July 2024

Migration? Invasion? You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Forget supposed ‘Global Warming’. Forget the next financial crisis! Forget even the utterly, pointless, over-hyped, already discredited Rio Olympics!

This graph shows what you really should be worrying about. This is what should really be giving you sleepless nights:

africa population 2

In 1950 Africa had 230 million, Europe 549 million inhabitants. By 2100 Africa is expected to have 3.57 billion, Europe 670 million. Africa will grow from around double Europe’s population today to about six times the European population by the end of this century.

Just this year, Africa’s population will increase by up to 50 million.

Africa can’t support its teeming millions. In fact, the poorer the African country, the more children its women have. In poverty-stricken Niger, for example, the average is eight children per woman.

Already around 80% of Africa’s population has to survive on less than $2 a day.

In Africa, most Africans have no future. So, where are they going to go? Europe, of course:


So, how many should we let in? A million a year? Five million a year? Even if we let in ten million a year, this would do nothing to ease Africa’s misery.

Oxfam and Christian Aid and the Red Cross and all the other greedy, self-serving supposed charities have been lying to us for the last fifty years. Africa doesn’t need aid! Africa has never needed aid! Africa needs birth control! And we should only be giving charity and aid to countries that have an effective birth control programme – currently none!

But we won’t do that because the progressive liberal press would start howling about racism.

This refusal to face the truth leaves us with a difficult, probably unsolvable problem. We could let millions into Europe, creating another Africa in Europe, with no-go areas in all our major cities, riots, large scale car burnings and tens of thousands of violent rapes mainly perpetrated by African and Arab immigrants.

This would wreck Europe. It could even lead to civil war in Europe:

we've ruined our countries

But it still wouldn’t solve the suffering of billions of ever-multiplying Africans.

Or should we Europeans preserve our culture, the affluence we planned and worked for and maintain the social networks that are getting strained by immigration of life-long, multi-generation welfare dependents?

Sadly, as they worship the false god of political correctness, our rulers supported by the progressive, liberal mainstream media, are preparing a future for us that almost none of us (apart from Guardian readers and Corbyn supporters) actually want.

7 comments to Migration? Invasion? You ain’t seen nothing yet!

  • NoMore

    It’s a feedback loop – the more aid, scientific advances and medicine is shoveled their way the more infants they will have surviving into adulthood. Before, famine and disease kept numbers down and justified large family sizes. There is no longer the need for this but this behaviour is so engrained they have not adapted. In the case of the Musl!ms and Catholics they are not allowed to adapt via family planning and the oppression of females keeps them stuck in the bedroom and maternity ward. Kids are their pensions also. Frankly aid needs to stop. They have had more than enough and it isn’t helping them or us. I suspect some plague or other will be Nature’s way of addressing the imbalance sooner or later. The world cannot support tens of billions of Stone Age subsistence farmers warring over falling resources.

  • AtheistAmerican

    Some sort of mass-sterilization is needed.
    Yeah, maybe Nature will take care of them: lack of drinking water and fertile land might blight the bastards…or maybe not. I’ve really had it with these dumb assholes though and am well on my way to becoming a racist–perhaps a justifiable one. Why keep helping people who breed and Need More? And contribute Less?
    Mass ignorance and violence is the result from these morons. There’s no cure for Stupid. You can only take compassion So Far before it comes back and bites you on the ass, devouring it, shit and all.
    If these were bugs, I’d say drop a bomb (like a nuclear missile) on Mecca for starters. These beings being human–the most ignorant of all–we could probably turn their own BS against them and proclaim that it was a gift from God…
    Bottom line: Technology is for the Technologically Advanced people who Developed it in the first place–not for any and every savage to exploit via Crimes Against Humanity and utilize it to destroy our future.

  • Kensington Chubb

    Afraid for the future? Progressives hate this video for showing the extent of what’s coming our way.

  • Kensington Chubb

    One of the slow piano music/sad face/charidee begging videos on Sky earlier about the water crisis in Ethiopia taking place right now and imploring us to give £3 per month.

    The same Ethiopia that’s tripled its population since Saint Bob “the fishermen’s friend” Geldof conned millions out of us and the same Ethiopia that’s buying brand many new planes from Boeing and Airbus at a cost of $250m each.

    Send not a penny more to Africa in “aid” and let nature take its course. Tough on those there but why should we borrow money (which our future young have to repay) so as we can be outbred by those who seek to destroy us.

  • David Craig

    And you should also note that the 10 richest people in supposedly ‘poverty-stricken’ Ethiopia are worth over $21.4bn making our multi-millionaire former PM Tony the Liar look like a pauper in comparison. These 10 richest Ethiopians could provide an awful lot of water and food for their people if they weren’t stashing their billions in offshore banks accounts.

  • Kensington Chubb

    Mr Craig, it’s figures such as that (and I wonder how much came from foreign aid that these top ten re-appropriated?) which induce charidee fatigue in the Chubb household.

    It’s never reported on by our cultural Marxist MSM who just love to whip up an atmosphere of guilt – whitey must be made to pay again and again.

  • chris

    Of course the real reason Cameron was so keen on giving aid to these countries was precisely BECAUSE they spend it on planes, Mercedes, armaments etc. That way he keeps his rich friends happy and tries to look like a samaritan. But of course he borrowed the money from the rich banksters and ROthschilds so that UK PLC is on the hook for repaying loans which covertly finance BAE, Boeing, Krupps, Siemans, etc etc

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