities to be carried out in the name of cultural enrichment and diversity to hammer home the point into your thick wooden heads?
    The problem wouldnt exist if they wernt here. Thats the crux of the matter.
    It doesnt exist in Japan, or Antarctica, Greenland or Venus because? OOh! I think they might have got it!
    But then again probably not, the stupid is strong in the elites but then it would be, theyre not the ones running the gauntlet and having to fend off attackers on a daily basis or deal with the fallout when some inncoent child loses its parents cos trendy politicians and supine press think theres some kind of intangible benefit to letting a self professed group of special religious twats act out and do what they want to the detriment of the rest of us.

    Sort this shit out, you know what to do and how to do it.

  • Nasty brian

    Dear ZX80,

    With a deep sigh I sat down, dialled up the “Snouts” and resigned myself to have to spend about an hour writing my thoughts on the latest slice of shit being dished up regarding the Westminster attack.

    I read your contribution and have little more to add.
    Thank you. At my age, time is precious.

    A couple of things however,

    When we have the IRA murderer Martin McGinnes being lauded in our parliament due to the scum dying and every TV channel proclaiming this lump of shit as some kind of saint what hope do we have ?

    The policeman who got killed at Westminster is now a hero ?
    Perhaps he was , but also a lazy one as he never locked the security gate it appears. Securing the gate was part of his job. Why did this lazy hero not do what my taxes paid him to do ??

    Performing poorly does not make you a hero.

    The fact that the London Mayor says we should accept this kind of terrorist crap from his supporters as part of the privilege of living in London, and it should only to be expected, is disgusting.

    it does not matter what race or religion he is. he is a shit.

    I am told on TV we are all shocked at what happened yesterday. Wrong !!Shocked is when something unexpected happens.

    I was not shocked yesterday. Bored rather by the inevitability that some Muslim lunatic, known to our security services, and on benefits paid for by actual working people, would do this did not shock me.

    Anyone in power who was shocked should step aside and make room for those who like the days of the IRA could have sorted the situation in 48 hours had they been given permission to do so.

    If you want to know who is responsible, look at the crocodile tears inside Westminster.

    Shame on you all of them !

    PS. On the plus side, the fact that the Muslim terrorist got killed means there is a small chance a little white girl might not get raped for a few days.

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