May 2024

What really terrifies the snowflake libtards? Success!

The holier-than-thou, self-righteous, we-know-what’s-best-for-you libtard snowflakes are on the defensive.

The libtards thrive on things going wrong because that gives them the excuse to demand ever more government intervention and, of course, ever more government control.

Are your children lazy, obese lumps of flatulence? It’s not your fault, cry the libtards, it’s the evil food companies and corrupt corporatist government that is to blame.

Can’t you get your breast enhancement or tattoo removal or new lips on the NHS? It’s the government’s fault, the libtards assure you, for cutting NHS budgets.

And so on – everything is always the fault of greedy corporations and uncaring government. Libtards never want people to take responsibility for their own lives.

But now there are two massive threats to the libtard message – Brexit and the Trump presidency.

What if both these turned out to be successes? What if these allowed ordinary people to break free of excessive government and EU control? What if these both turned out to be turning points in history whereby nation states decided that their independence and border control were more important than submitting themselves to the oppressive bureaucracies the libtards love so much? What if these ushered in a new era of self-reliance and personal independence?

That would be a disaster for the treacherous, statist libtards.

The libtards are afraid. That’s why day after day our media is full of scare stories about how Brexit will be a disaster; how Brexit will take 20 years; how Trump will start a nuclear war and all kinds of other total rubbish. Some publications have tried to blacken Trump’s presidency by suggesting he will be impeached. But the libtards haven’t quite worked out what he will be impeached for. After all, he hasn’t yet squirted his sperm all over a White House intern like libtard hero Bill Clinton did. Even today, the useless Daily Mirror tried to claim that Hilary Clinton actually won the US election and therefore Trump was an impostor. And, of course, there was the slanderous attempt to smear Trump by claiming he owed his victory to Vladimir Putin. Pathetic and desperate tactics by the whining libtards.

Probably never in British and American history has the mainstream media been so biased against the will of the people. Probably never in British and American history has their been such a coordinated campaign of vilification and invective against our democratic choice.

It’s shameful to watch!

4 comments to What really terrifies the snowflake libtards? Success!

  • Theophilus

    Probably never in British and American history has the mainstream media been so biased against the will of the people. Probably never in British and American history has their been such a coordinated campaign of vilification and invective against our democratic choice.

    This is exactly what I was saying when discussing Donald Trump a few days ago. I said the stance against democracy was despicable, should actually make people think twice when seeing these “stories” coming out of USA.

  • NoMore

    Thank God for that game-changer the internet.

  • zx80

    The fact is Trump will make a better president than the last moron and the preceeding morons too because hes not bothered about his popularity or what someone says about him, he just laughs at them and carries on doing what he wants, which is fine by me, fiannly someone who is a “can do ” kind of guy.
    Ive howled with laughter at the sight of fully grown women, screaming hysterically because they didnt get their way like a spoiled bastard brat, but ive also been mystified as to how they can act this way in public, for all to see and yet they still expect to be taken seriously.
    Dont they see the idiocy of their whole cause?
    They squealed in derision when trump stated he would build a wall to keep out illegals, but why? Do they REALLY believe that illegals taking up places of valid immigrants is a good thing?
    I heard one wailing that she was pregnant and because her child is due shortly she stated she was seriously thinking of having it aborted because she didnt want it to be born into a country led by trump, yet the same f*ckwitted bitches complain about trumps stance on abortion, the rights of the mother, the rights of the child.
    Theyre F*cking incoherent!

    And of course the thing that mystifies me most is how they can claim theyre all for freedom, free speech and freedom of choice yet go on to rail, riot and rant because democracy didnt bend over and take it in the arse for their preferred candidate whilst threatening and screaming at those who didnt lend their support.
    Talk about being off your rocker.
    I really feel these morons need rounding up and getting a liberal ( no pun) application of the whip to concentrate their puny minds and knock the shit out of them, Literally.

    Well I can dream cant I?
    But for now at least all I need is some popcorn and the libtards are providing the show…..

  • Roy Hartwell

    What I find hardest to understand is these women marchers in their tens of thousands are marching because of some implication that Trump is anti-women (not sure where the proof is, look at where his daughters sit in his organisation) yet I’ve never seen similar sized marches protesting about the treatment of women by our friends in the religion of peace. Perhaps the MSM failed to mention those !

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