July 2024

Our leaders and Izlum’s leaders want the same thing. Yippeeee!

I was struck by a few small things this week:

1. A curious symmetry

There seems to be a curious symmetry between what our leaders and their brain-dead, virtue-signalling libtard supporters want and what the leaders of the Religion of Tolerance, Hatred, Rape and Peace want.

Western leaders feel shame and guilt for having had an empire and want to hand over our countries to those they feel they have oppressed

Izlum’s leaders feel shame and guilt for having lost an empire and want to get their empire back and oppress those they believe have stolen it from them

Isn’t that wonderful? Our leaders (and their libtard supporters) and Izlum’s leaders want exactly the same thing. So, all of them will be happy when Europe is turned into the New Caliphate – an oppressive, violent, Third-World, backwards, medieval, war-ravaged hell-hole.

There are just a few of us – racist bigots one and all – who still have the capacity to think for ourselves, who may not be over-excited by the future our rulers and Izlum’s rulers are preparing for us.

2. Why doesn’t Merkel like being called a “Nazi”?

I hope all my few readers have enjoyed the current spat between Turkey’s new Izlumic dictatorship and the German and Dutch governments. Apparently the Nazis (sorry, I meant ‘our German friends’) got a bit upset when the goat-botherers accused them of using “Nazi methods” to prevent goat-bothering politicians from holding political rallies in Germany. Given that Merkel and other German political leaders have spent the last few years accusing the anti-immigration, anti-EU party AfD (Alternativ fur Deutschland) of being “fascists” and “Nazis”, it’s certainly odd that Mad Cow Merkel and her cronies should prove so prickly when the same accusations are levelled at them.

3. You don’t have to blow yourselves up to get your virgins

Until recently it seems that the only way for our low-IQ, violent, sex-obsessed, inbred friends from some of the world’s most wonderful countries to get their grasping, grimy hands of a bunch of virgins was by strapping explosives to themselves and killing as many of their co-religionists as possible. But some of these fine gentlemen are not as dumb as we first thought. They’ve realised that they don’t have to blow themselves up to get their virgins. No, all they need to do is get into Europe.

OK, many European girls they rape aren’t virgins. That’s why the ‘New Europeans’ have taken to gang-raping, gang-sodomising and gang-torturing 8-year-old European girls. After all, when a European girl is under say 12 years old, the chances of her still being a virgin are fairly high. And these rapists can rape as much as they want as the police across Europe have been instructed not to take any action against them.

Yup, this is yet another aspect of the multi-cultural enrichment our rulers’ and the libtards’ Third-World invasion has brought to our tired, old, once civilised continent.

4. Where are my mother’s teeth?

There’s not much humour to be derived from one’s 90-year-old mother having had a stroke and having gone untreated for over 12 hours because she forgot to press her alarm. After all, anyone who has seen the Government’s “FAST” advertising/information campaign will know that unless a stroke is treated within 5 to 6 hours, it will cause irreparable brain damage.

Anyway, when my mother was admitted (too late) to hospital, she was first sent for a brain scan. During this process someone at the hospital removed her dentures and now nobody at the hospital knows where they are. A couple of nurses claim they have seen my mother’s teeth. But even the most diligent search of the hospital and my mother’s mouth has failed to find them. This is rather unfortunate when the key issue facing the nursing staff is to get my mother eating (especially teaching her how to swallow again) when my dear old mum is embarrassed by everyone seeing she is toothless.

So, if anyone out there has seen a set of errant teeth somewhere in the area of Chichester, could they please tell the police. After all, hunting for some wayward teeth will give PC Plod something to do (apart from trawling the Internet to find people who are guilty of the heinous crime of political incorrectness) and my mother urgently needs her teeth back!

3 comments to Our leaders and Izlum’s leaders want the same thing. Yippeeee!

  • David Brown the article
    is worth reading

    re- the loss of dentures the same thing happened to father of guy i know. His father was of sound mind but before scan the dentures are removed – they got lost by staff and by the time new set was made he had passed away.

  • Roy

    Looks like it’s started here !!!

  • NoMore

    Now that the MPs have finally been targeted maybe they will finally do something about radical Islam and not just wave through returning ISIS terrorists back onto welfare and allow in any amount of hate preachers and so on.

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