July 2024

Don’t forget, Clinton was the “M*sl*m Brotherhood candidate”

In the run-up to and since the US presidential election result, we were bombarded by claims that “Putin was interfering in the election” and that “the Russians were helping Trump” and that “Trump was the Putin candidate”.

The evidence? Unofficial sources (e.g. Clinton stooges) claimed that Russian hackers had got hold of confidential Democrat Party emails and passed these on to Wikileaks. We were never shown any proof. And Wikileaks consistently insisted that it was a Democrat Party insider who leaked the files because they loathed Crooked Hilary almost as much as anyone who wasn’t a preening, politically-ignorant, feminazi libtard.

As for the CIA (Clinton Intelligence Agency), well they apparently cobbled together their report also ‘proving’ that Vladimir Putin had somehow managed to swing the US election in Trump’s favour. No doubt this report was just as professional and just as impartial as the one the CIA gave Colin Powell to present to the UN about Saddam Hussein’s supposed ‘WMDs’.


We all know how that ended.

Moreover, at no time has anyone provided any proof that the Trump campaign took any money from Russian or other foreign sources. Unlike the Clinton campaign.

While the mainstream media and US establishment desperately tried to discredit Trump with taunts of being a Russian stooge, far less attention was being paid to the extremely unsavoury people who were funding Crooked ‘I’m for hire’ Hilary Clinton.

Here is just a small excerpt of donors to the Clinton Foundation over a short period (I don’t know how long):

What do we notice? An awful lot of money pouring into the Clintons’ pockets from West-loathing, fundamentalist Arab despots.

Of course, the Clinton Foundation is a charity (stop laughing, you at the back) dedicated to improving people’s lives around the world and therefore never used any of its money to help get Crooked Hilary elected (stop laughing, I said).

So, let’s all have a little think. Why did all these Arab countries pour millions into the Clinton Foundation? I think there are two possibilities:

Option 1: The Arabs really wanted to help the poor

Perhaps the Arabs all sat around scratching their heads wondering how they could best help the world’s poorest.

Then suddenly one of them jumped up and screamed “Inshallah” and “I love my snackbar” and “I know, we can best help the poor – by putting our money into the grasping, greedy hands of the Clinton family, Allah be praised!”.

Then the others all jumped about ululating and yelling about their snackbars and crying “oh Ali, you may be the unfortunate result of fifteen to twenty generations of disastrous inbreeding, but to us you are a genius. Let’s give our money to the Clintons! That will really help the poor!”

And there was great ululating and rejoicing and praising of snackbars all across the once blessed lands now impoverished by Arab stupidity, backwardness and idleness.

Option 2: Buying Clinton policy

But there is another possibility. The Arabs were using their millions to indirectly fund Clinton’s election campaign on the clear understanding that, when she became president, she would continue Obummer’s disastrous policy of open-door M*sl*m immigration into the US and the further *slumification of America.

I’ll leave it to readers to decide which was the most likely scenario.

It all went ‘tits up’

Thankfully for the survival of Western civilisation, the Arabs’ great plan didn’t quite work out they way they wanted. In spite of a massive campaign of vituperation and slander from the mainstream media and the establishment, Americans were sensible enough to vote for Trump.

But, when there is such clear evidence that Clinton was the “M*sl*m Brotherhood candidate”, it’s surprising that almost nobody in the mainstream media thought it worth mentioning this during and after the campaign.

If Trump had got so much as a dollar from the Russian Government or anyone with a Russian-sounding name, the libtard mainstream media would have been screaming blue murder. But when the Clintons are raking in the millions from the swarthy ones from the desert, there is complete media silence.


2 comments to Don’t forget, Clinton was the “M*sl*m Brotherhood candidate”

  • moqifen

    The Clintons had no principles except get rich. They left the Whitehouse “broke” or so they claimed. A few years later worth $200 million dollars.

    Didn’t it make your heart leap when Trump said America first,
    I wish the politicians in the Uk would say Britain and Britons first but that seems unlikely.

  • NoMore

    If any British MP said ‘Britain First’ they would soon be seeing pictures of themselves next to those of Thomas Mair on most of the libtard MSM.

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