April 2024

Ladies, you can’t really be that stupid, can you?

I have always had the greatest respect for women. Most I have known (sadly there haven’t been that many) have been more talented, more intelligent and much more successful in life than me. But over the last few days, either millions of females have taken leave of their senses or else they are desperate to prove that men really are superior.

I am talking about the great ‘Women’s Marches’ against the new democratically-elected president of the US. Across the world (well, in a few places at least) snarling, deluded, mouth-frothing, raging vagin-imbeciles (sorry, I mis-typed. I meant ‘brave, free-thinking, progressive, female warriors for humanity’) filled the streets screaming against the Trump presidency:

And what was these ladies’ main complaint? Trump’s proposed cooperation with supposed ‘arch-enemy’ Russia? Nope. Trump’s decision to cut America’s high business taxes? Nope. What these dear ladies were raging about was the new president’s apparent misogyny – his supposedly shameful treatment of women. Hence the ‘pink pussy’ hats – how original ladies.

But hold on a minute. As far as I remember, Bill Clinton sexually molested piles of women and even squirted his presidential sperm over an intern in the Oval Office (or should that be the ‘Oval Orifice?’). I don’t remember these screaming, pro-women’s-rights harpies protesting about Bill’s well-documented philandering and sexual abuse of women.

And now we come to what must surely be a picture of the two stupidest women in the world:

Yup, it would seem that these two ladies and the idiot who posted this photo believe that life will be worse for women in Trump’s America than it it will be for the 600 million or so women who live in *sl*mic countries. Phew, ladies, that is some delusion.

OK ladies, what I’ll do today is present you with a few very simple, easy-to-understand pictures and ask you to think carefully before I ask you the following question – If you want to protest about women’s rights being trampled on, should you protest against Donald Trump’s treatment of women or against *sl*m’s treatment of women?

Here are some pictures to help you answer the question ladies.

Firstly, a photo of Donald and Melania Trump:

Now a photo of M*sl*m women in Britain:

And a photo of M*sl*m women in Afghanistan (like the purple trousers):

And a photo of a M*sl*m woman being stoned to death for supposed adultery (probably she just refused to be raped by a village elder):

I’ll spare us a photo of a girl being subjected to FGM, but here’s what often happens to M*sl*m girls after they are raped:

So, what’s the answer?

So, ladies, what’s the answer to today’s question – If you want to protest about women’s rights being trampled on, should you protest against Donald Trump’s treatment of women or against *sl*m’s treatment of women?

Once you’ve thought about this for a while, ladies, please get your sorry, saggy, libtard arses over to protest outside the embassies of Saudi Arabia and Iran and Egypt and Pakistan and Bangladesh and every other corrupt, oppressive, backward, Third-World *sl*mic shit-hole country and protest away. But, ffs, please spare us your ludicrous, sore-loser, infantile howling over the fact that your beloved Crooked Hilary got rejected by the majority of American people.

You’re just making yourselves look stupid!

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8 comments to Ladies, you can’t really be that stupid, can you?

  • Longbow.

    Someone told me that they are allowed to vote but I did not believe them.

  • Gloria from Victoria

    I’m still not quite sure what they’ve all been getting so worked up about……..

  • Chris

    I think one overlooked point is that the corrupt financier, Mr Soros, has funded around 50 organisations to promote vague and clearly rediculous notions that Mr Trump is a threat to women. Look at all the white middle class well fed faces with the pink bobble hats. Are they really hard done to? or was there there a lot of female jealousy that the very rich Mr Trump#s wife is young and attractive. The obvious connection needs no further comment. Madonna’s career, like Lily Allen’s is past its best and both are completely and hopelessly lost emotionally and intellectually. Trump is clearly trying to improve the lives of the 98% of Americans unlike Obama and Clinton who just wanted to look after their rich elite and often foreign’sugar daddies’.

  • Theophilus

    If only they could read this article!

  • zx80

    I always credited women with being smarter than men, then they go and prove me wrong and put back womens causes by a 100 years acting like complete morons.
    Their silence on the phenomenon of muslim abuse of their sisters across the world is somewhat telling as is their apparent lack of concern.
    Its probably because theyre brown men doing the abusing, not those nasty mysoginistic white ones so they can excuse themselves from critical appraisal in case of you know (whispers) “racist”.

  • Tempest Fists

    Just to let you know. The Godfrey Elfwick Twitter account where this pic was posted is one of the best spoof SJW account anywhere. The picture may be genuine but Elfwick is one of the funniest troll out there.

  • NoMore

    If it is because they are worried Mike Pence will make abortions somewhat less easy to get perhaps they should be more concerned about becoming Islumic baby factories.

  • mick tamson

    A lot of poor men went hungry that night.
    Get back to your stoves you monumental pains in the arse.

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