May 2024

Stupid Swedes persist in committing national suicide

In New York

After some idiot politician claimed the bombings had NTDWI, we find out that the likely perpetrator is the usual bearded, inbred, violent, intolerant, West-loathing moron.

What excuse will we be given this time? Mental problems? Marital problems? Financial problems? Who knows? But one thing is certain, lying piece of excrement Obama will keep on trying to pretend that the bombings are NTDWI and that IIAROP.

Now over to Swedistan

There are two conflicting stories from the *sl*mic Republic of Swedistan this week.

In Malmo, a city where one in four people is M*sl*m, rioting M*sl*ms set fire to cars as they fought with the useless, cowardly, politically-correct, operationally impotent Swedish police. The police, of course, claim they were dealing with ‘criminals’  and make no mention of the racial/religious background of these ‘criminals’. But I think we can all guess the truth.

Meanwhile, some dopey, lefty-progressive Swedish group produced this short (1 minute), absolutely must-watch video urging Swedes to adapt to and assimilate with their M*sl*m invaders. Sorry, let me repeat that in case you think I got it the wrong way round – the worthless, holier-than-thou, Kumbaya-singing, tree-hugging twats who produced this video propose that the civilised, peace-loving Swedes adapt to and assimilate with the invading army of inbred, violent, intolerant, backward, illiterate, unemployable animals invading their once beautiful country:

Good grief!!!!!

The stupidity of anyone who actually believes the tripe in this video is beyond belief!

2 comments to Stupid Swedes persist in committing national suicide

  • brian rodney harwood

    I wonder whether there is a Swedish equivalent of the English term ‘ Fifth Columnists ‘, because that is exactly what the producers of this video are.

  • MGJ

    One of the excuses offered this time is that one of the perpetrators resented local residents complaining about his chicken restaurant opening (illegally) until 4AM. Ostensibly this was because they objected to the noise and customers urinating in their gardens but of course we all know their real motivation…they were waaaaaacciiiists!

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